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Cakes, rolls, pastries, fresh bread – there are few people in the world who would not like such goodies. Well-known franchises, such as the one that bakes ordinary cinnamon rolls, are distributed around the world. Any other bakery or grocery store can do the same, but it is impossible to promote oneself only with the scent of fresh pastries in the modern world. You need to connect the Internet, and the best site is one of the WordPress templates.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

20 Bakery WordPress Templates for a site about a bakery, pastries, bread, groceries, cakes on WordPress

bakery website template

1. Bakery

The modern bakery WordPress theme for the online store, which will allow you to place orders directly through the site. For many potential buyers, this option is key. Suitable for groceries, pizzerias, pastry shops.

In a set:

  • WPBakery plugin – visually customizable site appearance;
  • compatibility with Gutenberg and WooCommerce;
  • mobile adaptability;
  • multi-language support.

The simple landing page design withstands the style of a bakery or pastry shop. At any time, you can change the color scheme and the images themselves.




Bakery Website Template

Fresh bread website template

2. Baker Fresh Bakery, Pastry and Cake Shop Theme

Twelve ready-made designs in one WordPress template. All themed with the image of bread, muffins, cakes and other goodies. The possibilities of the online store are provided, the option “Baskets” is enabled. You can do promotions, special offers due to the slider plugin, which will help to focus on a particular product. Many settings for the blog and portfolio: it’s easy to talk about the work and show the most “delicious” baking samples.




culinary site

3. CookIT

Template from Russian developers WPShop. The template is completely in Russian, SEO is optimized, as light as possible and loads quickly. If you need a constructor for the template, you can use Elementor.




Wordpress Bakery Template

4. Crocal

A large selection of bakery website templates, more than three hundred in one “package”. All differ in different designs, professionally executed by experienced professionals. The developers tried to make the multi-template as modern and relevant as possible in 2020, so they included:

  • optimization and fast loading plugin;
  • compatibility with new visual editors – Elementor, Gutenberg;
  • plug-in calendar – useful if events are held, master classes or to reserve tables;
  • SEO optimization.

Designs are easily customizable for a landing page or larger sites with the possibility of online trading.




Paid theme for the site

5. Bridge

One of the most famous multi-templates, which is constantly updated, offering new options for business card sites and resources of any scale. Many interesting options for the theme of a bakery, pastry shop, cafe, grocery store. From the point of view of the developer, there are also many useful things:

  • adaptation to modern visual plugins – the default is Visual Composer, but you can install the Elementor;
  • advanced search due to Ajax plugin, many options – useful for large stores with a large selection of products;
  • many elements of infographics, vector drawings and photos;
  • CSS3 animations.

There are already ready-made themes for groceries, fully designer-designed and worked out, as well as neutral blanks that can be customized for your own tasks. See also: 30 templates for the restaurant website, cafe 2020





6. Sweet Dessert online cake shop website template

As you might guess from the name, the template is designed as a visiting card of a confectionery. Five “delicious” homepages featuring lollipops, chocolates, and cakes are offered. All pictures and additional icons are of excellent quality. The set includes the main plugins – from the visual editor of WPBakery to a selection of social network widgets to help customers write reviews. The web theme is fully responsive, looks good on computers, phones and tablets. You can add Google maps.




Wordpress Bakery Template

7. Lettuce Organic Food & Eco Products WordPress Theme

Initially, the theme was conceived under the “organic” – that is, environmentally friendly food. Bread, pastries and other dishes from the grocery store are also suitable, so the template can be safely set to the owners of such establishments. Options are provided:

  • WooCommerce compatibility for small and large stores;
  • the ability to search for recipes – for example, only cereal bread or only cakes;
  • you can make promotions through special “gift cards” – increases conversion.

The admin panel is both powerful and understandable even to a novice. The authors guarantee constant support and the release of updates that will improve the template even more.




Wordpress Bakery Template

8. GastroBar

WordPress website template for a coffee shop, hipster cafe. Designs are crafted in trendy “loft” style: with emphasized design “negligence”, which evokes associations with simplicity, home cooking and pastries. “Inside” is a well-developed theme with a selection of necessary plug-ins – visual customization, parallax scrolling and other useful slider settings. There is optimization for SEO, which includes the automatic generation of “understandable” links and meta tags. Plugins for the gallery are installed – you can demonstrate the finished dishes.




Wordpress Cakes Template

9. Bellaria – WordPress Cake Sale website Template

Charming bright landing page for a pastry shop. Several design options are offered: with macaroons, cakes, cupcakes, you can choose the one that is closer to what a particular institution does. In addition to the main developed and internal pages. Full adaptability and responsiveness, including display on Retina monitors. Color settings change in a few clicks. A contact form plugin is included to help connect with customers.




Wordpress Chocolate Template

10. ChocoRocco – WordPress Chocolate Pro Template

Appetizing design with an emphasis on chocolate in this theme is suitable primarily for confectionery, but can be used for a cafe, a pastry shop and everything related to groceries.


  • WPBakery – the most popular plugin for online settings;
  • Advanced Email Contact Forms
  • calendar plugin;
  • many google fonts.

Many languages ​​are supported, including Russian. The chocolatier website template on WordPress offers its own icons and other author’s graphics.




Wordpress Bakery Template

11. Farm Agrico Agricultural Business & Organic Food WordPress Theme

Website business card dedicated to farm products – poultry, meat, groceries. Compatible with the latest versions of modern plugins for online customization – Elementor, Gutenberg. Light thematic design helps to set visitors to the desired mood, causing associations with farming and natural products. Settings do not require coding knowledge; everything is done in the editor, including options for animations and displays. SEO optimization is also included in the base code.




Wordpress Cakes Template

12. Sweetness – sweets, pastries

Cute WordPress landing page for baking shop, cupcakes, pastry shop or cafe. The title picture is equipped with spectacular animation, which is made using the CSS3 settings and does not increase the weight of the site.

Among other guarantees from the authors:

  • visual editor plugin included;
  • Redux plugin for advanced settings for animations, effects;
  • a selection of widgets;
  • advanced contact forms (plugin of the seventh version).

By default, the color scheme is white and pink with bright splashes, however, you can always change it and make your own design option.




Bon Appetit

13. Superfood Organic Food Products Theme

A selection of twelve excellent “edible” templates for any grocery online shop with the possibility of booking, ordering online and delivery, and other options – depending on what the establishment itself provides. In addition to ready-made designs in a trendy “vector” and bright style, more than 800 Google fonts are included, a selection of the necessary developer plugins – a visual editor, advanced slider effects, custom icons and other graphic elements. There are separate Call to action buttons.




Paid theme for the site

14. BeTheme bread baking company website template

The multi-template from Behance is a subsidiary of Adobe, so here you can find the best from a design point of view of development. They are worth a look for the following reasons:

  • 400 professional, selected designs;
  • plugins to reduce the “weight”, easy to open with a weak connection;
  • absolute adaptability;
  • all necessary plugins for customization are included in the price;
  • there is no need to understand the code, all details change online.

The main advantage is a huge choice in any style, although it will be difficult to dwell on one because everyone looks simply amazing. Ideal if you need to create multi-leasing or conduct A / B tests.




Wordpress Truffle Pattern

15. Le Truffe

Sweet landing page for confectionery and the production of sweets and desserts. The template is simple, but it has everything that can come in handy for a landing page and further development into a larger resource. It is installed with one click, the ability to change online settings is included. Cross-browser layout with support for mobile devices. SEO optimization, prescribed meta tags. The authors also guarantee a quick response if you need help and advice.




Organic Food WordPress Template

16. Organic Store

The idea of ​​”organic” – that is, environmentally friendly, without the addition of preservatives or GMO food products is extremely popular abroad. With us, it is also becoming increasingly important for those who care about their health and are ready to order special products. The green fresh design of the template subconsciously evokes associations with natural, natural, clean farms and healthy food. The procurement provides for sales over the Internet, so there is full compatibility with the WooCommerce system. In total, there are five options for homepage, the main plugins of customization and detailed settings are attached.




Pizza Website Template

17. Pizza House

A “tasty” and appetizing template for a pizzeria, moreover, provides for traditional types of sales for this business: delivery and a restaurant. The authors emphasize that pizza is only the basic option, and the template will be good for any cafe, pastry shop, for the sale of bakery products.

From the point of view of the admin, there are:

  • calendar plugin with reserve option – can be used for delivery and table reservation;
  • Separate WooCommerce online order option;
  • the ability to place a dynamic menu, make promotions, special offers;
  • ready-made internal pages – not only for dishes, but also “About the team”, “About us” and others.

There is the possibility of maintaining a food blog, which makes visitors come back and increases the conversion from the site itself.




Restaurant menu

18. Restaurant Cafe

A very elegant and aesthetically attractive theme, which implies a “premium segment”. It is good to choose for confectioneries, cafes seeking to demonstrate a particularly high level of quality and even the elitism of products. The designs are simple and rigorous with excellent emphasis on dishes. All graphics are included in the price of the template, in addition, a built-in visual editor will help put your own pictures instead of the standard ones without loss of quality and style. In total, more than 30 pages have been developed in various design variations; full mobile adaptability is provided.




bakery wordpress

19. Engage pastry shop website template

Another great and constantly updated Premium WordPress theme for selling pastry online. Many topics, among which there are interesting options for groceries, pastry shops, and bakeries. Admins offer a free trial period, evaluate the features:

  • “Enhanced” visual plug-in for the finest settings – allows you to create professional sites;
  • several slider plugins will help to achieve interesting animation effects;
  • full integration with WooCommerce – for orders, reservations, payment by cards, and another convenient way for the client.

Separately, it is emphasized that all templates are optimized in terms of download speed, as well as quick indexing by search engines due to ready-made URLs and meta tags.




Wordpress Bakery Template

20. Ogami Organic Store WordPress Theme

One of the new developments is the main advantage that the Elementor plugin is already installed and used here, which completely saves the buyer from the need to study the code, and editing is very simple even for beginners. Under Elementor, the most accurate pixel-to-pixel settings are obtained. There are five ready-made home page designs that are well suited for both landing and a large food store website.




Wordpress Cake Pro Template

21. Bakery / Cake Shop

WordPress theme for a cupcake, a pastry shop with a thematic design in a simple yet vibrant style: white background and focus on products. Visually looks great due to the “cleanliness” of the design, looks equally good on computers and any mobile devices due to the provided adaptability. Parallax Background remains relevant and welcome, and in 2020, it can be customized. The kit includes its own icons and other graphic elements. The authors also emphasize that all internal pages are optimized for search engines.



Delicious food is a universal product that absolutely everyone needs. Promotion on the Internet using your own website for online sales is the most effective strategy in 2020. Among the selection of bright, creative WordPress templates, there is sure to be one that suits your business and will help to increase sales many times.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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