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Each site owner and blogger from time to time is in a situation where there is nothing to write about. Yes, everyone knows that this can be avoided if you plan a content strategy. Nevertheless, everyone is in this position. What to write about, if you forgot to update the editorial plan? The list of content ideas will help you.

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Specific Content Ideas

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  1. List of the best posts for the selected period. Example – The best posts of “About Marketing” for 2017 on our blog.
  2. List your favorite tools. Tell us about what services and programs you use in your work.
  3. Already have a list of tools? No problem. Take one of them and write a detailed review. And how many of them are there in the list?
  4. Review of the book. It’s better if the book is related to your business.
  5. Mini-case. For example, open web analytics systems and evaluate the metrics of site performance. Describe the dynamics for six months.
  6. Interview. For example, talk to your supervisor.
  7. Photo report. Publish photos from the last industry event that you visited.
  8. Video review. Remove the video about one of your products.
  9. Guest post. Perhaps one of your familiar experts can quickly provide an article.
  10. Response to criticism or mention. Perhaps one of your colleagues recently mentioned you in publications? Well, if you were criticized. Write a response article.
  11. Write a detailed answer to the client’s question. Find an acute and topical question.
  12. Summarize the results. For example, write about a successfully implemented advertising campaign.
  13. A stolen idea. Look at blogs of fellow competitors. There certainly will be articles that you would write better. Do it.
  14. Description of working algorithms. For example, write down how you make a semantic core, diagnose a car engine, treat myopia.
  15. Question-answer services. In them you will find dozens of ideas for posts.
  16. Description of plans. Write about the business objectives for the coming periods. Do not write how much you want to earn, this tax will in any case find out. Tell us about the projects you want to implement, your planned personal achievements, and so on.
  17. Forecasts. Write how you see your industry in a year, five or ten years. Why prepare for your colleagues and competitors?
  18. Announcement of a drawing or competition. Invite the audience to have fun. Think in advance about the prizes.
  19. Test or check-list. Create a test that will be useful for your audience. For example, if you are treating heart disease, make a test “Is it time you urgently go to the cardiologist”. Use the service to create Qzzr tests.
  20. Infographics. Take any article from your blog and turn it into an infographic.
  21. Presentation. You understand what to do.
  22. Podcast. Write down your thoughts on the current situation in the industry. Publish an audio file.
  23. Instructions. Tell your customers and colleagues how to properly care for leather shoes, how to clean a laptop keyboard, etc.
  24. Comparative characteristics of products. You can compare your products with each other or with products from competitors.
  25. Freeriding product. Yes, write horrible. Yes, then it will have to be published. Do not be afraid, your subconscious mind will not disappoint.
  26. Story about the profession. If you sell cakes and pastries, tell me who the baker and confectioner are. Explain how to find a good specialist.
  27. The article provocation. For example, refute any dogma believed by representatives of your industry.
  28. Story about the company. Please refresh the page about your business. Surely there still it is written that you are dynamically developing all the young professional team.
  29. Promised article. Review your old publications. You probably will find in some of them phrases like “but this is a topic for a separate article”, “this issue should be considered in a separate post”. Take action.
  30. Requests of readers. Review comments on old publications. They certainly have requests to tell about something in more detail. Show that you listen to the requests of subscribers.
  31. Essays about a man whose creativity and life inspire you.
  32. A dispute with a famous person. You can get a great article-provocation. For example, Warren Buffett and other well-known investors recommend buying stocks cheaply and selling expensive. Write that this is complete nonsense, as 99% of investors do exactly the opposite.
  33. Update the old post. Your blog probably has articles that need to be updated. Act, Google loves fresh content.
  34. Glossary, explanation of terms. Create an industry dictionary. The meaning of some words you can explain in separate posts. If you are providing marketing services, tell us what positioning, branding, and adver- torial are.
  35. List of citations. For example, write the post “20 sayings of great people that every insurance agent should know.”
  36. Personal diary. Share with your audience your thoughts, emotions, expectations. An example of such an article on our website is “Against the Creative”.
  37. Discussion. Write a note “What will happen if …”. For example, “What will happen if advertising is completely banned.” Invite users to share their opinions in the comments.
  38. Post in the format “Behind the Scenes”. Show your audience how your company works. Take a video, take a photo report, write a text.
  39. Call. Remember, how did the Network explode over the Ice Bucket Challenge last year? Think of something similar. For example, undertake to read two professional books a month and pass the baton to colleagues.
  40. Parody. Try to kindly laugh at a famous colleague. Write down a video or write an article in which try to copy the style of a well-known specialist in the industry.
  41. Choose the day / week. Tell the subscribers about the discovery that you made this week. Describe some interesting chip, praise the new blog, recommend the product to users.
  42. Gift. Perhaps your office has an extra mug with a logo or a book with the autograph of Steve Jobs? Give it to the users. Say that the gift will be given to the one who explains best in the comments, why he needs this mug or book.
  43. Someone else’s content. Perhaps you recently read some cool article? Publish it with a link to the source. Explain why you liked this material.Related material: How to find the best content for sharing in social networks
  44. Selection of anecdotes, demotivators, memes.
  45. Descriptions of product categories or headings in the blog. Users often start searching for the right product from the online store category pages. Explain to visitors what you are selling.
  46. Newsjacking. Saddle the current information trend. For example, write an article “50 shades of paint for the floor and walls of the plant of paint and varnish products No. 1”.
  47. Fasting for dummies. Take any article on your blog and rewrite it as if you were explaining something to an eight-year-old child.
  48. On-line translation. If you are going to an industry event, broadcast by means of Twitter or services for streaming video.
  49. Our team page. Introduce the customers to the company’s employees.
  50. Product descriptions. Even if the site already has descriptions, revise them. Perhaps they require actualization.
  51. Declaration of uniqueness. Write a post that explains why it is beneficial for clients to cooperate with you. Write what you are better than competitors, how you work and what problems you solve.
  52. Post in the format “for and against”. For example, if you trade tires, write “Pros and Cons of Using Studded Rubber in Winter”.
  53. Crib. Create a downloadable cheat sheet for users, which they can use when selecting products.
  54. Video in fashionable formats. Remove the video using Vine, Instagram or applications for creating time-lapse video.
  55. Public commercial offer. You should get an advertising post, designed in the form of a commercial letter.
  56. White Paper. Most likely, you have to spend a few days creating content of this type. Start today, you still do not have anything to write about.
  57. Create Power Page. This can be a detailed guide, supplemented by a list of useful resources, links to additional materials, downloaded content.
  58. Story about the name of the company. Explain why you are called Macrohard or Peach.
  59. Fairy tale. Why not. Write a fairy tale about your business or product. You can even ride around competitors so that there is nothing to complain about.
  60. The story “How to become an expert”. Explain how you can become an expert in your business.
  61. Customer history. Tell us how your product helped your customer solve the problem.
  62. Article on recruiting. Write how you select staff, what qualities candidates for a job in your firm should have.
  63. Open letter. Write an open letter, interesting to your clients and colleagues. Choose the addressee depending on the field of activity. For example, it could be an open letter to Platon Shchukin.
  64. Article “How to save money on …”. Do not be afraid to share secrets, customers will thank you for shopping.
  65. Decoding of video or audio.
  66. Transfer. Translate your post into a foreign language, if you want to attract traffic from the foreigners.
  67. Rating. Create a ranking of the best companies in your industry. Ask the audience to determine the location of your business.
  68. A story about a hobby. Share your personal preferences and tastes of employees.
  69. History of the industry. Tell us what computers were like 20 years ago or cars 100 years ago.
  70. Reviews about the partners. To you someone supplies drinking water to the office, helps report to the tax or provides cleaning services. Write about it.
  71. The ideal market. Write down what your industry lacks in order to become an ideal market. Perhaps these are laws, new products, a different structure of demand, and so on.
  72. Price list. Surely it’s time to update it.
  73. Text for templates. Rewrite the content of the letters that your customers receive after the purchase.
  74. Information about the copyright. Explain to unscrupulous competitors what and how you will do with them if they try to steal your content.
  75. Use the tips of the search engines. Start typing in the search box a query related to your business. You will receive several content ideas.
    Discussions in social networks. For sure in your group there are discussions in which topics are raised, worthy articles.
  76. Presentations from the last seminar you attended. Surely in them you will find ideas for a couple dozen articles.
  77. Results of the research. The share of Google grew, and “Yandex” fell? Write about it. Explain current trends.
  78. Industry forums. Here you will find not only ideas. The forums often discuss valuable ideas and describe the exclusive experience.
  79. Blogosphere. Pay attention to Learn, read offline blogs. Here comes very valuable information, which by some miracle does not fall into the field of view of the industry media.
  80. Catalogs of articles. On them you will find tons of inferior articles written for search engines. You do not need them. You need topics for these publications.
  81. Article-lists. You will be approached by other people’s publications. Open the article, take the first paragraph and write a post.
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  83. Articles of colleagues and competitors. Perhaps you read publications that you disagree with? Write about it.
  84. Subscribers in social networks. Ask friends in “Twitter” or “Facebook”, what should be your next material.
  85. Employees. Collect them for 30 minutes and brainstorm. Write down any ideas. Choose then.
  86. Operators of customer support. Learn from them what clients are asking about most often.
  87. Your failures. This is one of the most valuable sources of content ideas. Write down why the last PPC campaign failed, why you did not deliver the layout in time, how you managed to lose half of the buyers.
  88. Google Trends. Rummage on the site of this service, you will find many ideas.
  89. Stock exchanges. Register on several sites and see what content is ordered by freelancers.
  90. Books. They certainly have ideas that can be described and discussed with the audience.
  91. Laws and regulations. Speak, the legislative base regulating work of your branch, for a long time did not vary? Then write a memo for consumers. Call it, for example, “Normative and legal aspects of the operation of chainsaws and perforators.”
  92. Records of seminars and webinars. Start looking from the place where the audience asks the questions to the lecturer. The most interesting questions are your content ideas for today.
  93. If you know English, use the service of generating content ideas. Just enter the term associated with your business to get the title of the future article. A similar service is available from HubSpot.
  94. Press releases. In press releases, you can find interesting content ideas.
  95. Service BuzzSumo. With its help you will find the most viral posts related to your business.
  96. Hashtags. Review the entries with tags that your colleagues use.
  97. Site search. See what users are looking for on your site.
  98. Related searches. See what other users are looking for
  99. Google Alerts. Use this service to receive notifications of subject publications.Perhaps there is something missing here? You can add to the list at any time.

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Perhaps there is something missing here? You can add to the list at any time.

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