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Consultation of our blogs on smartphones or tablets is constantly growing!

 It is true that even if WordPress websites are now responsive.

Initially the comfort of reading that a mobile application brings is a plus.

Unfortunately, creating a mobile application for your WordPress site is not easy and is associated with significant costs and development processes.

In fact, if you want to create an application Starting from scratch, you will need to invest a lot of time.

And if you do not have the necessary skills to develop an application.

You need to hire a developer, and this can cost you a lot.

In this article, we will offer you the best WordPress plugins that allow you to easily create a mobile application for your blog or website at a lower price.


WPMobile.App is a WordPress extension that can create a mobile application – Android and iOS – from any type of website that uses WordPress.

5 minutes is enough to check the rendering of the future application.

 Install the plugin, download the WPMobile.App application and view the result.

Wordpress to App

Then take the time to customize / test the application by changing the settings from WordPress.

When everything is ready, buy your license to go to the publication in different stores.

Among its functions, you will find among others: the setting of all elements.

An unlimited number of notifications, automatic synchronization of content and settings, a license for life, free viewing, especially the lack of a subscription.


WappPress is a simple and easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to create a mobile Android application on any website in real time.

 It is provided with very useful features (Push Notifications, Admob , custom launch icon, custom launch screen, instant real-time application design).

Wordpress to App

This is a great tool to instantly convert WordPress to a mobile application.

 WappPress is considered by many to be one of the best products available on the market.

Thanks in part to its fairly affordable price. This does not require the use of coding skills.

WooCommerce Progressive Web App Starter Kit

PWACommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps you convert your WooCommerce online store into a mobile web application.

It is compatible with smartphones and tablets Ios et Android , as well as safari browsers , Google Chrome , Android .

Wordpress to App

The WordPress plugin has been tested on WordPress 4.8 and more, and its functions are among other applications that load almost instantly.

Regardless of the type of network connection used by your user, its banners allow users to add quickly and easily.

Move your mobile app smoothly to your home screen, making it easier for you to launch your mobile app, as well as feedback from your users.

Animation support, scrolling and smooth navigation just confirm the silky experience this plugin offers.

iWappPress iOS creates an app for any WordPress site.

WordPress plugin IWappPress converts any WordPress website into an iOS application just by clicking 1 and 1.

It comes with very useful features, such as a custom launch icon, customizable launch screen, instant application design.

Wordpress to App

Its main functions are: customizing the application using the plugin functions, choosing a WordPress theme different for your application.

Choosing another home page for your application, lacking the necessary coding skills.

Anyone without technology can create their own application, the generated application can be published in Play Apple shops .

WordPress Mobile Pack PRO X

WordPress Mobile Pack Pro X is a mobile WordPress plugin that helps you turn your WordPress content into a progressive web application.

It comes with dozens of themes for mobile apps and extensions, which you can buy separately or as a package.

Wordpress to App

Its features include 3 different WordPress themes for your mobile app, support for sharing features ( Facebook, Twitter and Google+ ), several monetization options ( Google AdSense & Double-click for publishers ), 1 year of professional help, updates from security , and others.


Get moZable WordPress Plugin to create your mobile apps in seconds. This WordPress plugin is compatible with all versions of WordPress and allows you to get real mobile apps developed as part of the cordova ion career.

Wordpress to App

For Android apk is created instantly. For iOS, you must open the zip file using xcode to create ipa;

This is necessary because you must use your certificate. In a future release, there may be an automatic ip export.

Its functions are mainly: simple installation, support for free Android and iOS Push Google Firebase notifications , no login code, the application can be generated on iOS and Android


Improve customer relationships at no extra cost. Communication is carried out from your site to your phone without any external services.

MyOwnSMS is associated with your domain and is automatically associated with the application MyOwnSMS installed on the mobile phone that you want to use to send SMS.

Wordpress to App

SMS communication does not go through external servers, which makes the system even more secure using the HTTPS protocol.

The MyOwnSMS application , a dedicated application for Android, installed and configured, is basically sufficient.

The service remains operational without the need to start every time you send SMS from your site.

Its functions include SMS notification of order status, bulk SMS sending for marketing, importing phone numbers via a CSV file, using your own phone plan, no other costs to send SMS, send SMS without a gateway, etc.

Progressive WordPress Web Applications

WordPress Progressive Web Applications is a WordPress plugin that uses modern web features to quickly use your own applications without first downloading them.

This is a new way to offer a mobile experience that will be personalized and also available online.

Wordpress to App

This WordPress plugin offers many features, such as support for push notifications, Toast messages, touch navigation, offline use, home screen capability and more.

Progressive Web Applications For WordPress is one of the WordPress plugins that does an excellent job with this task.

WordPress Mobile Soft

WordPress Mobile Soft is a WordPress plugin that helps your WordPress website become a progressive desktop and mobile web application.

Wordpress to App

It will help you enable offline mode, fast downloads, support for push notifications, friendly SEO URLs, no impact on desktop browsing, and more.

Social envoys

Social Messengers is a WordPress plugin that can create conversations with you through popular email applications. Among the supported networks we have: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype.

Wordpress to App

Its functions are mainly: compatibility with most popular WordPress themes, the ability to change colors.

Respond perfectly to mobile, simple and user-friendly user interfaces, are easy to use, several animation effects and much more.

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Update is a mobile module that helps you turn the content of your WordPress site into a progressive mobile web application.

With this module, you can create a hybrid mobile application and send it to the application platform (App Store).

Wordpress to App

It comes with several themes for mobile apps, which you can buy separately or as a package.

WordPress Mobile Pack is supported on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

It is also compatible with several compatible browsers, which are Safari, Chrome, Android (built-in browser) .

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