HTTP vs HTTPS,all you need about https
Login to the HTTPS site in the same order as the input on the HTTP site, except that all data is transmitted encrypted. When you visit a website with an https prefix, you “sip” the web server that you want to establish a secure connection channel. HTTPS will use a different port (number 443) to […
Best wordpress search plugin on the site
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The default WordPress search function is not functional enough if you compare it to all your favorite Google. In addition to simplicity, which sometimes does not lead to relevant results, a WordPress search may also not include all the necessary information, especially if you use WordPress more as a
How in WordPress to show photos before and after
How the effect works before and after Usually people use Photoshop to create images before and after. This is one photo that shows the effects before / after, and you can add it as a static image to your website. Functional photo slider is an interactive way to show 2 different versions of a similar image […
The best social share plugin wordpress
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Easy Social Share Buttons This best social share plugin wordpress is available on CodeCanyon. This is one of the most versatile plug-ins of this kind, because of one simple fact – the plugin allows you to place bar with social networking buttons absolutely anywhere where you may need.
How to test the WordPress plugins
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Places to search (free and premium) WordPress plugins WordPress plugins are very diverse. You can find a ton of free WordPress plugins, most of which are available on There are also almost as many paid solutions that usually prefer larger sites, because premium plug-ins have additional settings and functions.
How to protect a site from a Google blacklist
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What is Google’s blacklist? Search engines such as Bing, Norton Safe Web, McAfee SiteAdvisor and others are trying to offer users better search capabilities, and Google is no different from them. But Google is constantly looking for malicious content on sites that can harm visitors.
What to see when buy premium wordpress themes
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What to Consider When Buying a Premium WordPress Themes Some are more approximate rules than absolute ones. But if you consider all the factors from this list, the choice of the premium WordPress themes will become more objective. 1. Read the reviews (in detail) Luckily, you do not need to do all the work yourself. […
How to add Google forms wordpress
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12 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Forms WordPress Easy to create, add and use. The forms are adaptive, so you can create, edit or respond to forms from any size screen. Data can be saved directly in the spreadsheet. You can create a single form and share it on several websites. It’
8 best slider plugins for WordPress in 2018
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If you want to show customer reviews, recent blog posts, the best images or introduce your team members, for this, there are certain WordPress best slider plugins for displaying sliders and carousels. But before we submit the 8 hottest plug-ins on the Envato market this year, perhaps the difference (or
How to check wordpress version
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What will you need for check wordpress version? Before beginning this guide, check the following: Access to the administration area of ​​WordPress or access to the hosting control panel Option 1 – Read the version of WordPress in the admin console The first and most convenient way to verify the