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The topics of health and proper nutrition, dietary supplements, useful food additives, organic cosmetics and related products are as relevant as possible.

In 2019, health care becomes not only a fashion, but also a conscious necessity for most people. Therefore, it’s easy to promote resources devoted to nutritional supplements, “healthy” cosmetics, and everything related to organics. This will be helped by a template on organic, farm and related topics for the WordPress platform.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

20+ Organic Farm WordPress Themes for selling organic groceries online or for personal nutritionists websites.

organic site

1. WoodMart

A great website template for creating an online store of organic products, as well as developing a landing page or multi-page website. Woodmart combines a cool toolbox with a lush design. Well seriously, look at the demo of this template, it can be seen that they were developed by professional designers. You can choose any and adapt for yourself.




Farm Site

2. Hereford

A few very stylishly drawn organic farm website templates, of which multi-branding is good, because they are devoted to different products – bread, milk, vegetables and fruits, meat. There is an option for equestrian sports and eco-friendly walks. Management of the WPBakery plugin implies clear configuration through the admin panel. There are blanks for animated sliders with which you can showcase products and photos for a portfolio. Integration with video services and social networks is provided. The template comes with its own icons.




Health Blog

3. Healthy Farm

Another beautiful business card for organic products, farm. Created a “mouth-watering” attractive thematic design. Among the key points of the template:

  • Integration with WooCommerce, including the possibility of online payment for purchases via card, PayPal and other similar services.
  • Maximum integration with social networks, including “likes” and “shares” – you can collect feedback and at the same time promote the site through SMM tools.
  • There is an option for blogging, moreover, users can evaluate publications, and the owner can track the preferences of target audience.
  • Products in the online store are presented either in the traditional form or in the form of a tiled design, stylized as Instagram.




Landscape blog

4. Landscaping

Eco website theme for landscape design services company. The Landing page is made in the traditional green and white style, while the appearance remains memorable due to the pleasant combination of design elements, photos, icons. The authors suggest trying the development for free for a whole month. Compatible with modern online page designers such as Gutenberg, Elementor. It is emphasized that coding and special knowledge are not required to configure templates with maximum accuracy and customization for your own tasks.





5. Olive Oil and Vinegars

olive oil online store website template. This template is combined with cosmetics because olive oil often becomes the basis for beauty products. From the point of view of development – a convenient not complicated landing, in which there are nice features:

  • Responsiveness at any settings;
  • changes are made through the admin panel using the popular plug-in visual editor;
  • several ready-made designs in pretty yellow-green colors;
  • search engine optimization.

The possibility of online trading and payment by card or virtual money is provided due to the WooCommerce system, which is the base for WordPress-templates.




Life Coach

6. Rosalinda

Charming simple vegetarian life coach website template with the simplest setup and a good selection of useful functionality. A visual editor of the same name is used, which remains the “gold standard” of WordPress templates. There is also an Essential Grid plugin, it makes it possible to precisely adjust pictures, text, other elements while maintaining adaptability on mobile gadgets. Design, despite its simplicity, remains memorable and credible.





7. VegaDays

The development is intended for landing pages dedicated to events related to food – for example, vegan festivals, although nothing prevents creating on the basis of other topics. The main convenience lies in special settings, including:

  1. the possibility of booking tickets for the event with their subsequent purchase through the online store;
  2. the possibility of registering as a seller or exhibitor;
  3. advanced contact forms – universal for any purpose;
  4. An excellent selection of options, sliders for the most understandable and attractive appearance of the site.

There is a SEO-adaptation, which guarantees the fast delivery of pages in search engines.




Smoothie website

8. Frappé

A colorful modern selection of relevant and very bright designs for cooking, coffee houses, and restaurants dedicated to the theme of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition in 2020. The patterns are noteworthy in that they are hand-drawn by a vector, which immediately adds personality and charm. Bold color solutions are combined with many useful functions – from the possibility of blogging with photos and videos for recipes to the integration with Instagram. Everything is controlled from the admin panel under the constructor Elementor.




eco product website

9. Lettuce

A traditional template for an online store of vegan or farm food, eco cosmetics and related topics. In the kit, the authors include not only several options for a nice design in traditional green-orange tones for a niche style, but also nice functionality. Pay attention to:

  • Complete preinstallation of the online store running the WooCommerce system.
  • The ability to keep food blogging and share recipes.
  • Support for several payments and delivery methods – the client chooses the most convenient.

Included are drawn icons and photos from stocks, which you can always change to your own.





10. Orga Farm

The website template on WordPress, noteworthy in that the creators have invested more than 85 blocks, settings options from which anyone can “assemble” the desired type of site. Maximum customization combined with excellent adaptability. The blank can be used with the functionality of the store or landing presentation. There is a calendar and recording option, which is useful for booking any goods or services.




organic cream

11. Organic Beauty Store

The website template for a natural cosmetics store with a predefined search plugin for many useful criteria – for example, for face, body, different skin types. Compatible with the Gutenberg plugin and Elementor, as well as the latest version of the WordPress platform. Three ready-made styles can be configured using the options in the admin panel, including an unlimited color scheme.




Landing milk sale

12. Dairy Farm & Eco Products

As the name implies, the website template is intended primarily for a dairy farm and the sale of environmentally friendly products. The thematic design is made in the style of traditional landings with a beautiful title picture. Possible uses include:

  • three options for the homepage;
  • full compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce;
  • advanced contact forms.

There is an option for blogging and resource expansion from a business card website to an online store.




Farm Products

13. Rosewood

The gentle calm design of the template sets up the visitor in a lyrical manner and evokes associations with nature, fresh air – what you need for an eco-theme. The integration of Google-maps, parallax-scrolling, ample opportunities to display the menu. Adaptability is preserved when changing any settings, due to which it always looks good on mobile devices. The template is constantly updated for free.




Personal brand

14. Organic Food

A website template that can be useful not only for a store offering healthy foods or supplements but also for a personal brand of a nutritionist. The collection has several excellent eye-catching designs with an emphasis on either products or a person-author. Own vector icons included. The admin panel works in online mode.




Website for ecology

15. CleanSkin

Website Template for a cosmetologist or online shop with organic cosmetics. A very nice delicate design made by professional visuals is combined with a “clean” code. A good selection of options and plugins includes:

  • full compatibility with WooCommerce;
  • pre-installed Google Maps in combination with the ready-made pages “Where to buy” and “About the company”;
  • color adjustment plugin.

It also provides maximum SEO optimization and the ability to maintain a visual-text blog.




Grocery site

16. Superfood

Twelve memorable creative pages combine beautiful photos and vector graphics, creating the most memorable web resource. It is planned to create a store and purchase online in combination with a comfortable search by product criteria, you can also use any of the templates for a business card website. The quick one-click installation combined with a convenient visual plug-in for the most accurate settings. Supported Google fonts in Cyrillic spelling. Many convenient widgets, including the main social networks.




Tea shop sale

17. Verdure

The title theme implies the use of a template for a shop of tea, herbal infusions, organic coffee, and other similar food products. However, thanks to a convenient admin panel with unlimited customization of color schemes, pictures, fonts, and other features of a particular web page, the workpiece adapts to other tasks. The menu functional is convenient – tea can be replaced with cocktails or dishes. Plugins for visual settings are included in the price of the template.




Sale of vegetables

18. Green Box

A modern, uncomplicated, and very functional farm products store website template design suitable for a wide range of tasks related to products, drinks, eco themes. By purchasing a WordPress preset, the buyer receives:

  • a set of ready-made pages – from the presentation of goods to information about the company, team;
  • provided sliders functionality for the gallery, blog;
  • connecting the Instagram tape.

All major browsers are supported, both used on computers and on mobile devices.




Health Blog

19. Morsel

Awesome selection of impressive designs for restaurants, cafes, eateries. Eco-friendly themes are combined with catchy creative concepts and solutions. In total, twelve completely different in style and appearance homepage are provided for landing pages or larger resources. From a technical point of view – the functionality of the store, the reservation of tables or recordings for certain dates are provided, all the necessary plugins are included – settings, sliders, animations.




Fresh food

20. Organiko

Six options for homepage and compatibility with Elementor and Gutenberg plugins make harvesting a simple and effective option for an eco-store of any orientation. Many interesting options for the pages themselves, headers, footers, posting pictures, and videos. It is possible to publish a portfolio or recipes along with product demonstrations and online trading.
Vegetarianism, proper nutrition, cosmetics, and dietary supplements are the approach of many modern people to life and their own health. Potential customers are willing to pay for tasty and wholesome food or high-quality organic products. It is enough for the business owner to choose one of the brightest templates and set as his site.





21. Organic Store

A few similar but cute eco products WordPress themes dedicated to organic, healthy farm products. The site template is integrated with WooCommerce, which allows you to sell online. The list of benefits includes:

  • advanced “Basket”, which will allow you to select the product of interest with maximum comfort for the user;
  • five blanks of design – all very bright and pretty;
  • separate design for the blog;
  • adaptability and the ability to view on any device.

The template combines the landing page functions, allowing you to present the product and the possibility of a full online shop with feedback forms.



Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

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