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The world of SEO is dynamically developing and changing, every year there are new requirements, trends, but there are many already familiar moments. Obviously, SEO innovations are mutated variants of standard functions or their logical continuation.

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New SEO trends 2017

Search engines play a major role in shaping the world of SEO, as well as high competition in the field of promotion. It is these two forces that form the trend of promotion of 2017.

Here, the following order of priorities is expected:

  • The pursuit of traffic will take a back seat. The priority task will be to provide competent, useful information to the customer. SEO in this case is not aimed at simple fixing visits, increasing traffic, and improving the conversion.This trend is already visible today on the copy writing exchanges, where customers set strict requirements regarding the quality of texts. This is the main weapon in the struggle to retain users.
  • Growth of mobile traffic. This trend has been for several years in the top list of SEO trends, and 2017 will not be an exception either. For the growing mobile traffic even came up with the name “MobileGeddon”, which implies that mobile traffic will soon become the main subject of the struggle on the Internet.
  • Web analytics. This is a whole set of actions aimed at increasing traffic: analysis of site visits, detection and related problems, setting up reports, studying the audience of users, their needs and capabilities, sharpening the content for these parameters. The most powerful and reliable tool here is Google Analytics.
  • The function of voice input, it is gaining popularity along with the growth of mobile traffic. Many site owners are already using this opportunity. It is sharpened for key queries, phrases and designed to make it as easy as possible to find the right information.
  • Labeling of content is not a new trend, but every year it is transformed and updated. It is expected that in 2017, many sites will issue search queries for individual blocks with information on them. An example of such a function is the “Knowledge Graph” from Google, which when you enter a search query displays a separate block containing brief, up-to-date information about the request.
  • Separately it is worth noting the departure from the leading position of promotion through back links. Search engines tighten the requirements for this opportunity for promotion, so for the effective use of references you need “direct hands” and many “brain circumvolutions”. Not all of this versions of promotion will work, but it continues to work, although it is on the decline.

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Online applications

In 2015, various Internet companies started creating applications aimed at quick and comfortable implementation of any actions, user operations online. At the same time, search engines focused on indexing applications. In 2017, a rapid growth of competition in this area is expected. Now not only sites are combat units in an effort to reach the maximum traffic figures, but also applications. The desire to simplify the work with them leads to active integration into online mode. Now users do not need to spend time downloading and installing, and subsequently removing programs. This trend is relatively new and promising, so it should be distinguished from the general list of SEO trends. In general, the emerging SEO trends are aimed at maximum simplification of information retrieval and creation of an attractive interactive component. They will add trouble to webmasters, and they will complicate life a little for the owners of sites.

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What should you not forget?

SEO promotion is not only new trends, but also well-known algorithms for website promotion:

  • The rational structure of the site and the layout of its pages promotes and enhances the rating;
  • Determination of landing pages.Here the emphasis is on the thematic information, and accordingly the high ranking of the pages;
  • Navigation, it should be simple and understandable;
  • SEO optimization on the “Home page” requests to ensure a high level of ranking;
  • Optimization of the site for search queries, there should not be a spam.

The article shows the main aspects of seo-promotion of sites in 2017. Your thoughts on this score can be expressed in the comments. We will be glad to hear your opinion.

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