Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Premium WordPress Templates



How to buy a template?

Payment is no different from buying goods from other stores:

1. Next to the selected template, click Add to cart if you want to buy several templates or Buy now to buy one option;

2. Write in Latin Name, Surname, Email and tick off the consent to the rules;

Template purchase example

3. Create a username and password;

Template purchase example

4. Fill in your details, registration address;

5. Pay by card or Paypal. Please note that they will also remove $ 2 of taxes;

Template purchase example

6. After successful payment, you can download the template and purchase code.


How to avoid errors when setting up the template?
The most important advice from me, before starting the setup, study the documentation that comes with the topic. Firstly, you will immediately close 90% of the questions regarding the settings, find out where to go and what to click, and secondly, make no mistakes because of which you will have to configure everything in a new way. The instruction is usually in English, but with the help of a translator, it will not be difficult to understand it.


One-time payment?
Yes, you need to pay for the template only once, and you will get access to it and further updates for free and indefinitely.


Are you a template developer?
No. I just make selections of the best templates on specific topics. Templates are developed by professional developers from around the world. For more information about who is the developer of the template you selected, see his description card.


Does the template have a support service?
Mandatory. Each premium template has a support service, which you can ask questions about the chosen template. After purchase, support is available for 6 months. If you need support after this period, then you can buy it for an additional fee.


Will, my site look good on the phone?
Yes, all the templates are adaptive and the design will adapt to tablets and phones. You can check this in advance if you open the demo template from your phone.


Can I use one template license on two sites?

Generally not. One license can only be used on one domain. When you install the template, you use the purchase code to attach the template to the site. At ThemeForest, you can buy an extended license template, but it costs ≈2000-4000 $ but I did it many times with 1 license for many domains and had no problems or any type of notifications.


I activated the template on the local server, how can I transfer it to the main domain on the Internet?
Usually, this is done like this, on the local server you click “De-activate”, the settings that you make on the template will be saved even after deactivation. Then on the main site, after the transfer, re-write the purchase code and click “Activate” again.


Will demo sites be available to me after purchase or are they just for beauty?
Oh sure. After installing the template, you can install any demo or immediately everything and edit for your tasks.


What plugins are included?

Read this carefully on the description page for the template. Because some are bundled, for example, the WPBackery constructor and Slider Revolution slider, and some will need to be purchased, for example, the WPML plugin to configure multilingualism. Look for such a description:



What simple templates do you recommend for beginners?
I recommend Avada theme for beginners


Do premium templates have free versions?
I have never met, but sometimes there are options where you can see the admin panel of the site from the inside.


Is it possible to return money for a template?
Sometimes they return, sometimes not. But the return is made to your account in your dashboard, not to the card. More likely that they will return if you did not even download the template, for example, you bought it by mistake. In any case, write in support and write down your situation as detailed as possible.
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