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Jurisprudence is a service area whose potential clients will almost certainly use the power of the Internet to find the help they need. Lawyers, notaries and other areas in this area are all in demand, and a competent website will help to adequately provide legal servies for potential customers.

To create a website, there is no need to invest in expensive development, because the WordPress platform offers a good selection of advanced interesting templates on legal topics.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

A selection of 25+ lawyer website templates for WordPress 2021

Шаблон сайта юриста


If you’re looking for an all-in-one package and need a legal services website template, then this is the place to start. Several skin designs are provided here, each of which has full mobile adaptability. Responsive template – this means that the finished site will look great in any browser, on a mobile phone, as well as save traffic if necessary.

The template for legal adviser itself “understands” which device and with what user-specified requirements it opens, always choosing the best display. It will not be difficult to customize the appearance and details thanks to a selection of plugins for customization, changing the color scheme in just a few clicks. There is compatibility with the most recent WordPress engine Gutenberg, which is considered the “future” of the platform.




Шаблон сайта юриста


A serious and solid site template for advocates that is suitable for landing pages or extended versions of legal resources. The description lists almost all thematic areas – from a notary to a lawyer, from an insurance agent to an appraiser.

The design is both themed and versatile thanks to its discreet color scheme and calm appearance. It is worth paying attention to the following nuances:

  • many “child” themes – that is, based on the base design, there are nested ones;
  • more than nine header styles;
  • logo support in vector format;
  • easy to translate into any language, support for any fonts, including Cyrillic;
  • self-adjustment of resolution depending on the screen.
  • WooCommerce functionality for stores is supported.




Универсальный шаблон


A website template for a law firm with included russification, starting from a description of all the features and capabilities – from a business card site to an advanced resource. The set includes twelve built-in plug-in modules that allow you to adjust any accuracy and replace any elements with your own, add and transform to your liking.

The loading speed, according to the authors, will be less than 0.1 seconds due to the fact that there are no “heavy” libraries or frameworks, and now search engines “rate” sites that load quickly. There is also additional SEO optimization, which also helps to quickly raise a business card, landing page or a full-fledged website with a blog, detailed attachments and descriptions, to the TOP.




Шаблон сайта юриста

Phlox Pro

This multi-template for barrister got its popularity back in 2019. It is based on the use of the currently most popular WordPress builder – Elementor, which is used to simplify all stages of website creation as much as possible. With this constructor, it is easy to interact with any elements, from fonts and pictures to advanced animations of appearance, disappearance.

Also worth noting:

  • more than a hundred ready-made demos;
  • a selection of additional plugins for various tasks;
  • six months of free technical support;
  • over 60 exclusive items.

For legal topics, there are both traditional business cards and unusual lawyer website templates, creative solutions for them.




lawyer theme


A multi-purpose theme for law firm that offers:

  • Booking appointment – a plugin for making an appointment as a gift;
  • advanced forms for feedback, contacts;
  • ready-made modules of services and goods;
  • a ready-made blog and styles for it.

The WordPress template for lawyers is fully prepared for the format of an online store, so you only need to supply your own services and the cost for them. Some can be paid online – for example, consultations and others that do not require a personal visit of the client. For customization, it is proposed to use WPBakery as one of the most used constructors for WordPress.




Шаблон сайта юриста

Pearson Specter

A stylish, serious-looking landing page template for attorneys with features traditional for a niche format, among which you can find the ability to sign up for a consultation or receive services in an online form, manage an existing record – for example, transfer to another number, if possible. The restriction is set by the owner of the resource.

A large selection of internal pages, which will allow you to spend a minimum of time creating internal content, it will be enough just to substitute your own information about the company and photos.






This theme is intended for creating a personal portfolio for judge, but does not mean that it should be limited to designers or artists only. The main advantage of the template is that it is quite versatile, it is perfect for an individual virtual resume or business card of a lawyer since it has everything you need – an effective external design with bright colors and contrasts, a good selection of plugins for feedback included in the price, consultations.

Almost four hundred additional elements – shortcodes, widgets, and other useful things.




Фирма юриста


Responsive, “clean”, stylish – all this can be said about this template for legal consulting services website. It is not too original in terms of visual images and design, because it uses traditional images of Themis, which are naturally associated with legal topics, however, innovation is not always needed in this direction of business, because the main goal: the client must understand what the person or company is doing, the resource he got to.

Used block elements, various interesting effects. Any of them can be reconfigured thanks to the Elementor constructor.






Another legal template on Elementor, which has:

  • three ready-made homepages;
  • three header styles;
  • advanced theme customization options;
  • Drug and Drop control without the need for coding;
  • the functionality of “glued” menus;
  • GoogleMaps included;
  • you can easily change colors, fonts.

The authors guarantee fast downloads as well as one-click installation. The template uses Bootstrap layout, which is recognized as one of the easiest to edit and responsive, that is, it will be correctly displayed on any device.




Шаблон юридической фирмы


The creators of the simple and effective website theme for lawyers talk about their merits in numbers, mentioning more than 35 thousand satisfied customers, a five-star rating as an average for this template. For this reason, it makes sense to try it, it is also worth keeping in mind unlimited updates and technical support for 6 months.






Fully responsive premium theme for providing legal services online, which the authors themselves call “light” – this can be seen from the design, made in basic white color with an emphasis on the photograph of the person represented by the site in the format of a business card, to high loading speed and ease of customization.

Here it is proposed to use the WPBakery constructor, which is very familiar to fans of the WordPress system, many consider it to be the best and most convenient for making changes to the basic template. The functionality of the online store has been prepared in advance, PSD files are included.




Сайт юриста


Template for business services, consultants, law firms. At the same time, it attracts attention by its minimalistic design with basic white and violet-blue shades, which set a cold, calm, confident color scheme and mood, and may also interest the future administrator with convenient and wide functionality that will allow “fine tuning” or use the blanks, which are here quite a lot, starting from tables with prices, blog publishing options, there is TRXAddon for creating new blocks.






Lightweight and unobtrusive design is just one reason to pay attention to the template. Among the pluses:

  • Elementor – many people like it as a constructor;
  • Slider Revolution – working with animation and adaptability;
  • Essential Grid – setting up the site grid;
  • MailChimp for WP – designed to collect email;
  • ThemeREX Addon – for creating new blocks based on design or from scratch.

Useful plugins will help you create a powerful adaptive resource for the lawyer.




be theme


Immediately upon opening, it meets an inscription: now there are more than 500 ready-made sites. Indeed, this is one of the most famous multi-templates on WordPress, the main feature of which should be called stunning designs that always attract attention, make you study each element for a long time. There is not a single detail that is wrong or out of style.

In addition, all templates are checked for SEO optimization and loading speed, which allows you to quickly promote the finished resource and raise it to the TOP by keywords.




Шаблон сайта юриста


Another large multi-template for law advisor, well known to everyone who was looking for a good option to create a website based on one of the WordPress themes. Now you will get:

  • 510 ready-made demos on any topic;
  • Elementor as Chief Designer;
  • WooCommerce orientation with online store functionality;
  • many additional modules, shortcodes, etc.

There is a demo import functionality that will allow you to evaluate the appearance of a particular theme without completely installing it, which allows you to “try on” designs, choosing the most suitable and attractive.




Тема юридических услуг


A strict, laconic theme for fans of a minimalist sustained style, it is offered in several demo versions, which, although they are similar to each other, each has its own nuances.

Perfectly suited for the court webpage, according to the authors, for beginners, since everything is already completely ready for installation and operation, it is enough just to place the necessary information in the “copy-paste” mode. Opportunities have been prepared for posting a blog, portfolio, and product card functionality in the format of an online store.




Шаблон юридической фирмы


There are many possibilities in a multi-template. An option for legal use includes:

  • stylish home screen – convenient for a resume with a photo;
  • vector graphics on the desired topic;
  • stylish scroll effects.

Neutral and solid design.





Template in the format of a “creative modern resume” with an emphasis on the personality of the person about whom the information is being submitted. If you wish, you can adapt it to the law company or make a separate landing page for each specialist in order to show personal qualities and professional skills. Convenient adaptive format – the authors immediately demonstrate how the template will look on a computer, mobile device.

Ease of customization is achieved thanks to the use of WPBakery-constructor, there is also support for social networks, for example, Instagram Feed. The set also includes other programs for customizing animations, feedback forms, working with applications, and collecting email addresses.






The authors declare that this is the most easily customizable theme of all WordPress features. This is confirmed by compatibility with Elementor, the fifth version of WordPress platform (the most relevant at the moment), support for the Gutenberg engine, compatibility with the WooCommerce trading platform, on the basis of which online stores are created.

Also noted is the compatibility with bbPress, which is designed to create various forums, communities, blogs, as well as simple and accessible to anyone who wants to publish updates and news – this does not require any special coding skills and knowledge.




Тема юридических услуг


A traditional landing with a beautifully stylish design, a great option if you want something quite typical, but with a guaranteed return thanks to the combination of well-designed design and functionality. You can pay attention to:

  • advanced customization options;
  • three ready-made demo design options;
  • compatibility with Elementor;
  • ContactForm7 plugin included.

The authors emphasize that all fonts and other details are easy to customize, including changing Cyrillic counterparts for translation.




Шаблон юридической фирмы

The Trial

Good for visual development Justice WordPress theme. It is worth paying attention to all the opportunities provided, including the option to control either Elementor or WPBakery, which remains a more familiar constructor for many in 2021. You can make a landing page, portfolio, etc.




Тема юридических услуг


A modern adaptive template in the so-called “corporate” style – the authors separately emphasize that it looks very strict and businesslike, which is the best fit to the topic of legal services. More than 600 Google fonts are supported, there is a readiness to adapt to Cyrillic and even other languages, if necessary.

Excellent SEO optimization, color scheme management and other customization options.






The designs of this theme can also rightfully be called corporate. They are based on stock photos, it was suggested to change them, but the general style remains stylish and beautiful in any case. It is worth paying attention to:

  • a large selection of internal pages for every taste;
  • advanced feedback forms;
  • blanks for gallery, blog;
  • a selection of shortcodes.

The authors guarantee a quick rise to the TOP for keywords thanks to optimization.






The multi-template with the name “Pearl” included more than fifty demo pages, completely ready to install and use, in which you simply need to change text and images. The basis for customization is WPBakery, among the interesting plugins is the functionality of pop-up windows (PopUP), subscriptions, compatibility with Gutenberg blocks. It is possible to register, save the username.

A similar selection – themes for the site of a psychologist






In this template, you can draw attention to a nice design, but the main feature is that the authors made the template compatible with WPBakery and Elementor at the same time, so as not to support the eternal debate “which constructor is better”. If you are accustomed to one, then it will be easy for you to work, if to another – the same. Additionally, you can pay attention to the presence of more than forty demos, eighty styles and other possibilities for customization.




Тема юридических услуг


A powerful template that includes:

  • Bootstrap layout;
  • more than 200 blocks;
  • more than 35 ready-made websites;
  • 94% loading speed by PageSpeed;
  • a selection of premium plugins, including various icons.

The authors additionally point out that the template is ideal for various blogs.




сайт фирмы


The elegant black and white design with beige accents look what is called “expensive”, and the authors also mention that it is made very carefully – the so-called “pixel precision”. For customization, it is supposed to use the Elementor, which has been popular since 2019, there is also another functionality – WooCommerce, the ability to make newsletters, both by collecting addresses and composing letters according to a specific template with various effects.

All kinds of shortcodes for beautiful and stylish animations are included.




The legal direction is one of the most popular in the WordPress environment, because the services are always popular, and potential clients are looking for lawyers, agents and other specialists on the Internet. Any of the proposed templates will help make an effective memorable site that will surely bring a lot of applications.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template did you like best? Write in the comments.

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