3dcart Final E-Commerce Review (October 2018)


Founded in 1997, 3dcart Shopping Cart Software is a well-known e-commerce platform designed to help e-store owners be as competitive as possible. Thanks to the many features built into the software, opening and launching an online store is quick and effortless. Since 2014, they are more than 17,500 global merchants.

3dcart features
Opportunities through 3dcart are quite numerous: mobile sales and some of the best tools for sale in places like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Virtually everything is built in, giving you access to things like a blog, newsletters, CRM and email. The backend panel is very convenient and they have a responsive version of the toolbar for quick updates on the go.

The most interesting thing is that 3dcart has a powerful API for integration with other applications and tools. We like it for more advanced developers who really want to go there and set up.

Along with selling through social sites, you can link your store to places like Amazon, eBay, and Shopzilla.

They also offer an app store with a lot of add-ons, although the platform doesn’t offer as many add-ons as Shopify or BigCommerce still offer access to the most important ones, such as Quickbooks, Shipwire and ShareASale.

3dcart Ease of Use

When landing on the 3dcart dashboard, you can find out where to go in order to start creating small fragments of your site. It is similar to WordPress and Shopify, and both of them are fairly easy to understand, with a navigation bar on the left side. We especially like the fact that 3dcart has several intro and tutorial videos right on the toolbar. This does not always apply to e-commerce platforms, so support is smooth here.

In addition, the steps you need to take are listed on the toolbar, and you will go through tasks such as setting up your store, adding a product, choosing a payment method, and setting up delivery methods. Other tabs on the sidebar include Products,Orders, Marketing,Customers and Reports.

So for example you want to add another product. Is it easy to do? It’s really not that bad, but I would say that product pages look a little more frightening than Shopify and Bigcommerce. However, everything is there, as images, categories, prices, shipping, descriptions, keywords, discounts and revisions. In fact, I would say that the product page is more like Bigcommerce, because they have a lot of product features built in here. While Shopify is simpler and more hydrated, you should use apps.

 3dcart Prices

3dcart pricing is quite simple, as the company offers five plans to choose from. Some people might think that this will make the decision a little tougher, but it is always better to have more pricing options. Thus, you do not need to focus on plans that are too reliable or do not have enough functions.

  • Nano-plan – For $ 9.99 per month you get support for products 25, as well as 2,000 monthly visitors and 1,000 newsletters.
  • Mini Plan – For $ 19.99 per month, you get support for up to 200 products, as well as 4,000 monthly visitors and 1,000 newsletters.
  • Starting Plan – For $ 35.99 per month, you get support for up to 1000 products, as well as 8,000 monthly visitors and 2,000 newsletters.
  • Professional plan – For $ 65.99 per month, you get support for up to 10,000 products, as well as 20,000 monthly visitors and 5,000 newsletters.
  • Professional Plus Plan – Advertised as the most popular option from 3dcart, Professional Plus Plan is $ 99.99 per month, and you get support for an unlimited number of products, as well as 50,000 monthly visitors and 20,000 newsletters.

Keep in mind that you do not receive a transaction fee or installation fee for all plans. In addition, each plan includes the following:

  • Domain Registration
  • API access
  • 24/7 support
  • Over payment providers 100
  • A Bing Ads credit
  • Facebook Store

In addition, if you decide to pay your plan on an annual basis, your monthly expenses will be slightly reduced. And you get three extra months for free. Finally, a 15-day trial is offered.

3dcart templates

The repository of themes is connected with the dashboard, so you can quickly enter and leave it, selecting and testing various themes that catch the eye. Over 100 optimized templates are converted, and they all look great on mobile devices.

At first glance, I felt that the patterns were a bit rudimentary, but I just did not look at the right ones. They actually have a lot of different designs, so if you want to go with a more modern look, it is available. If you’re more professional in design, with simple header and navigation buttons, this is also an option. Overall. The themes are impressive and you don’t need to pay for anyone, this is a huge bonus.

Not to mention one thing that you will notice in Shopify is that many of their themes are super similar, with several colors or elements. This does not apply to 3dcart, since each template is unique in its own way, and they have wonderful solutions that satisfy specific industries. For example, if you want to sell music equipment, you will have a theme for you.

3dcart inventory

Inventory management is fairly smooth, considering that you can check your orders and quickly see which items you need for restocking. In addition, all your items are set out in a huge list, which has filtering and inventory management fields. We also like the fact that you get a page reserved only for a waiting list, which means that customers awaiting the appearance of products appear here. This cannot be found on most e-commerce platforms.

3dcart SEO and marketing

From an SEO point of view, 3dcart has tools compiled on the Marketing tab. It is much easier to find than with other systems, and it is all compiled into one page. SEO settings look a bit confusing, but most of the checkboxes that you need are already checked. For example, you have access to settings for changing URLs, canonical URLs, robots.txt, Google Analytics, social links, extended snippets, Sitemaps, etc.

On the “Marketing” tab there are elements for promoting your store. Some of these great items include buttons, social bookmarks, promotions, autoresponders, e-newsletters, group certificates, and connections to shopping mechanisms.

Payments 3dcart

Almost every payment method is available in the 3dcart system. You can accept credit cards, cash, check, money order, separate payments and more. And it has the possibility to work with construction materials stores. Above the payment options 160 are available to choose from, and the toolbar has a quick key to go to the page you need to customize it.

You will also get seamless integration with QuickBooks for managing accounts in one place.

3dcart Security

3dcart corresponds to PCI level 1, which means that you get the same security as major financial institutions and banks. Your customer data should always remain safe and you don’t need to worry about losing anything at your end. The company also uses a tool called FraudWatch, which monitors certain transactions, alerting you when something looks suspicious. A free SSL certificate is also provided to you with your plan.

3dcart customer support

If you go with 3dcart, the customer support team is available 24/7. We argue that those who crave ultimate customer service will find exactly what they need with 3dcart. You can call the company at any time, send an email or go to the knowledge base to complete your own research. User guides, videos, webinars, blog posts, and something called Ecommerce University are all for you to train yourself in the system. They can even connect you with third-party design experts if you want to work on your branding.


3dcart made available most of the instruments you need to to start your personal online shop in no matter of time. As you can see in this review, it has several disadvantages compared to other platforms, such as BigCommerce and Shopify.

One advantage of 3dcart over other competitors is that the platform is very simple for everyone, but at the same time it offers more complex functions for those designers who need it. In addition, the customer support team is amazing and the topics are pretty tempting. If you are still on the fence, I suggest you register for this 30-day free trial to give it a chance.

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