Trends of online marketing

According to a poll of 2,352 marketers around the world, Smart Insights presented the top trends in online marketing in 2017.

Trends for 2017

Let’s look at some of them in detail.

Content marketing
The content will be the king of 2017. Every marketer tries to create his own unique content, but today it is extremely difficult to stand out against the background of competitors.

Storytelling will be a key element of content marketing. Remember that your content should entertain the user and tell him the story.
Do not forget about the content of your main web page, because it is the basis of all the digital content of your brand. A variety of content can be your powerful weapon. Use video, infographics, HTML5.
Let your user feel unique. Create dynamically replaceable content that will adapt to the profile of the site visitor.
Online broadcasts are gaining popularity. Facebook Live, YouTube Live and SnapChat are great platforms for webinars and product trainings.

Databases (Big Data)
In marketing, there are four 4Ps components, and in the 3Vs database:

  • Data volume. Continually add new sources of information to your databases, starting with your employees, partners and customers.
  • Data velocity: Data sources such as social networks and your mobile applications allow you to receive real-time data.
  • Diversity of data. Use different data extraction formats from excel tables to GPS data, flash, pdf, and sensor data.

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Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing was in the top of trends in 2016 and remains at the same position in 2017.

Responsive and adaptive design for mobile version.
Mobile marketing is a very effective tool for search marketing. Google began to pay special attention to mobile SEO and increased the speed for mobile websites due to its project Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Marketing in social networks
Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram will be at the height of 2017 compared to Facebook and Twitter. This year, foreshadow the so-called “fatigue from Twitter.”

The experience of interaction (user experience) in social networks. Live video, 360-degree images, real-time publishing – use all these techniques to entertain your subscribers.

Social networks have ceased to be a means of communication only for personal purposes. Today, social networks are a customer service center, they are platforms that help to keep a conversation with the customer constantly.

Search Engine Optimization
Mobile web and speed. In 2017, indexing will begin with mobile websites. Mobile SEO techniques will be incredibly important. After 18 years of attention to the stationary computer, it’s time for mobile devices.
Changes in SERPs (search results page). Today, the number of characters for meta tags such as meta description and meta header has increased. Expand your meta descriptions and meta headers and continue to use the keywords of your sector.

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Creating a marketing strategy

Almost during each of his speeches Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, asks people in the hall: Does your company have a documented marketing strategy? And as a rule he hears a “no” answer.

A couple of reasons why you are wrong if you do not have a marketing strategy:

There is no strategy, so there are no strategic goals. You are moving in a chaotic order, grabbing small tasks along the way – and the company does not have a development vector.
You do not know your online market, because you do not have time to follow it. Behavior in the digital channels of sales differs from the classical offline and requires its analytical tools.

Commentary : On the other hand, not every marketer is ready to get a marketing strategy out of his pocket, and even more so – not every content marketer. So this trend is more about the overall development of the business. And then we all still run and run.

Native advertising

Native, or natural advertising, Joe Pulizzi calls a sluice gateway, because this format protects the user from obsessive, “spam” and inappropriate advertising offers. He says that 45% of companies use or plan to use this format in their advertising campaigns.

Сommentary: It’s a damn attractive thing – native advertising. Good for the editorial staff (a lot of money for special projects), not bad for the company – trust is higher. But there are two kinds of rakes. The first is to fail, and it’s very easy to do. The second is to miss the fact that the “neutral” is not only the special purpose for long ride, but also other types of advertising that simply mimic for natural materials.

Influence marketing

According to Apple, “marketing of influence is a strategy that suggests that special people will deliver the message they want to the target audience.” Influence marketing existed almost always, but only in 2016, designed as a special marketing strategy of influence rose in the top 5 most discussed marketing topics. Pulizzi writes that a rare company does not refer to a well-known person, but very few include marketing influences in a long-term strategy.

Commentary: Earlier it was called the embarrassing word “evangelism”. The phrase “The evangelist Microsoft told …” caused a nervous laugh at everyone who did not know that the evangelists are Greek. Εύαγγελιστής – announcing the good news, that is, the propagandists of the idea. Oh, with the word “propaganda” we are not too friendly, either. Well, let’s call it influence, although it’s not so far from manipulating it. And yes, this is a good trend. A company that has a face and voice makes it easier to establish a relationship with the consumer.

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Target marketing

Why do you create your content? Does it have a real impact on your customers? Do not you create content for the sake of content?

Target marketing forces you to answer all these questions before you start selling. Forbes Middle East argue that in 2017, target marketing will be used in almost any strategy, since it includes mandatory steps for working with Central Asia.

Commentary: Wow, marketers are multiplying like cockroaches under an unclean sink. But first, it’s already good that it’s not “channel marketing”, like SMM or CM. Secondly – whatever you call, the sight in CA is mandatory for any marketing action. So – if you call it a trend and get in the habit of aiming before shooting, it will be good.

Video and visual content

The Demand Metric study says that 90% of respondents agree with the fact: the importance of video content for marketing is growing, and this growth does not plan to stop. Of these, 76% use video for social media, 81% – to promote the company’s website.

The “secrets” of the popularity of video content are due to several reasons:

Video content has the highest return on investment (ROI);
Watching the company’s video almost doubles the client’s location to buy (1.81) and improves memorability (on acquaintance) or loyalty (while maintaining the brand);
Video traffic in the mobile sector added about 3/4 for the year.

An interesting fact: the word “video” in email-newsletter increases the availability of messages by 19%, increases the CTR by 65%, reduces the number of mailing lists by 26%. Maybe it’s not in the magic word, but statistics are statistics.

It is unlikely that the classic video seriously threatens to fall in positions in 2017, but to make room in the niche of visual content will have to, because VR (Virtual Reality) is already used by 25% of Western companies and this figure is growing.

Commentary: Hmm, I still have to look at ROI. But we’ve recently plunged into the world of reviews of children’s products and cosmetics … Yes, it’s time to shoot the video, even with the phone in the yard, even in the studio with special effects. It’s time to jam up Youtube to the end. By the way, podcasts also somehow unexpectedly began to return, and to do them several times cheaper.

Artificial Restrictions

The social network Snapchat appeared in 2011 and according to the classmates and teachers Evan Shpigel and Bob Murphy (the creators of the network) was doomed to failure from the very beginning. However, it was launched and the network quickly gained popularity: in 2013 Snapchat sent 758 million photos every day.

The next year promises to make even more popular not so much the service itself, but the basic principle that made this social network famous.

Now there is a lot of content. It is everywhere, of very different qualities, and is added every second. Evan and Bob solved the problem of overabundance of content in their media and at the same time raised its value by limiting viewing time. That is, you send a friend a picture, he opens it, admires 5 seconds, and then the photo is erased.

Perhaps the fact that Snapchat has become popular, despite all the forecasts, means that we are moving to a new stage of information consumption: not everything is bigger, but the most delicious, interesting or even scarce.

Commentary: Ur, Internet marketers have rediscovered the next basic law. And yes, it is worth considering how to take advantage of this. Look at least for a minimal telegram.

Text content

Will never disappear. People continue to read the letters, although they have already begun to seriously spoil their emoticons and emoji.

Paradoxically, everything is written – and no one. Marketers are looking for authors to create

a) interesting,

b) useful,

c) structured and easily readable text.

Courses for copywriters, a huge amount of teaching material in any language are being created. So let the new 2017 bring a large number of quality texts that will turn the internet into a territory of high-quality content.

Commentary: They will not. But we must try. If we do not flinch, these creams will turn sour before they turn into butter.

Internet of things

“Smart” house, smart car, smart toaster … Everything that can discern human desires will be carefully studied and re-programmed by marketing research. This is a new, huge layer of work for marketers, which may well begin in 2017, especially as work in this direction is underway and one day we will move from the Internet to the Internet of Everything that integrates billions of devices around the world.

Commentary: OK, one day the refrigerator will tell me “the daily calorie limit is exhausted” and refuses to open the door. Let’s not so quickly. But it’s worth looking at the reverse side of this process – all these smart pieces will tell us more and more about their masters. And this can change a lot.

ROI and analytical measurements

Annual question number 1: “How can I demonstrate the success of my marketing campaign?”. Data analysis is one of the most important tools that require constant monitoring and updating.

If we recall that Facebook and several other large companies reported problems in the work of key statistics for marketing (such as counting user activity), we can assume that the development of analytics in 2017 will be thrown a lot of forces.

Commentary: Given that there are still a lot of companies in that are not able to assess the existing indicators, one can only rejoice that those who can count will become even more interesting.

Automation and personalization

Daniel Newman, chief analyst of Futurum Research and CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, talking about the marketing trends of 2017, notes that it is important to focus on the consumer. The so-called client-centered philosophies will provide the opportunity to create working marketing strategies, and automation of the worked processes will allocate time and resources for personalized work.

Commentary: Oh, this is really the future. And how nice it would be to step into it with the twelfth strike of the chimes. But how would it be softer … Let’s just focus on the consumer. And how and with what – it does not matter.


Brave new world. You sold the vacuum cleaner to the client – and he told you what washing powder the landlady uses, what kind of food the owner’s bull terrier eats and at what time the owner of the house goes to work.

God grant that this knowledge is used with good intentions. Everyone likes the vector for authenticity and sincerity. Of course, in the performance of marketers and target marketing, and native advertising, and even client-centric philosophy will quickly turn into what all previous revolutionary formats turned into, but one can hope.

And we fully support the desire to measure everything as accurately as possible and to think through strategies, whatever that means to you.

Continuing with online marketing trends in 2017

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Are you ready for 2017? Be successful in your online sales and reach new heights!

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