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Hundreds of web-studios in USA offer SEO-promotion services. Everyone has his own methods and organization of work. Nevertheless, seo promotion company schemes have common stages of work, regardless of what product, region or search engine you want to develop.

SEO Promotion Strategy (seo strategies and techniques)

How to promote your website

After conducting a preliminary SEO audit and evaluating the site by main parameters for further optimization, lists of recommendations and edits appear. Some customers are very skeptical about the points where it is recommended to make changes to the existing structure, design or layout of the site. And the question arises: how to understand that these changes are justified, and not written down for the sake of cheating the cost of a package of services.

There are 7 typical stages for the entire free seo promotion process. We will look at them in detail in the article in order to explain which element of truth can influence positions, and which ones are not so critical for corrections.

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1. Analysis of the market, competitors, site audit is the 1st step for  the best seo promotion

This stage is relevant for all commercial projects. This can be both online stores, and bulletin boards, news portals, etc. Regardless of the subject matter, there are always competitors in the commercial niche, and the assessment of leaders in the online field allows you to gather key points.

In fact, analysis is one of the main and important stages in seo web promotion. The further successful promotion of the project will depend on the quality and professional quality of the assessment and audit. At this stage, a seo search engine optimization techniques of the project is also created.

If you expand this point into segments, the seo site promotion specialist will:

  1. Get access to webmasters and analytics services (if they are connected), otherwise – add resources to those.
  2. Analysis of existing positions and achievements of the site, the existing semantic core on the relevance of topics and target pages.
  3. Analysis of sites-leaders, evaluation of positive and key points with website seo promotion tools.
  4. Evaluation of the structure of the web resource: drawing up recommendations for the creation of new target sections.
  5. Carrying out of SEO-audit, an estimation of technical, system and usability composite. On the basis of the data obtained, the preparation of Technical Task: recommendations for preparation for promotion.
  6. Evaluation of the reference profile of the customer and competitor: the creation of a strategy for increasing the reference mass.

The last item also includes an assessment of the quality of the backlinks and, in the case of their poor quality, the creation of recommendations for stripping.

This basic layer of work allows you to assess the site’s readiness for optimization, to prevent possible problems in the future and in time to eliminate the “anchor” of the promotion, which will uniquely pull your “boat” to the bottom, if you do not untie them in time.

2. Site structure: why it is important for on page seo techniques

Some of our customers do not understand why to make changes to the existing list of categories, subcategories and pages, while they want a solid position on various targeted products or services.

For example, in the online store there is a section of “dresses”. You can, of course, sharpen it immediately and under summer, evening, cocktail, office, etc. But in seo website promotion practice, each separate page, created for its own query group, will bring more targeted traffic and, accordingly, profit.

Therefore, if you want to capture the maximum of categories of requests and sell different goods according to characteristics – without an expanded structure, it is far from going forward in this matter.

An extended site structure is created not from the wishes of the optimizer, but on the basis of:

  • wide product range;
  • analysis of competitors;
  • query groups for a particular type of product.

Causes for the expansion of the structure can also serve:

  • orientation of activities to different cities and regions;
  • presence of branches with various offers;
  • expansion of product range;
  • adding manufacturers lists.

For large stores, making changes to the existing order of categories can take a lot of time and effort. But in most cases, the task is justified. If you are not sure that this is a necessary and important step for your project – ask the specialist for reasons for making such a decision.

3. How to promote a website on google by creating a Semantic Core

Almost 90% of the total progress will depend on the quality of this tool. And that in the right direction to take on it’s organization – the first two stages, decided at a decent level, the main condition. For multi-page sites, collecting keywords can take a whole week! But there is no need to hurry up in this matter – as already mentioned, a base of directions is laid here.

The semantic core white hat seo techniques is needed for:

  1. Formation of the structure of the site.
  2. Create target meta tags for promoted pages.
  3. Constructing the content plan and writing TT for optimized texts with the entry of keywords.
  4. Landing page relevance settings.
  5. Creating effective internal linking.
  6. Competent external optimization.
  7. Analysis of the site’s positions – updating of the promotion strategy.

As you can judge, the semantic core plays one of the key roles in all areas of seo promotion techniques: internal, external optimization, analysis of the success of ongoing promotion measures.

When our experts collect a semantic core, they use several seo promotion tools. In addition to standard features from Google, third-party services are involved. As well as squeezing key requests from competitors. Such an integrated approach allows us to create a solid and diverse base for use.

4. Solving technical issues like black-hat seo techniques

After conducting a technical audit, which is mandatory for every resource that went on promotion, in 99% of cases, there are any problems that will prevent you from reaching a high position.

At this stage, the technical task is formed: a number of edits will be able to implement SEO optimizers, some problems can be solved only by programmers, others by designers. Nevertheless, we will have to cope with them now. Subsequently, the introduction of such revisions after a few months of advancement can aggravate the position of the site, make a “rollback” of positions or even be inaccessible for implementation – not provided for in the code.

Required are:

  • correct output of meta tags (title, description). Also setting their automatic generation for additional pages;
  • optimization of speed of loading of pages;
  • track CNC formation (human-understandable URLs);
  • adjust the correctness of the formation of filter pages;
  • search and elimination of takes, 404 errors;
  • add properly configured technical files, like robots, sitemap;
  • work with pagination.

And so on – lists for work with errors and inaccuracies can reach dozens of points. And everything is desirable to optimize, as their presence will accordingly affect the positions.

Stages of SEO promotion

5. How to promote a website with content optimization technique

At this stage, you can select several tasks:

  • creating unique meta tags for landing pages using high-frequency (high-frequency) keywords and “long tails”;
  • creation of a content plan, as well as the content of the project;
  • writing TK for copywriters using keywords.

This stage is done in parallel with the others. The main goal is content optimization. If the specialist recommends that you rewrite the existing texts – ask for reasons for such costs. Since they are more often justified and consist in:

  • non-unique content;
  • spam the keyers;
  • meaningless and not useful to the user texts;
  • creating new pages and lack of content on existing ones.

6. Work on Usability

Sometimes low positions are due to poorly designed usability. Or at all its absence. To date, many details of user interaction with the web resource should be implemented as standard measures.

As, for example, the button “up” on the deployed large information pages, when clicked on, the user quickly returns up to the header. Or a search string that allows you to quickly find the desired position in the directory.

The placement of certain scripts, the functionality of the recycle bin, and the interaction of the user with the resource is an important aspect of the promotion. After all, if the user is comfortable, he quickly finds the desired information, and the resource, as if foreseeing his desires by his navigation, making the process of interaction productive, then the desire to make an order, cooperate and again use the services significantly increases.

Also very important aspect – adaptive layout and mobile version of the site. For today, to successfully conquer the online market, these items are a must-have. So do not neglect such important nuances.

In order to identify the problems of usability – conduct an appropriate audit. The expert evaluates each landing page for ease of use, and as a result you will receive a list of recommendations.

7. External optimization

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Actual for all commercial projects. A particularly important stage for those who are trying to break through in a highly competitive niche.

Work is in progress to increase the reference mass evenly. Specialists will offer you the purchase of links to other resources. And this is not a pumping out of money, but a real necessity. Search engines pay special attention to backlinks to the project, which is reflected in the indicators of PR.

If you do this unevenly and thoughtlessly – there is a high probability of driving the project under search engine filters. Google have learned to track the purchase of links and inexorably punished for this caught.

Also an important aspect is the design of the link:

  • anchor;
  • nonanchor;
  • circumferential text.

And other nuances, such as tying keywords, subject matter of the article, end-to-end and direct links, etc. With all these nuances will help to understand the specialist, assessing the quality of donors, the number of backlinks per month, their effectiveness and appropriateness.

As a result
Global changes like destructuring, collecting a new semantic kernel, moving to a new domain, etc. it is better to do optimization first. Since 3-4 months of promotion can go to oblivion or there is a problem that the edits can not be made purely for technical reasons. That significantly stall the whole process of further optimization.



Otherwise, do not be surprised if your SEO specialist rolls out a list of dozens of items, which will include technical, design, content, usability recommendations. As for today search engines tend to display only the most useful, convenient and justified websites in the TOP – experts strive to do this with every resource that gets to the promotion. So – it is necessary to work on this.

black hat seo and white hat infographic


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