Copywriting – what is it?

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Under copywriting today is more often understood – the writing of unique articles (from the perspective of search engines), and the source is not other articles, but personal experience or already known knowledge. People who do copywriting are copywriters. Measured copywriting is often characters without spaces (for example, 1,000 characters sell for $ 3), but sometimes they pay for whole articles regardless of their volume.

On internet except copywriting, there is still rewriting. Differences between them are significant, because under the rewrite, they often understand the retold text of an already known / written article. And the retelling is sometimes even literal. To write a copywrite, the author must first study the given topic in detail (or refresh knowledge), and then state the information in the right amount and in the specified style.

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Another difference between copywrite and rewriting will be that when ordering a copywrite, the customer gives only a topic and indicates what needs to be stated in the article. In the case of a rewrite, the customer will need to give either the source of the article or pay extra for the information search. In addition, rewriting does not involve the disclosure of complete information, since the re-writers only retell the proposed or found text.

Types of copywriting

Conditionally, copywriting can be divided into three main groups:

The selling text. This type of copywriting, as a rule, is written for commercial purposes for online stores or services. Copywriting of this kind, often provokes to purchase a product or order a service. The volume of texts is often small, but each phrase is of great importance. Many professionals selling text – called it as the whole art. To do this, they even write books and open courses, and not for free.

The fact is that such “art” is really difficult to learn, because you need to understand the psychology of people and have a rich vocabulary, not to mention the full understanding of what you are going to write about. Therefore, newcomers do not undertake this kind of work (yes, and we advise customers to give the task only to professionals).

However, the price for selling copywriting is the highest (it can reach $ 20 per thousand characters). If you want to earn that kind of money, we recommend that you first get better. And start with a simpler form, which we will describe at the end.

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Image Copywriting. This kind of texts is also quite expensive for the customer and quite complicated for the performer. It has the same “reefs” that sell articles – it takes a lot of time to understand the topic, create the right style and serve the user. Image copywriting is created to form the right opinion about a brand, company or individual.

Creating such texts, the author should be extremely cautious, and the customer very attentive, as every sentence, phrase or even a word can cause irreparable consequences for the entire image created earlier. Often a professional copywriter studies the described company or person in detail, analyzes the necessary components of the text and only then takes up the execution.

Ideally, to create such a text you need not only a copywriter, but also a joint work with a manager or marketing specialist in the enterprise so that they can correctly formulate the tasks of this article or even a slogan.

SEO-copywriting. So we came to the last kind of copywriting, which, in comparison with all the others, is quite simple and allows even a novice author to take up this work. However, this does not mean that there will be no difficulties in writing here. SEO-copywriting is essentially an informational article written on a specific topic with given keywords that should not only be found in the text in different variations, but also be disclosed in a semantic meaning.

Naturally, these texts are not paid as well as you would like. Today, the price of Seo-copywrite varies from 2 to 5 dollars. Much depends on the author’s experience, the size of the Internet resource, which will be written articles, as well as the complexity of the topic. For example, psychology is paid for at a minimum, but construction, where you need deep knowledge – to the maximum.

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Is it worth starting copywriting and how to do it?

We would say that this issue is rhetorical. Copywriting is freelancing, that is, remote Internet work without any guarantees, but at the same time with a number of perspectives, such as: simple and fast search of customers, free mode of the day, no need to move to the office, etc.

We can not decide for you whether this job is suitable or not. People earn in this niche a sufficient amount of money to not work at all. How do they make money on copywriting ?! It’s quite simple: they register on sites like iWriter and seo-forums, create an announcement about their services + search through other ads for job offers.

First, they work at minimal prices – earning not so much money, as experience, reputation and customer base. After that, they raise prices and at the same time reduce their efforts in search, since the main time is spent working with texts.

Work does not suit everyone, because you need:

  • Be able to communicate with customers (withstanding criticism, accusations and complex characters);
  • Be careful with the “scammers”;
  • Be able to correctly assign yourself a price;
  • Be always “online” for communication and resolution of issues;
  • Quickly write texts without losing quality;
  • Be prompt and find always worthy orders;
  • Do not lose customers, but bring new ones.

Therefore, copywriting – like any other work, requires diligence, skills and time. Good luck!

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