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The rental service of special equipment is widespread. It is unlikely that someone will buy a bulldozer or loader for personal use, and the need for special equipment may arise during repairs, for the transportation of bulky goods and in many other situations. You need to promote yourself on the Internet: in 99% of cases, potential customers will look there. In order not to pay the programmer, use the template for the special equipment rental website.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

10 Special Equipment Rental WordPress Themes for special machinery rental website

The most popular engine on which modern pages are made is WordPress. Its main advantage: a person who has never been engaged in coding will be able to install it on his hosting and create and use the website. There are also many ready-made themes developments for WordPress. We offer you to choose one of the top ten.

construction equipment rental site template

1. Wheelco

Specialized template for creating a leasing of rental of special equipment website. Nice simple design, complete with everything you need:

  • ready-made icons;
  • sliders with the ability to demonstrate transport;
  • scripts for menus and headers;
  • card – easy to replace with your own.

There are several designs to choose from, made in the same style, which allows multi-lending for different types of equipment. Adaptability is guaranteed, including for Retina devices.




site template

2. Heavico

The new construction techniques rental template is made according to the canons of a fashionable design in 2020, you can choose one of 12 samples. A simple black and white style combined with an attractive title picture do an excellent job of what they expect from a good WordPress theme – talk about your services. There is an online store and blog option.




Transport rental site

3. Jevelin

Unlike specialized business cards, this is one of the popular templates that easily adapts to any topic. Scripts and settings are included, easy setup thanks to a clear visual editor. The author guarantees:

  1. one-click installation;
  2. adaptation for SEO;
  3. ideal display on mobile gadgets;
  4. contact forms included.

The site has a light and at the same time “moving” interactive design. A convenient menu “ask a question” will help you advise a client. This is a good template for construction tools and equipment rentals website.




car rental website template

4. Motors

A very simple and understandable business card site that is easy to configure for rental services of special equipment, cars and much more. The user is immediately greeted by the Call to Action form, which always increases conversion. It is possible to integrate with social networks and publish reviews.




online hardware store

5. We build

The construction tools shop WordPress template comes with several bright, stunningly thought out and attractive designs. All elements are replaceable, so it will be easy to put your own photos. Also included:

  • visual installer and constructor – no special knowledge is required to configure;
  • convenient sliders;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Responsiveness and adaptability.

Having trouble installing? Watch the video on YouTube or contact the developers.




Auto theme wordpress

6. Construction

More than 7 thousand sales – this is a lot for a highly specific template for special equipment rental services, construction. Popularity is not accidental:

  1. attractive catchy design;
  2. the ability to expand to a full multi-page resource;
  3. one-click update from the cloud;
  4. Over 600 fonts included.

Those who purchased the template also note that the developers respond very quickly and willingly help in the installation and configuration.




car rental site

7. LeadEngine

Multi-template “several in one” – in this case, 200 custom blocks with icons for car rental WordPress theme, fonts and other design elements and more than 35 ready-made landing pages are offered, which you can simply upload to the hosting, enable and wait for applications. The authors promise fast loading due to the small “weight” of the page and its parts. This is true for customers using mobile devices.




wordpress themes


A universal template used in a variety of topics – from cooking to language centers. Especially for the rental of special equipment website, an interesting design in a simple style with parallax scrolling, fashionable in 2020, was proposed. Includes own icons, scripts for their animation. There is an opportunity to talk about completed projects, partners and put other information.




Landing rental of special equipment

9. BeTheme – Demo 1

The name comes from the resource Behance, created by the famous developer of Photoshop, Adobe. This is a stylish design template, focused simultaneously on:

  • convenience and simplicity from the point of view of UX;
  • adaptability to all devices;
  • archive weight with a template of 6 megabytes;
  • one-click installation.

Sites on this template combine aesthetic appeal, ease of use and cause a desire to use the services.




Landing page construction equipment

10. BeTheme – Demo 2

Any service needs a beautiful and clear presentation to the potential client on the Internet. Rental of special equipment is no exception – when choosing a company, they are guided not only by the machines themselves and the prices of work, but also by the “packaging”.



Thoughtful design templates for WordPress will help to make a business more effective due to attractiveness, SEO-adaptation and access to the top lines of search engines for the right words and user comfort when working with the site.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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