40+ ways to attract the attention and get more leads

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A stable stream of leads can become a guarantee of financial stability and provide resources for further business development.
Under the lead is understood, a potential customer who has expressed an interest in the products or services of the company , as a result of which he leaves his contact details expressing his consent to further communication.

The value of lead generation is in the ability to retain and personalize the appeal to a potential customer. And most importantly – you do it with his consent.
Methods for attracting leads differ depending on the type of business, decision-making mechanisms by the target audience, the contact channel used, and a number of other points. But there is something common – at the heart of everything lies the attraction of attention.To show interest in your proposal, you need at least to find out about your existence.

Interestingly, even in niches with a high level of competition, most players use the same methods of lead generation, and, more often than not, it is a pair of tested methods and channels. Some do not want to take risks, others just think that they are doing well.
So the problem of getting new leads is often not in the implementation of interesting ideas in practice, namely in the absence of these very ideas. After all, the availability of money or time does not guarantee an understanding of how to dispose of them. Non-standard approaches, analytics and ability to assess the situation from different sides, allow to achieve good results even with minimal investments.

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In this article I suggest to you more than four dozen ways to attract the attention of potential customers and get more leads that are tested in practice, are not excessively complicated in implementation and will not devastate the marketing budget.

1. Create a variety of content

Each of your clients is a unique person. And each of them has its own desires and needs. Consumption of content is not an exception, and this is an important argument in favor of creating it in several formats at once. This will allow you to cover the most different segments of the audience and on different devices.
The fact is that the universal format does not exist by definition. And even if you like watching videos, at some point you may be more comfortable working with text. For example, in an office where there are no headphones and time to watch videos, but you just need to quickly scroll through the article. A similar situation with social networks – in public transport on the way to work.

Here are some examples of content formats that can be used for leadgeneration:

  • Article in the blog,
  • Material on an external resource,
  • A post for social networks,
  • Infographics,
  • Video,
  • Letter in the email-list,
  • Webinar,
  • PDF-book, etc.

What is most interesting, to work with all this variety of formats is not required to hire a separate edition. One and the same information can simply be “repacked” in another form for a particular channel. Even one person can cope with this.

For example, the article “10 Ways to Profitably Sell an Apartment Without a Realtor” can easily be transformed into an infographic, a PDF document, submitted as a webinar, used as a script for the same video. It may be that in some cases, some refinement will be required for this or that format, but the time costs will be incomparable if you had to write new material from scratch.

2. Test the forms

How much is already talked about, but, anyway, very often there is this:

Forms should not be complicated, because it’s not you doing a service to the visitor, offering him to register. And, the form should be simple enough a person could  fill it  when he has free time of 10 seconds, and he does it in traffic jam or in a queue somewhere in the bank.

Often, owners of commercial sites tend to ask for too much information, believing that this will simplify their task of screening out low-quality and “random” leads. But, in fact, it turns out that ,  most of the quality audience is lost.

An example of what a bad form looks like you have already seen above. And here’s how a good option might look:

On many web sites, even the password is not necessary to enter (although it is possible, if desired), it’s enough just to specify your e-mail, after which the new user will receive the login data on it. More details of your profile can be filled in when it’s free time.

Three optimal tips can be derived:

  1. Think carefully about what information is minimal for you to get a lead;
  2. All fields that relate to data that can be obtained from other sources are best removed;
  3. Add authorization via social networks as an option.

Do not forget to test and test again, measuring the results of your experiments!

3. Limit choices

Limit the number of options that a person should read on your site to make a choice. If there is a need to choose from a large number of options, there is a growing likelihood that the user will get bored and leave.

Take, for example, a segment of services in the niche of good old SEO and other Internet marketing. A good option:

If everything is simple and clear in the first case, then in the second it is necessary to understand well what is here to what, and reread most of the pages to understand what exactly is offered to you in all this diversity.
There is the so-called “Hick’s Law” – an experimentally confirmed theory that states that the time of a person’s reaction in the selection process depends on the number of elements among which he has to choose.
If we project this into marketing and site building, we come to the logical conclusion that one call to action, one service order option, and one clearly formulated proposal will provide a better effect than the same abstracts / elements present on the page in a larger number. Here everything is simple: less choice – less confusion.

4. Study the interests of target audience

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To sell a particular product or service, you must first find those who need it. The better you study your target audience, their problems and needs, the more leads you can generate. Through all channels – from organic traffic and context to road marketing.
There is nothing worse than a site whose pages are optimized for wrong requests. To find the right ones, you need to understand the interests of those for whom you create these pages.
There is such an interesting thing as dynamic content – when different visitors to the site are shown different headlines, CTA, buttons, etc.

To get a good idea of ​​your TA, you can use the following methods:

  • The study of sites of competitors and leaders in the niche,
  • Analysis of discussions at forums and in communities in social networks,
  • A detailed study of web analytics for their own project,
  • Use of specialized tools of competitive analysis, such as Google.com, Serpstat.com, Keys.so, Cerebro.rf, moz.com etc.

5. Use other people’s resources

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Practically in any niche, except for commercial projects, there are a lot of information resources that are not your competitors. This includes various communities in social networks, forums, channels on YouTube and other potential sources of traffic.
They can be used to get transitions to your project and generate leads, covering even those segments of the audience that you can not reach through regular advertising.

For example, you sell children’s toys. How can you use other people’s sites to get sales for your products? Here are a few options:

  • Placement of paid posts in thematic groups (children, family and other women’s subjects),
  • Paid branch on the forum with a large audience of parents with children,
  • Video reviews of your products on children’s channels on YouTube,
  • Placement of interesting publications on popular thematic sites,
  • Targeting promo posts for the right audience in social networks, etc.

This topic has much to develop, and, in addition to sales, this strategy works well for brand recognition.

6. Personalize

People want to feel special, and a personalized approach to lead generation will give them this feeling. And at the same time and do it with benefit for yourself. In addition to high-tech tools, you can use more simple methods, for example, creating different landing pages for different types of audience or traffic sources, clustering the catalog of goods, and the like.
To affordable strategies for personalization can be attributed and writing articles for pre-designed individual personalities of potential customers or segmentation of email-sending with the sending of proposals of different types.

There are many examples of an individualized approach that can encourage you to generate interesting ideas for your project:

  • Product recommendations in the online store based on purchases and views,
  • Use of dynamic content on landing pages,
  • Retargeting in contextual advertising,
  • The offer of bonuses or discounts for a birthday,
  • Analysis of geolocation for the purpose of selecting proposals,
  • Discounts to first customers and so on.

Despite the fact that this is a clear trend, personalization is not particularly common, which allows you to stand out against the background of competitors.

7. Offer a bonus in exchange for a subscription

People will be more likely to share their email address, if in return you offer some value. It can be access to the e-book, video lessons, closed section, check-list, instruction and so on. Regardless of what you decide to offer, it is important to make sure that this meets the interests and needs of the target audience.
Distributing various kinds of useful and free information is an excellent opportunity to get more leads for your business. People will be more likely to fill out forms on your landing pages, if you show them that it’s profitable to do this.

8. Go out to the public

Publicity always generates leads. Especially if in your niche the expertise in the price, and the decision-making is stretched in time and involves the development of large budgets. Speak at conferences and other industry events. Write guest posts, shoot a video and give interviews.
Remember that when you perform at a profile event, most likely you are in a room full of people who belong to the target audience. Speaking as a speaker, you pump the level of your own fame, and you begin to perceive as an authority and an expert in your industry.

9. Create a channel on YouTube

On this platform a lot of “wild” traffic, not only in entertainment topics. Many have already successfully used video channels on YouTube as the main source of generating leads for their business, but even more do not even know about the prospects of this direction. It’s time to get ahead of competitors.

Ideal genre for almost any subject is a training video. You can show:

  • How to solve these or those problems using the product that you offer,
  • Share tips that will help a potential customer make the right choice,
  • Detailed explanation of the features of the use of individual functions.

Also, in the description of the video, you can give a link to the landing page on the site, where this question is considered in more detail or a certain bonus is offered in exchange for a subscription.

10. Show the product in action

Universal advice, which is especially relevant if you offer complex products or work in an overheated market, which is attended by a large number of other sellers. For example:
Employees of the company developer CRM can publish in the corporate blog a guide to its use to solve specific problems;
The owner of the online store of the garden tool can rent a video with a lawnmower of different manufacturers of the same price category;
The construction company can publish photo reports on the construction of a certain object from A to Z.

By showing in the business the product that you are selling, you can attract additional interest in your goods and services, which is able to be converted into real demand. And even more so it works well when introducing something new to the market, when there is no steady demand and it is required to form it from scratch.

11. Launch promo in social networks

The social networks in which we are registered, know a lot about us. They know where you work, with whom and in what ways you are, what you are interested in and even how much money you earn. And all this information can be used when launching a campaign in targeted advertising.
Take advantage of the opportunity to create different target audiences that can be targeted to their potential customers using demographic and geographical criteria, interests, and even target their ads to subscribers of competitor pages.

Even with zero experience in creating ads on social networks, you can easily configure everything in a step-by-step mode thanks to information from the official help:

12. Use the signature in the e-mail

It is not necessary to use personal mail to send marketing offers to potential customers. But even in the course of simple communication with people who in one way or another may be interested in your goods or services, they will always be able to find out what you can offer them.
To do this, add in the settings of the email service that you use, in the signature of the letters a link to your site or the desired landing page. This is a functional that is available for any modern mail service. There are also specialized services with more advanced features in terms of design. For example, Wisestamp.com and Facemail.click.

13. Conduct a webinar

A webinar is a real-time conference that is conducted online and can include many participants. You can broadcast both your chat and the conference, and, for example, show only your desktop, which is actively used for educational events. Thus, interactive interaction with the audience is provided, and the organizer does not even need to leave the house or office.
The biggest advantage of webinars is that the user must leave his contact information to join him. Each participant of the event is a potential lead, and in the future these contacts can be processed by the sales department.

On request “conducting webinars” in the search you can find many platforms that provide such features: Anymeeting.com, Etutorium.ru, and others.

At the end of the webinar, you can arrange a question and answer session with the audience, which promotes engagement, fueling interest in your product or service. The recording of the broadcast and the provision of the possibility of its further download by the participants is an additional incentive for registration.

14. Use pop-ups

Despite their effectiveness, this is a rather ambiguous tool – if the pop-up windows are obtrusive and designed anyhow, it will only irritate the visitors. In terms of collecting subscribers or generating leads by offering any bonus materials such as the same PDF-books, pop-up windows almost always provide good results. At least you need to take care of making the pop-up beautifully, and the person who is not interested in it could easily close it.
On the site running WordPress for creating pop-up windows, you can use special plugins, such as Ninja PopUps ($ 25) or Scroll Triggered Boxes, if you look carefully, I think there will be free solutions. For any other projects, specialized services like Witget.com:

In addition to replenishing the subscriber base, pop-up windows can also be used for announcements of shares and special offers, the collection of preliminary applications, the development of groups in social networks and other marketing purposes.


15. Find partners

If your business works in the B2B products and services segment, you can offer partnerships to companies that work in the related industry or outsource part of the work. For example, an SEO agency can receive leads from a web design studio, an architectural studio can collaborate with a repair and construction contractor. Concerning the B2C-segment, a referral program can well work, that is, a reward for each user who has registered or made a purchase through an affiliate link.
By offering good incentives for partners (for example, a profitable percentage of sales), you can get good supporters in promoting your products and services. And this relationship will be further strengthened if sales are good. The main advantage for you is that you pay for your reward only on the fact of sale. This is especially true if the marketing budget is limited.
It is possible to organize partnership both under the official agreement, and for the beginning, for example, on the basis of the oral arrangement. For more large-scale promotion, you can use the services-aggregators of affiliate programs, which for a fee, subject to compliance with their rules, will publish your offer in the list of offers:

16. Do something for free

Applicable to almost any business, you can find simple and scalable ways to apply small efforts that can lead customers to more expensive and marginal services.

Examples include the following:

  • Free estimate of the cost of an apartment from a real estate agency;
  • Express-audit site from the SEO company;
  • Demo version of the software with limited functionality, but fully operational;
  • Free measurements from the company that sells windows and doors;
  • Free legal advice, etc.

In almost all cases, we are dealing with the offer of a small free service in order to encourage the client to make an order with a higher average check.

17. Offer a bonus to new customers

A popular marketing technique that is actively used in the promotion of online stores.Within a few minutes of staying on the site you will be offered to subscribe to the newsletter, and at the same time receive 50$ for your first purchase:

In other niches this can also be played by a variety of methods, for example:

  • 30 days of free use of the first clients for hosting services,
  • 20% discount to the new buyer for the next order,
  • Free shipping and assembly when ordering furniture, etc.

The main point – it is better to apply these methods in the event that in your business there is a potential for repeated orders and a set of permanent audience is an important advantage. Then you can even with a minimum profit at the first order to repel all costs and earn good with repeated sales.

18. Use announcements to create interest

Just a week after the announcement of Tesla Model 3, Ilon Mask managed to collect 325,000 pre-orders for a new model of electric vehicle. Not quite a fair comparison with other entrepreneurs, but the topic clearly works. So you can make money on a new product before it goes on sale.

A good example is the launch of a variety of services and software products. You can announce the upcoming release a few months before it will take place, and offer wishing one of the first to try the product in the case. Instead, you just need to leave an email address to receive the appropriate notification.
Thus, already at the start, you will have an audience of interested users, who then can also offer preferential subscription terms, a discount on purchases and other bonuses that facilitate the conversion of leads into customers.

19. Say “thank you” for your purchase

The page and letter of gratitude for the purchase, which are used in online stores, from a regular service message can turn into an effective marketing tool. Customers who see this message are the most valuable visitors to your site. They have already given you money, which means:
Are interested in the goods that you offer,
Enough trust you to make a purchase on your site, rather than from competitors,
Will be addressed to you again if you can keep them and make a good enough offer in the future.

To turn this page into a tool for keeping an audience and generating new sales, you can take advantage of the following tips:

  • Add links to store accounts in social networks, to which the user can subscribe;
  • Add the subscription form to the email-list and argue it with the opportunity to receive information about promotions, news and special offers;
  • Offer a discount coupon for a second purchase;
  • Show a few more products that could potentially interest the buyer (for example, a bag, tripod and protective filter to the camera buyer);
  • Offer to leave a review about the purchase.

The main thing – do not bend with the use of all of the above. It is better to test each of the items in turn, tracking the audience’s reaction.

20. Make a cool 404 page

It’s unlikely that any site owner wants people to go over it to 404 pages, but sooner or later it will happen, if only because one of the visitors simply enters the wrong URL in the browser line.
Page 404 – this is perhaps one of the most often ignored in terms of design elements on web resources. But after all, instead of another inconvenience, you can turn the user’s stay on it into a pleasant surprise. And not to lose it, but to engage in further interaction with the site, generating additional leads.
The original purpose of page 404 is a message to the user that the address on which he passed does not exist. Going to its design, both from a creative and practical point of view, you can benefit much more.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Tell the visitor what happened – the wrong URL, the page does not exist or it has been deleted;
  • Explain what to do next – go to the main page, services pages, to the goods catalog, use the search;
  • Express yourself in simple language, without technical terms or anything else. It should be clear to everyone;
  • Design the page template 404 according to the general style of the site;
  • Be creative, but do not be too keen on creativity. The page should look nice, but not at all resemble a work in the style of digital surrealism.

Examples of well-designed pages are “404”:


And further. The best way to save users from frequent visits to pages with an error message is to regularly check the site for broken links and fix them. For these purposes, any of the tools for technical audit, for example, Screaming Frog, SEO Spider or Website Auditor.

21. Optimize Landing pages

Even pages that attract large amounts of traffic are not particularly valuable if this traffic is not converted. When it comes to landing pages, they should be optimized in such a way as to maximize the conversion rate from visitors.
To understand how you can make a specific landing page better, you need to get answers to the following questions:

  • On what audience it is oriented and what problems it solves;
  • What exactly people would like to see on this page (text and other elements);
  • What are the similar pages of competitors, what do they have in common and what can be adopted for themselves;
  • How visitors respond to changes (web analytics, web browsers).

In relation to almost any site, it is true that most of its visitors pass not to the main page, but to internal pages. Constantly improving them, you will generate more leads.

22. Create a promo video

Adding this type of video content works well for the main pages and pages of services, combined with calls to action can have a good effect on the conversion level. Not all people like to read, some pay more attention to visual content.
Creating a promo video allows you to attract the attention of the visitor and quickly acquaint him with your product or service. You can download it to a third-party platform, for example, YouTube or Vistia, and then embed it on the right page.

To make the effect of such a step better, consider the following points:

  • The video should be short and maximum informative, you can limit it to a time of up to two minutes;
  • You can publish a promo clip not only on the site itself, but also in the company’s pages on Facebook and other social networks;
  • Video must be of high quality, low-quality video makes the first impression of the product bad, which can scare off potential customers.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve never worked with creating a video, it’s better to hire someone who does everything on the level.

23. Try the “product for feedback” scheme

Bloggers often write about such an interesting technique of Internet marketing as Influence Marketing, which translates as “marketing influence.” The point is to work with the leaders of opinions, that is, famous people in a certain niche, to promote the brand or a certain product. It can be bloggers, celebrities and other media characters.
Find them, contact them and offer your product or cash reward in exchange for publishing a review or feedback. Considering the fact that almost everyone values ​​their audience, one should count on impartiality, therefore, if the product is liked, the positive effect is guaranteed.
For example, developers of a specialized service for Internet marketers can provide free accounts to it known to specialists in the industry or bloggers.

There are several scenarios for different niches:

  • Clothing as a gift to the popular beauty blogger in Instagram;
  • Product for review by the owner of the YouTube channel;
  • Product for review to the owner of a niche site;
  • Goods as a gift for publishing a review in the social network, etc.

24. Stop them at the exit

Did you know that most of the people who visited your site will never return to it? It’s a shame, because a lot of money and time was spent on their attraction. It is enough to look at the Returning Visitor metric in the analytics to assess the situation in relation to your site. In the example below, the indicator is still quite good:

There is an interesting and simple way to fix this by converting some interested visitors into leads, which otherwise would be lost. This is the addition of a script that shows a pop-up window when the user tries to close the browser tab. Here’s how it looks:

This pop-up window can be used to offer a subscription, interesting content or a discount. In general, anything, just to keep the visitor. On a site running WordPress, you can implement this with the help of the following plug-ins:

  • Unlimited Pop-Ups,
  • Popup | Custom Popup Builder,
  • Ninja Popups for WordPress.
  • Sumo.me

Also, I can recommend a fairly simple connection and setup service MailGet.net, which has its pros and cons, but, in general, it is worth attention.

25. Add a Sticky Floating Bar

The attached panel “sticks” to the top or bottom of the screen and scrolls with it. This makes this element very noticeable and effective in terms of generating leads. The user can easily close it if the proposal is interesting to him, but, with the task of drawing his attention, she copes.

Most often this panel is used for the following purposes:

  • Replenishment of subscriber base in email;
  • Attract attention to your landing pages or blog posts;
  • Announcing special offers, shares, etc.

You can implement this element manually or with the help of special services, for example, the option “Floating Header and Footer Bar” in the service Optinmonster.com. On the site running WordPress, you can also use special plug-ins such as WP YITH Footer Banner, Webloggerz WP Floating Footer Bar and WordPress Notification Bar.

26. Publish a survey or a  Info graphic

Conducting research with its subsequent publication and dissemination is an excellent way to attract the attention of the community and get feedback from the target audience (comments, surveys, etc.). You can analyze the changes in the industry due to any changes, analyze specific segments of the market, a competitive environment, collect information on certain trends and so on.
In addition to attracting attention, you can collect email addresses of potential leads by restricting access to the survey – to get the file, you need to leave your email address.

27. Simplify. It works

Owners of sites often make landing pages too difficult to perceive. Their simplification can have a positive effect on conversions. This makes the messages on them more focused and allows you to beat directly into the bull’s-eye.

The landing page that meets the following criteria will be effective:

  • Focuses on the goal, clearly giving the visitor to understand what they are offering and what needs to be done to take advantage of this offer;
  • Equally well displayed on desktops and mobile devices (think about adaptive design);
  • Nothing distracts the attention of the visitor from the perception of the necessary information.

Just tell the visitors what the benefits of your product are and why they need it, than your offer is better than competitors, and let them know what they need to do next.

28. Demonstrate the cases

A case is a clear example of a solution to a specific task or customer problem in which your expertise is demonstrated. For an SEO company, this can be a case for promoting an online store, in an architectural agency – an example of a successful layout, seemingly “hopeless” premises, etc. Particularly well cases work in the B2B services segment.
For potential customers, the fact that a real life situation is described that can be projected onto one’s own business is of particular value. For the business owner, the case, in turn, is a perfect demonstration of the effectiveness of his proposal.

The main reason why cases can help you generate new leads
– they are a powerful demonstration of your expertise and have a positive impact on the level of trust from potential customers. In many niches, it is the factor of trust that is key in making a decision.

29. Remove the sidebar from the landing page

I already wrote that simplifying landing pages can have a positive effect on conversions and increase their effectiveness. One of the easiest and fastest ways to do this is to remove the side column, which only distracts. The focus of the visitor is only that information that pushes him to action, which increases the likelihood of conversion.
Many website owners believe that all navigation elements should be fully present on each of the pages. But this will not always be the right decision. When your goal is a certain conversion action from the user’s side, the presence of other (except CTA-elements) links, buttons and other things, only distracts the visitor from the main one.
You can leave only the link to go to the main page in the form of a company logo. At the same time, there will be more space for the creativity of designers in the design of landings.

30. Use filters in the directory

This is a particularly important point for online stores. Only a few visitors who go to your store’s website know exactly what product they need. The product filtration system in the catalog helps them to find the right product faster, and thus increases the likelihood of sale. Thus, sorting and filtering elements can be attributed to managed sales tools, which are useful for both parties – both the seller and the buyer.

If the filters are implemented well, customers get the opportunity to quickly get acquainted with all products that meet the criteria specified by them. Also, they can choose several of them at once, which will have a positive effect on the average check.

Here are a few basic types of filters that you can use:

  • On the price range;
  • By size / dimensions;
  • On technical characteristics;
  • By manufacturer / brand;
  • By color and material;
  • On subjects (for example, style of clothes);
  • By popularity or comments, etc.

Usually the functionality of filter management is in any modern ecommerce engine. But the fact is that not all site owners use it fully and pay due attention to fine-tuning.

31. Position the CTA elements on the heat map

The logic of placing CTA-elements on the page can have a huge impact on the number of leads that the site generates. To think through, test and place calls for action, in order to maximize the conversion, marketers spend a lot of time.
Try to arrange the CTA based on the heat map data, which tracks the behavior of visitors on the site and is an extremely useful tool for optimizing conversion. Then, the received information is visualized in this form:

The more often users click on this or that place of the page, the more “warm” color is highlighted this location. Accordingly, areas with a small number of clicks are allocated “cold colors”. If there is a “HotJar” ​​installed on your site, in this system of statistics there is a tool such as “Click Map” for this.

32. Collect the mailing list

Having appeared at the dawn of Internet marketing, e-mail newsletters are still one of the most effective tools. With their help, potential customers can be converted into operating ones, and most importantly – regularly generate repeat sales in niches where there is a regular demand. For example, clothing and accessories, children’s products, electronics, a number of services, etc.

Also, email-lists are an effective retention tool, allowing you not to lose contact with people who once were interested in your offer. And such tools as automated conversations, segmentation and personalization, allow you to make e-mail marketing even more effective.
From services for creating and managing email-lists, you can advise such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Satellite and SendPulse. These are quite popular services with good functionality, and you can find a lot of information on working with them.

33. Explain and help

Sales are built on trust. The best way to establish a trusting relationship is to help a person solve his problems.
Of course, I do not propose to the owner of the construction team to do free repairs or the optimizer to promote the sites for the chocolate. Speech, first of all, about simply sharing useful information.

And here are a few ideas on how to do it:

  • Create a free e-book;
  • Create a useful video;
  • Write an article in the style of “How To”;
  • Create a separate email address, which can be consulted;
  • Conduct a webinar and a series of questions and answers on its results.

People like such free things, and in exchange for the opportunity to receive information, they will gladly share their contacts with you.

34. Test various channels

There is SEO and context that 90% of all companies that conduct business on the Internet use. And there are dozens of other channels of lead generation, which the same 90% of companies, on the contrary, do not use. Can you imagine what advantage this can give you? As Churchill said: “Choose the most difficult path, on it you will not meet competitors.”
Nobody will give you guarantees that all tested sources will bring you profit and pay off. But the possible profit is clearly worth it to spend time and money on it. To understand what channels you can use, put yourself in the place of customers and think about what sources of information they use. The task, how to establish a presence on such points of contact, is much easier to solve.

35. Use news stories

News-jacking is one of the new terms in the dictionary of a modern marketer, which means working with news stories, the ability to use events and trends to achieve your own goals. As an example, it is enough to recall Pokemon GO, which was actively used in advertising and attracting attention, especially famous brands.
This works especially well when spreading information in social networks, where all the principles can be reduced to a simple rule – who will be able to beat the information guide first, he will collect the most likes.
Do you remember? The creative “Zippo saves the Olympics!” Has just become one of the most popular in 2014:


And not the fact that it really was Zippo, but the brand’s employees worked quickly.
The use of news to promote the brand and attract the attention of the audience can effectively work. The main thing is to act quickly.

36. Compare your proposal with competitors

How can a potential client know who is better – you or your competitors? Especially if you offer the same package of services at similar prices, and on the site everyone writes that it is the best. Time and desire to understand no one. So it’s worth taking the initiative in your own hands and telling yourself what the difference is between you.
It is important to look from the position of the user and be honest, not giving out for advantage what they really are not. At the same time you can determine your strengths. It may well be that some of your chips, for example, free shipping and installation of doors when buying at your store, are not offered by any of the competitors.

37. Add reviews, it’s always up to date

Adding reviews to landing pages is a simple and effective way to increase the flow of leads. Feedback gives people confidence that your offer is useful and you can trust, because there are people who have already used your services and were satisfied. It’s as if someone said directly: “You can trust these guys. I already dealt with them before and got excellent results! “.
It is important that they are real, and not resemble the creativity of copywriters from any exchange, as it sometimes happens. For this it is worthwhile to indicate more detailed information about the people to whom they belong: photo, name and surname, company and position. All this serves as an additional factor of confidence and can strongly influence the decision to purchase.

A complex, but rare and therefore even more effective format – reviews in the video format. Take a note, perhaps you can be the first in your niche.

38. Use re-targeting

When a user visits your site and then leaves it, without leaving their contacts or making a purchase, is this a lost lead? Yes, but if you use remarketing / retargeting technologies in contextual advertising and social networks, this can be avoided. This is an excellent opportunity to return lost users back to the sales funnel.
The essence of the technology in the installation on the site of a special piece of code, which with the help of cookies allows you to display advertisements to people who have already visited it. These ads are being rolled out on other sites on the Display Network, and in the case of social networks – in the news feed and other places. The essence of retargeting is perfectly illustrated by this picture:


To convince visitors to return, you can make them a special offer, bonuses or discounts. The scope for experiments here is great, for example, some online stores use remarketing ads to receive feedback on products, and so on.

39. Add an exclusivity element

Techniques of stimulating demand by demonstrating the offer as exclusive and special, are successfully used by marketers in many niches of business. Nobody wants to be the same guy who missed a great opportunity and did not take advantage of a profitable offer.
When creating an exclusivity element, your task is to convince landing page visitors that if they do not perform the conversion action now, they will miss a good chance that will not happen again in the future.

An example of using such a method of generating leads can be the creation of an illusion of urgency, when the user is made clear that he can use the offer either now or never:

  • Webinar with a limited number of seats;
  • Infoproduct, which is sold in strictly limited quantities;
  • Registration only for a certain period, and so on.

Also in this respect, the creation of some kind of closed content that works only with the password or members of a closed club works well. With a competent supply, you can get tens and even hundreds of new leads.

40. Work with opinion leaders

A proposal that attracts interest from a potential audience will look even more attractive if accompanied by recommendations from well-known personalities. This is especially important in the B2B segment and for food companies, where working with opinion leaders can even play a decisive role in the success of the market. Even if the approach to PR will be non-standard, as in the case of some.

In addition to the already mentioned “product for feedback” format, it is possible to involve the influence of well-known personalities and other methods, for example, interviewing a recognized expert in a niche, conducting a survey, offering to take part in a joint event, etc.

41. Visualize the results

We all very well perceive visual information. Use images to help people visualize the possible results of owning your product or service – money, happiness, relationships, etc. No wonder there is a proverb that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. And some of us need such a visual representation much more.

For example, if I tell you about the technical characteristics of the house and the features of the site on which it is built, everything will be more or less clear. However, if I just show you a photo of the same site with an already constructed house, you will understand everything much faster. And some potential customers and at all technicalities are not very interested, they just want to know what the result will look like.
This is also true with respect to describing the advantages of the company or the proposal aimed at generating leads.

42. Communicate with customers in understandable language

Marketers can (and should) experiment with “polishing” headers for content and lead generation materials. This is what attracts the attention of the audience, and encourages them to click on the link to go to the site. We should strive to make them not only meaningful and attractive, but also those that will not be difficult to perceive and will not confuse a potential client.
A good seller is not one who loads a potential buyer with complex concepts and terms when communicating, but one who can explain even complicated things in a clear and concise language.

43. Test, test, test

Each of the ways of attracting leads in this article, in each case, will work differently, and will provide a different effect. To know for sure what is good and what is not, you just need to test any ideas in practice. Form hypotheses, conduct experiments, compare among themselves various options, analyze the results and draw conclusions. Continuous practice is the key to success.

It is important not only to understand which of the methods of lead generation works, but also to measure the changes in conversion and the cost of the lead in each particular case. The Pareto principle – 20% of efforts provide 80% of the results – does not lose relevance. And it is possible that even 20% of the tips listed in this article will help you increase the flow of leads at times, creating a stable foundation for a sustainable business development.

Systematic as the key to success
More leads = more sales. That’s why you need to actively work on attracting new leads, and not expect that buyers will come themselves. In any case, no matter which strategy you choose to implement the proposed tactics of lead-generation, it is important that the work on their implementation in practice is consistent and systemic. One of the rules of successful content marketing sounds the same way – regularity is more important than quantity.
No matter what tactics you choose, each strategy may require some changes to better match the specifics of your business. Experiment and measure the results to understand how to get even better effect.

At the core of all lies a number of simple principles:

  • Availability of the product (product or service);
  • Understanding who needs it;
  • Reporting of information about it to the target audience;
  • Allowing potential customers to convert their interest into an action.

What is most interesting – most of the listed items can simply be taken and done right now. On an extreme occasion, spend a free evening. The same pop-up form with a subscription can be installed and configured in half an hour. So do not postpone for later.

I hope this list will not only be useful for you, but it will also help you to come up with your own interesting ideas how to attract the attention of the target audience. If you have already tried any of the listed in the case, write in the comments – together we can come up with even more interesting ideas!

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