What is content marketing?

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Do not believe if you are told that content marketing is the future of business. This is already the present. Today, analysts are talking about the explosive growth of this area of ​​Internet marketing.

Content marketing – if you have not already heard this word, then remember it, you will hear it very soon. Probably, you are already implementing this technology, without even knowing it. If not – then start to introduce very soon. Content marketing, in fact, will very soon become the main way of development of Internet marketing in general.

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So what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technology for creating and distributing popular content to attract the target audience. The task of technology is to induce the consumer to target actions, to involve him in your conversion scenario. Content marketing is information that your potential buyer received at the right time and place.

Do you think that you have good prices? But your client does not even know about it!

Do you think that you have real competitive advantages? But your client does not even know about it!

Do you think your products and services are the best in the market? But your client does not even suspect they exist!

All that your client searches on the Internet is information. Correctly submitted information, disseminated through the right channels, is the essence of content marketing.

Now, in order to be more clear, let’s give an example. You sell a certain product. Your page literally begs the visitor: well, buy-y-y-y-y-please! Content marketing technologies are radically different from this. You take your goods and competitors’ goods, you do a review on the topic “Why is your product better”? We give the consumer his own choice – which goods to choose, and this choice should be in your favor. After all, your product, really, the best in the market? And most importantly: there should be many such reviews. More precisely – very much. More precisely, very, very much.

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The main advantages of content marketing:

  • Mediated sale through the content claimed by your audience.
  • Content marketing does not work for your brand directly, but it makes it recognizable.
  • The promotion of the brand requires a smaller budget than through the classic ways of advertising.
  • Improved positions in the issuance of search engines. They like natural links!
  • Increases search traffic due to growth – after all, content marketing means the constant growth of the number of new materials on the site, which means that the number of promoted requests is increasing.
  • Strengthens the credibility of your company or brand, the creation of high-quality content will make you an expert in the eyes of both the consumer and competitors.
  • Content marketing is natural! This is not the pressure of issuing search engines due to seo-links. So, in the long run this is exactly what will be claimed by search engines.

As you can see, some pluses. Content marketing creates trust, credibility, which, in turn, destroys the “resistance” of the client. The necessary information is a description of the benefits that a customer will receive from a particular product or service. Content “taxis” on the Internet, because consumers are looking for information that can solve their problems.

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Sunset of traditional online advertising?

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But why?! Why suddenly “good old” search engine optimization (built on the purchase of reference mass) is rapidly receding into the background?

  • On the Internet, the “classic” scheme of entering keys + buying links suffers a complete failure. The search engines have learned to recognize the gross techniques of SEOs, and now the extradition handlers are sitting broken . Budgets on the reference mass, growing exponentially, is the path of the “classic seo”. And this is the way to nowhere.
  • People need not stupid “bull shit” goods, and information that they could trust. It turns out that consumers are smarter than they used to think before. They need to talk about the benefits and leave a chance to make a choice themselves.
  • Content-marketing wins even in comparison with contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is advertising of direct action. Content marketing has been working gradually for a long time.

Advertising in the usual sense is a vigorous, strained message without a two-way communication with the consumer. It imposes, and does not tell.

As for content marketing, its goal is not actually the sale of goods (this is important, but not in the foreground), but the formation of relations with the client. First of all, trust. It is necessary in this way to build a job so that people know you and trust you enough to do business with you or choose your goods and services.

Information Distribution Channels

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The main weapon and content marketing tool – information and only information. But – an important addition – quality information. The first and main task that needs to be solved is to fill the site with quality content, but, notice, it is not just once to fill and forget, for the site you have to write constantly. If you embark on the path of content marketing, then you will not be able to minimize it.

The second step is to choose the right sites for information placement and to think carefully about the distribution channels. We prioritize the following distribution channels for your content strategy:
Search engines, results of natural delivery;

  • Contextual advertising systems;
  • Direct Mail (conducting corporate mailings on your topic);
  • Social Media (maintaining your own groups and official pages and using other groups as channels for disseminating your information);
  • Profile Internet publications on your topic (and with content marketing – these will be articles, not “media”);
  • Blogosphere (maintaining your own corporate blog and attracting top bloggers of community to the dissemination of your information).

Place articles in thematic blogs, create content for users, go to social networks, if you are strong enough and set a goal to increase the recognition of your brand and strengthen the audience’s loyalty to your company. But first of all – think about the promotion of your site on traffic (and therefore, on a wide semantic core). It makes no sense to use other channels of influence until you have solved the problem of attracting natural search traffic. And here, content marketing will give you serious support. Spreading high-quality, interesting content to the target audience on the web is the only way to increase the number of natural links to your site.

Because it works

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Successful examples of content marketing? They already are!For Example XXX is an online store of the company “XXX” – they bet on quality product descriptions and super-informative reviews of new products. That is why the attendance of the site today is 240 thousand people a day. They could go by the way of an “ordinary” online store, but instead turned their site into a mega-informative portal on gadgets, leading on traffic and overtaking the majority of media on topics. People come to the site XXX.COM not only (and even not so much) to buy, they come in order to find the information they need. And we are happy to be involved in the success of this company.

What can be more reliable than trusting relationships? Content-marketing is now used by giant multinational corporations, and small firms, and even single businessmen. The only reason they do this is that content marketing works.
Content marketing is most effective in circumstances where an ordinary person receives a thousand advertisements and offers per day. Content marketing makes people stop, read, think, choose and buy.
Yes, it is really possible – to create a marketing strategy, through which you will be able to establish links with your customers!
So, if you are interested in content marketing, this new round of evolution in marketing, that will help you to build a business strategy to attract new customers.

It is better to hurry, because very soon it will be possible to say: if you are not engaged in content marketing, then you are not engaged in Internet marketing in general.
Have questions? Look, suddenly we have already answered them?

If not, fell free to ask them in comment section below!

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