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How the site is optimized for Google: what can and can not be done to promote it ?

Google – one of the most popular search engines, so the promotion of the site in this system is so important. But in this work there are subtleties: it is necessary to take into account the specifics, methods and algorithms of the search engine. First of all, it is important to understand that Google SEO  also differs from SEO in other systems, because the search algorithms for each service is different, unique, and the ranking is not the same. This is what should be based on.

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But now we are talking about our version. We’ll figure out how to promote the site in Google, what it prefers, who is behind this work and what results can be achieved!

Promotion in Google: internal optimization

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To begin with, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the features of both internal and external optimization. Let’s talk about the first form.

Promotion in Google puts a number of conditions for a user who needs the promotion of any type of resource, be it an information portal or an online store. Among them:

  • Unique and voluminous content: only author materials and at least one hundred pages. In addition, the texts are better divided into sub-headings;
  • Code revision: you need to remove the extra, set up Robot.txt and work out the site map;
  • The page should be made in accordance with the semantic markup, you need to register all the headings, meta tags, enter keys. And a very well-written description plays a very important role. Help in this catchy text with the presence of keywords;
  • Internal linking is worth checking for the presence of broken links and errors. It will help to increase the internal weight of the page, as required by website promotion in Google;
  • When composing a semantic core, it is important to select organic queries;
  • The promotion of the site in Google also provides for a readable text.
  • After all, the days when the texts were created for machines passed. An unreadable and illogical text or a set of phrases will chop off the case at the root.

How to promote a site in Google, if you do not take into account all these moments? No way. Agree with the search engine will not work, will have to play only by its rules. And there are a lot of them!

External Google site optimization

As for external optimization, there also have their own characteristics. And they consist in this:

  • The ranking is influenced only by qualitative links. The occurrence of keywords should be direct – such are the preferences of the search engine.
  • Although this does not mean that diluted keys should be avoided. Just do not need to get involved;
  • The availability of cross-references: they will help in promoting competitive requests. The more sites refer to the promoted resource – the better;
  • The availability of a content base: forums, thematic resources and similar sites contribute to recognition, and hence, promotion of the resource;
  • Attraction of social networks, SMM. Laiki, reviews, comments – these are the mechanisms that will bring new users. And besides, this is a good PR.

What result will be achieved?

What is the use of such advancement, you ask? Is the optimization for Google worth the effort and money, will it bear fruit? In fact, there is a benefit, and it consists in this:

  • Targeted traffic attracts the largest search engine. Statistics show that Google is preferred by 40 users;
  • Improvement of conversion: optimization for the search system requires usability-audit, due to which the resource becomes user-friendly;
  • Attracting the attention of the mobile audience: fans of the built-in Google user become more interested in the resource;
  • More users – more orders. Only the pros know how to lead potential customers and induce them to the right actions – buying or ordering the product.

 Google promotion, work features

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What is this promotion? What kind of work is behind this simple word? Judge for yourself:

  • The study of the specifics of business and the evaluation of the percentage of product demand in various search engines;
  • Primary audit: analysis of competing resources, expertise in the usability of the site, search audit;
  • The formation of the semantic core of queries: the selection of queries, which are searched for the product / service provided by the Internet portal;
  • Improvement of content. As we said before, the presented search engine likes only quality content. Therefore, either the existing one is optimized or a new one is created, but it is not worth copying the foreign one;
  • Technical expertise of the site: verification of the validity of the code, correct display in various mobile devices and in all browsers;
  • Development of a promotion strategy: for Google SEO optimization requires a precise plan;
  • Implementation of all recommendations in practice, correction of errors;
  • Complex work on promotion – from work and sources on extraneous sites to increase citation;
  • Obligatory reports on the work done to monitor the effectiveness of the measures taken.

As practice shows, optimizing the site for Google requires a lot of effort.
This is not a job that is done quickly. SEO requires a lot of time, at least 3-4 months. And this is a large complex of events, behind which there are hundreds of hours of work, often a whole team of people.

Who is behind this: the reverse side of the promotion

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We declare at once: there is no such universal specialist who could manage all this alone, and a layman can not (just physically) effectively perform all operations for promotion. Time will not be enough, strength and knowledge.

How many people usually work on promotion? Let’s count:

  • A usability specialist. His profile – site audit, and recommendations for improving the conversion;
  • SEO-specialist. He is the main developer of the promotion strategy and leader of other processes;
  • programmer. Its task is internal technical optimization and all technical work;
  • Link manager. The main hunter for links, he builds up the reference mass;
  • Copywriters. Their work in optimizing the current pages, creating unique content for new ones;
  • designer. Its task is to correctly compose content to attract the audience;
  • SMM-specialist. It completely tied social networks: increase the number of users, reviews, work with extraneous sites;
  • Personal manager. A specialist who keeps in touch with the customer directly.

As you can see, the mechanism is rather complicated. Therefore, we recommend you to contact the professionals for promoting the website:

What should not be done?

Promotion of the site in Google has its own code of permissible and unacceptable things. And this must be taken very seriously. In order not to get acquainted personally with Panda and Penguin, consider the following few things that Google will not forgive:

  1. Illegal ways of promotion, such as the use of doorways and cloaking. From such zatey it’s better to immediately refuse, and otherwise – forever a spoiled reputation: a ban or temporary sanctions.
  2. Low-quality and non-unique content. The search engine works for people, which means that the texts should be easy and readable for people.
  3. Inorganically inscribed keys. Again, if readability is affected, this can affect the ranking. It is worth considering.
  4. Aggressive buildup of reference mass. For low-quality, bought links, sanctions will follow without fail.

For someone, the rules of the game in the sphere of promotion will seem complicated. And someone will like them. But in any case, for Googlе recommendations for optimizing the site will have to be taken into account.

Yes, the promotion of the site under Google requires time. But it is competently invested time, and it will pay off with interest! What is most important, with this advancement, one must rely on specialists: only they understand the specifics of their work and will be able to guarantee a positive result!


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