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If you want to wordpress disable comments or comment form on either a new site or an old one, this tutorial will show you the necessary settings. I divided the material into two large parts. In the first part, and the shortest if the site is new and you do not have articles yet. In the second part, if the site is old and you want to leave no comments or hide comments.

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The settings are also shown for the reverse settings. Starting from when you want to make the comment form appear on an old site.

1. Hide the comment form on a new site

After installing WordPress and logging in to admin, go to the left menu Settings -> Discussion. The first three settings are the most important. Uncheck!

wordpress disable comments



Do this too if you want to stop posting on the site after a while.

2. Hide the comment form on a site with articles

If you already have a functional site with many articles and many comments, things get a little bit complicated, that is, they are bifurcate. In the first case, leave no comments in any new or old articles, and in the second case you do not want articles in specific articles.

2.1 no longer allow comments from now on

But old remarks remain visible. The case can be encountered if you want to replace WordPress with another. With Facebook , it’s still up to date with Disqus or another one. This is the first step to take for this. Then follow the steps:

  1. Go to the left menu of Posts and see the list of articles.
  2. Select all items on the page using the check button in the table header on the left of Title;
  3. From the drop-down menu that says Bulk Actions, select Edit;
  4. a list of properties and options will appear, look to the Comments option on the right and select Allow (or if you do the reverse operation, check Do not allow);
  5. then click Update;
  6. repeats the operation on all pages.

Trick: if you have many more items, from the top Screen Options increase the number of items displayed from 20, the default number to 200, or how good you are and keeps the server).

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If you want to do the reverse operation, that is, if you do not have the comment form for various reasons, and now want to post comments, start by checking the options in Settings -> Discussion and continue with the steps above by ticking point 4 Do not allow.

2.2 No longer allow comments in certain articles

If you want to inhibit the appearance of the comment form only in certain articles then select the article and make sure you uncheck the options below:

wordpress disable comments

If the option does not appear then you must go to Screen Options on the top right and select Discussion from the list of options. Conversely, if you do not want the option to simplify the form, uncheck the option.

3. Hide existing WordPress comments

If you want to hide the comments and not just the comments form then you will need to enter the code and comment on the method that displays the comments. Usually the method is in the single.php and page.php files, but depending on the theme you use, it can be in content.php or other files. In the simplest way, edit single.php and comment on the next line (ie put two // forward).


<?php comments_template( '', true ); ?>

Replace with:

<?php //comments_template( '', true ); ?>

Editing files can be done using CPanel , or an FTP client or directly from wp-admin: Appearance -> Editor and from the right file list select Single post, look for comments_template, a.

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