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Optin Form

What is a blog without subscribers? E-mail marketing is the one that generates the most profits, much more than advertising banners or other promotion methods.

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Subscribers are captured on the blog using special plugins that display those subscription forms and link to e-mail marketing services such as Aweber.com or MailChimp.com

Well, the most popular plug- in is called Popup Domination, but it does not come for free.

A 100% free version is the WordPress Optin Form plugin that you can download and install as any other plugin .

At the time of writing this article, the wp plugins has only 5-star notes and no less than 5, which is impressive.


If you have good articles, readers will want to read as many as possible.

LinkWithin is a small plug-in that displays under each article suggestions of other articles accompanied by a relevant picture.

Do it all by yourself, you only need to install and configure it.

Insert Post Ads

Few people know that the best converting banners are those inside the articles, not those in the sidebar .

how to add ads to wordpress

The reason is that the eyes of the visitor are focused on the content and, most of the times, ignore the eye-catching advertisements on the side.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow widgets to be added inside the paragraphs.

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They are limited to sidebar and footer . It can also be done with specialized wp plugins .

But if all you want to do is to put banners image into text, I recommend plugin – the Insert Post Ads that can display advertisements in an extremely simple manner, unlike other wp plugins URLs you ‘ve I tried and I had all sorts of problems.

All you have to do is create a placement and specify after the next paragraph to appear and insert the HTML code you want to display.

By the way, you can either insert a direct HMTL code or a code generated by the ad server you use to rotate and optimize banners.

The great advantage of this plug-in is that it will appear on every single item and so you do not have to insert banners yourself on each page.

Often, we want to introduce text links to various articles, either ours or affiliation, in the content of the articles.

wp plugins call to action

This wp plugins makes a very interesting thing: if we give him a list of associated keywords each with an affiliate link.

He searches for all the articles and puts the appropriate anchors over each keyword found.

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Care must be taken not to put words on too common words.

Because in this case, we wake up with a bunch of links to the same page, DE on the same page. Bad for SEO.

iThemes Security

There is a special category of wp plugins.

idea plugin baner

Those that protect your site from hackers who can try different ways to take control of the site.

iThemes Security has a lot of specifications to improve security on your WordPress blog.

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Starting with 2-step authentication, detection of SQL-injection attacks, expiration of passwords, and so on.

W3 Total Cache

Have you ever wondered why some sites are loading extremely fast, while yours is even 10-15 seconds?

wp speed banner

The causes can be multiple, from the type of hosting you have to limiting the number of processes on the server in memory .

But there is a way to drastically reduce the loading time of a WordPress site: using a wp plugins for caching .

W3 Total Cache does this: it has a complicated algorithm that saves HTML versions of HTML articles.

Thus avoiding access to the database each time that page is viewed by a visitor.

If you are in a niche that requires you to display many high quality pictures on the site.

image optimization for your site
In this article I will refer especially to image optimization for your site,because this plays a significant role in seo-promotion.

You certainly need a wp plugins to allow easy navigation among them.

Easy Media Gallery is one of them, free of charge, obvious. Play with the options to see how complex it is.

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