12 common mistakes wordpress


Perhaps you finally decided to make a blog, or you are ambitious to make your own site for your own company.

In any situation, if you are at the beginning, and you know WordPress, just by hearing, the likelihood of making the most common mistakes in WordPress is great.


This does not mean that you should return. Not far away! You need to learn from the experience of those who have already gone through it and read what we have prepared for you.

Here is a list of common WordPress errors and what you need to do to avoid them.

Wrong choice of WordPress platform

One name, two platforms? Yes, there are two variants of the WordPress platform.

And his mistaken choice is one of the most common mistakes made by WordPress.

WordPress.com is the right platform when it comes to a personal web site, a blog in the simple sense of a word, for example.

premium WordPress themes

It is free, easy to use and does not give you a headache about server setup, backups, updates, etc.

On the other hand, it does not even let you down: you cannot fully control your site.

You have a limited number of WordPress themes and plugins.

You cannot use Google Analytics (except for the following expensive updates), and any form of monetization of the site requires additional costs.

WordPress.org, however, is suitable for more complex monetization sites.

This involves the purchase of hosting, giving you the opportunity to fully control the site, access to an unlimited number of themes, plug-ins and settings.


In this case, however, all management responsibility falls on your shoulders, but also allows you to earn money from your site.

 Do not create backup copies

This is one of the mistakes of WordPress that can make your life bitter and can leave you in the sun without a website.

Without backup, all your work and investments can go to the water on the slate in minutes.

And this is for a number of reasons: you deleted it by mistake, it was hacked by hackers, launch errors, etc.

handbook design banner

Thus, backup is more important and can be performed using tools such as BackWPup, VaultPress or BackupBuddy.

And if you want to see how easy it is to backup, just click on the tutorial below.

 Do not create updates

The fear of mistakes, indifference, laziness, for some reason, and not updating is one of the most dangerous mistakes of WordPress, because it opens the way for hackers.

The deeper the update becomes, the more difficult it becomes.

If your site is created on WordPress.org, you will need to make your own updates.

update wordpress website

WordPress notifies you when you upload updates to your site, and it is useful to do this when you need it.

The deeper the update becomes, the more difficult it becomes.

 Using a standard URL

One common WordPress mistake is to use the Strandard URL, which neither Google users nor Google are happy with.

The Strandard URL is completely annoying because it does not contain any information about the contents of this web page and, moreover.

It doesn’t fit because there are no keywords in it to help Google search.

Setting up your own URL is extremely simple and convenient using Permalinks from the WordPress control panel.


Using the standard icon

Small details make the difference, and the icon is one of those details.

Favicon is the icon that appears next to the name of your page in your browser.

It often happens that this detail is ignored.


And this is another WordPress error that needs to be taken into account.

If you don’t install your own icon, you’ll find yourself online with an image that really belongs to a WordPress web designer or theme designer on your site.

Promote yourself using your own favicon logo.

 Ignoring SEO settings

WordPress can stop indexing your site in the search engines.

And this is good if you are still working on its development.

The problem is that it often happens that this parameter remains active even after the site is working on the Internet.

seo tips

Please keep this bug in mind and remember to make the necessary changes to make your site indexable.

Also, do not forget and ignore the SEO settings for each page of your site and for each post.


Missing Cache Plugin

This is a WordPress bug that will cost you the speed of loading your site and, along with this, indexing into Google.

spiders in the labyrint

A cache plugin such as WP Super Cache will make your site load quickly even in high traffic mode.

Ignoring Security Settings

Using admin as your login name or for your WordPress password is that you leave the door of your home permanently unlocked.

Yet this is one of the most common mistakes WordPress.

Under no circumstances should you use this word as a login or password.

WordPress gives you the opportunity to change your login information right from the start, and then it’s best to do it.

Of course, a complex administrator and password do not guarantee that your site will be protected by hackers.

Nut they are the first line of defense against them.

Learn more about the safety of your site in WordPress!

 Using the standard tagline

Tagline is a brief description of the site WordPress puts on you and which is indexed by Google.

If you don’t change it from the general settings, your site’s tag will just be another blog.

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That is, Stardard for any new WordPress site, and it doesn’t work very well.

 Saving Model Page (Sample Page)

Another WordPress bug supports the model page.

If you do not remove it from the pages or if you do not replace it.

It will still be active and, therefore, visible on your site.

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In addition, it will appear in Google search results.

And Google, with a simple search, we see that there are about a million more WordPress sites with an active model page.

And it does not look good.


Using images with their original size

The use of large images affects the speed of loading the site and makes it unnecessary to access memory on the server.

wordpress images media

You can avoid this WordPress error by saving any image you want to upload to a website in compressed web format.

It will help you with tools like GIMP or JPEG Mini.

 Changing Website URL

Your site URL is similar to your home address. After the change, the world will no longer know how to give you.

The same thing happens on the Internet.

Google and your visitors will find it difficult to find your site on the Internet.

And you will find yourself with a sharp decrease in ranking and traffic.

Therefore, do not make changes to the URL of your site.

If it is absolutely necessary, and, if absolutely necessary, do it correctly.

And now that you have found the most common mistakes in WordPress, you start creating your own blog or website.

Consider all these WordPress mistakes when creating your own blog or website, so as not to waste time or nerves.

It is always better to learn from the mistakes of others than yours.

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