Important Trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A new year has come, and with it new opportunities for search engine optimization have appeared. The best proven methods will stay with us for these 12 months, but some strategies may lose their effectiveness. It is important to determine which of the emerging trends can bring success in 2017. Properly using them, you can rise among the mass of search results and bypass competitors. Let’s figure out what’s new in the field of search engine optimization is preparing for us the coming year.

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The accelerated pages (AMP) will be applied even wider

AMP helps you load pages on mobile platforms in no time. That’s why Google loves it so much. It’s time to implement this technology for your site, if you have not already done it.

Backlinks will lose in popularity compared to last year.

In the good old days, the best way to promote the site was back links from popular blogs. But this is no longer relevant (for our purposes, anyway), and backlinks cease to be an effective tool for advancing the search.

Artificial intelligence will become more important

Artificial intelligence is already becoming the driving force for big changes in Google. In the new year, more companies like Google will start using self-learning technologies.

Home devices will be used for searching

And all because home devices will become very popular, and with their help, users will search for information online

Original content will retain its positions

Want to increase the popularity of your site next year – take care of the original content for your blog.

Socially significant signals will gain more weight

According to one study, socially-oriented links on the page are among the top 100 most effective factors of advancement in the search. It is expected that in the new year social signals will have an even greater impact on the position of the site on the search results page.

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Schema will become more important

Add the markup to your site if you have not already done so. In 2017 this will be more important than ever before.

HTTPS will become more important

It is expected that the number of developers using HTTPS will increase in the new year. And all because HTTPS not only increases the level of security, but gives the benefits associated with search engine optimization.

People will use Amazon to search for products

In the search for information about products, Amazon will bypass Google in 2017.

More people will use the Facebook search

Facebook is trying to keep users in its “ecosystem”. It is expected that more users will resort to the search engine company.

Voice search will gain popularity

Amazon Echo and Google Home will make the search even easier: even a finger does not have to move. It is enough to ask a question to the home device and listen to the audio response.

Google automates penalties

This is just a guess … Monitoring by hand can be a thing of the past. Google introduces an algorithm for imposing penalties. Of course, this does not affect those who follow the rules.

Google will show fewer pages on products / product categories

Among the search results, pages of commercial sites related to the content of the query are often displayed. We expect that in 2017 the situation will change, and Google will offer more informative content.

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Google makes friends with AJAX and JavaScript

Sites using AJAX often do not appear in search results, because Googlebot does not see the encoded information. We hope that in the new year everything will change.

Mobility will become even more important.

The importance of mobility in our days is beyond doubt. We expect that in 2017 even more search engines and companies will turn to the strategy of “mobility first”.

International search engines will continue to generate profits

Search engines that specialize in optimizing sites for the needs of the global economy will note the growth in the number of customers and revenues coming to their accounts.

Bulk content still helps to raise the rating

The previously noted advantages of bulk content for search optimization remain relevant. If you do not use bulk content for your company’s blog, in 2017 it’s worth starting.

Image optimization will be really important

Do you think it’s enough to optimize the text, and without optimizing the pictures you can and do? Think about this one more time. In 2017, images will mean as much to search as text content.

The search results that received the most clicks (CTR) will go higher.

The number of clicks will provide an advantage when searching; Google will raise above those authors who managed to attract more attention to their content.

More people will start searching for videos and multimedia

Sometimes people just do not feel like reading. They will prefer to watch the video and listen to the audio recording. We expect that in 2017 the number of people searching for non-textual information will increase.

Good design is an advantage

Google will continue to support sites that are designed in detail for the convenience of users. If your site is not too attractive, hire a designer to fix it.

Keep your online resources trendy so you can walk in step with evolution of web development!

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