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Honey is an integral part of the diet of adults and children. This product is especially appreciated among people who choose a healthy lifestyle, as an alternative to unhealthy sugar. Therefore, it is best to implement it through the Internet.

A site template about honey will help you talk about the benefits of your apiary, suggest beekeeping by-products, and increase confidence. The target audience uses the network, so the landing page about honey is the easiest and most effective method of promotion and selling honey online.

Review of 5 premium WordPress CMS templates for honey sales, relevant anytime

Honey Website Template

1. Sweet Mielo

A universal selection of landing pages for selling honey online websites, several fully-made pages are offered, which include not only the Main page but also internal ones: about bees and their honey, other apiary products, how the product is made and other nuances important for a potential buyer. The color scheme in several versions is the expected golden hue, plus less obvious dark designs, there is even red. From the point of view of the admin panel:

  • a popular designer of Visual Composer;
  • WooCommerce integration for online sales;
  • advanced contact forms, the site template uses ContactForm.

A lot of animation, including the parallax effect that is relevant in 2019, as well as SEO optimization and mobile adaptability.


Honey wordpress theme

2. Sweet Mielo – second option

It is worthwhile to separately consider the WordPress business card site for an apiary: this is the same Sweet Mielo template but in an updated version. Here the emphasis is on an animated title picture, the so-called hero image, which immediately gives the impression of a professionally made and powerful resource. WordPress theme for selling honey online includes understandable calls to action, a competent arrangement of all elements that help to talk about the taste of the product and practically “try” it. Implemented the functionality of the honey online store.


online honey shop

3. Hereford

A universal theme for a business card offering farm products, organic food. The design is made in several versions, there is a special option specifically for the apiary and beekeeping online shop. Only six completely made-up sites, including internal pages, are used by the WPBakery editor to help take any of them as a basis, and then use them for your own tasks. It is convenient to arrange the portfolio due to the functionality of the Portfolio widget for selling honey online.


Honey WordPress

4. Beelove

A modern and functional landing page for honey production online store, the design sets the theme, all pictures are included in the price. Specifications:

  1. compatibility with WooCommerce;
  2. the ready layout of the gallery;
  3. mobile adaptability.

The Landing page is simple but versatile, with a nice and easily customizable layout.


WordPress Landing Template

5. ezBoozt

A multi-template with almost 60 fully ready to use as online demo stores. It is proposed to choose one of the blanks and apply for your own tasks, customizing with a simple WPBakery designer. A lot of useful store functionality: selection by parameters, comparisons, Basket options for user comfort. The authors have installed a plugin for searching inside the Ajax resource, which is looking, among other things, for additional details. For the tasks of apiary and honey production there are several nice options with blanks of the main and internal pages.


Honey production is a business that has long been traditional, but you can go beyond the markets using modern technologies. Fans of healthy lifestyle, organic farm products will be happy to purchase a useful sweet beekeeping product, the most important thing is to make yourself known. This will help professionally made WordPress templates, among which there are necessary themes for the activities of the apiary.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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