How to Add Ads to WordPress

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a CPC affiliate program from Google (stands for Cost Per Click or Price Per Click), as a result allows webmasters to display ads on their sites and blogs.

AdSense is one of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize your site to date because the, it helps any site owner earn on advertising, of course if everything is done right.

The owner needs only to introduce a small JavaScript code to his site and that’s it! If your account is approved by Google, contextual ads will appear in different places on your site.

The site will be automatically crawled by Google for more information about its pages and content. This will help AdSense show more suitable ads for your site.

For example, if you like to blog about shoes, Google robots will perceive this as a hint and will post ads on your site relating to shoes and clothes.

They automatically check the database of ads to find the most suitable advertisement for your site.

Obviously, a person who loves reading about shoes will be more interested in announcing their sale than a person interested in cyber security. Does this make sense?

The logicality, honesty and reliability of this method of monetizing your site is not the only reason we recommend AdSense. Let’s look at a few advantages of adding Google ads to WordPress.

Reasons for choosing AdSense

  • Easily add multiple blogs

You can use it with several sites. The only requirement is that they comply with AdSense terms and conditions.

This is much better than manually adding all your sites to another ad network.

  • Comprehensive support at any time

Needless to say, you work with one of the leading companies – Google. Be sure, you can discard all your doubts and find out the information you need by contacting special forums for users.

Adding Google ads is very easy, even for a beginner. There are many videos and text guides, even websites that will help you in becoming a professional in this business.

  • Quick payment

After activating Google ads on your site, you no longer need to worry about payments. Many partner CPC companies are fraudulent and non-transparent in terms of payments, which does not apply to AdSense, where you always get paid on time.

  • Easy way to make money

The WordPress site that you possibly started as a hobby, can also bring you money with minimal effort, just post a few ads on it. What could be the best reason for choosing AdSense than that?

  • Flexible ad format

Google AdSense gives you the freedom to choose the ad format, depending on the available space or layout of your site. In addition, you do not even need to add ads yourself – Google will take care of everything.

All you need to do is insert JavaScript into the ad space.

Does the manual method of adding Google ads look too complicated for you? Do not be scared! There are many plugins for these purposes.

What you need

Before you begin this guide, you will need the following:

  • Access to the WordPress control panel

Step 1 – Sign up for Google AdSense

First, you need to register an account with Google AdSense.  The registration process is quite simple and will take only a few minutes. However, it may take up to 3 days to verify and approve your Google Account.

Step 2 – Create AdSense Ads

After approving your account, you can start creating ads:

  • Log in to the AdSense control panel and click the  My ads button  in the left menu.
  • Next, click New ad unit .
  • Enter the necessary settings for your ad unit. They are very important and can help you in achieving a match between the design of your advertising and the site:
  • Title  is the name of your ad. Enter here a unique name – in the future, it will be easier for you to manage multiple ads.
  • The ad size  is a very important option, because the size of the ad has a strong influence on the appearance of your website. It is recommended to select Adaptive if your site is adapted for all devices.
  1. Click Save and get the code . A new window with a similar AdSense code will appear:
<script async src="//"></script>
   (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({
     google_ad_client: "ca-pub-678303128708xxxx",
     enable_page_level_ads: true
  1. Select and copy the code – you will need it in the next step.

If you need more detailed guidance on creating an ad, visit the official AdSense help center .

Step 3 – Adding Google ads to WordPress

Option 3.1 – Using plugins

One of the easiest ways to add Google ads to WordPress is to use plugins. Below you can find the three most popular plugins that you can install  from the official WordPress repository:

Google AdSense

Google AdSense, also known as Google Publisher, is the official AdSense plug-in written and managed by Google. This plugin will help you easily add Google ads to your site using a user-friendly interface.


  • Easy to add Google ads to the WordPress site
  • Activating ad layouts for mobile devices at any time
  • A simple interface for managing your ads

Ad Injection

wordpress ad injection

Ad Injection is another great plug-in through which you can integrate AdSense with your WordPress. This plug-in is not limited to AdSense only, you can integrate it with other ad networks.

And not only that, Ad Injection allows you to control the visibility of ads – you can customize them to the size of your record or the age and IP address of the visitor.


  • Allows you to automatically embed ads in your records without changing them
  • Allows you to place multiple ads on the same ad space.
  • Can help you with the implementation of virtually everything, from additional headers and footers, to tracking scripts and social network buttons.


  • In the first place difficult to use
  • In addition it may not be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress

Ad Inserter

wordpress google ad inserter

Ad Inserter is a powerful plug-in for adding Google ads to your WordPress site.


  • It’s easy to change the display of an ad in different places
  • Goes along with the automatic display option, which automatically selects the location for the ad
  • 16 blocks of code


  • From time to time, you can block AdSense ads.

Option 3.2 – How to add Google ads manually

Another way to add Google ads to WordPress is to use widgets. The main advantage of this method is that you do not need to install any plug-ins. Follow these steps to create a new widget and add the AdSense code:

  1. Log in to your WordPress control panel, go to Appearance → Widgets .
  2. To add a new widget, select Text  and drag it to the place where the advertisement should be placed. In this example, we decided to place AdSense in the Sidebar , but you can choose any part of your site.
  3. Fill in the Name and  Content fields .
  • Name  – enter the name of your widget (you can leave the field blank).
  • Content  – paste the copied code from the Google AdSense website.
  1. When you are finished, click the Save button .

AdSense recommendations

Is everything set? Here are a few recommendations that will help you in getting more clicks on advertising and accordingly profit:

  • Read AdSense information before working with it

It is strongly recommended that you follow the AdSense policies to ensure that your account is approved faster.

In addition, we also recommend choosing a highly paid niche for your site, which means choosing a niche that is most popular among Google users.

  • Correct ad layout

The correct location of ads on the site is your way to increase revenue. Place ads at the top of the page, using a graphical or text format. If there are a lot of content on the page, you can place ads between the text.

  • Choose the right AdSense size

If your main goal in AdSense is earnings, it is recommended that you pay more attention to the correct size of ads. Some recommended sizes are 336 × 280, 728 × 90 and 160 × 600.

  • Track performance of categories

Use the AdSense category blocking feature and avoid placing ads that do not generate a lot of revenue.

Here are a few things that you should and should not do to get the maximum benefit:

Things to do

  • Use data from the AdSense activity zones to better understand the behavior of visitors and to change the design and content of your site for their needs. This will help in getting more clicks and thus more revenue.
  • Write good and demanded content that will attract visitors to your site then increase the chance of getting clicks on ads.
  • Run Google tests to find out what works on your site and what does not.
  • But also make sure your site and ads are adaptive.
  • Equally important keep yourself updated with changes to AdSense policy.
  • Of course need customize the design and colors of your ads in accordance with the design of your site.

Things that should not be done

  • In the first place do not abuse AdSense and do not clog your site with too much advertising, as this will affect the number of your visitors and, accordingly, on income.
  • Equally important do not click on your AdSense ads and do not ask your family members to click on them for you. This can result in the suspension of your account.
  • Of course you need  avoid inscriptions like “Click on ads.” These kinds of messages are a violation of the Google AdSense policy and will result in a lockout.
  • At the same time do not put ads on blank pages.
  • Avoid automatically driving traffic to your site.
  • Do not make multiple AdSense accounts with the same payee name.


In this simple tutorial, but you learned how to add Google ads to your WordPress site and thereby monetize it. Now it all depends on you. Publish quality content and properly manage the space on your site.

Follow all AdSense recommendations, as some things are unacceptable to him and can cause an immediate account lockout.

After all be sure, Google AdSense is easy to integrate with WordPress and you can do it in several ways – manually or with the help of specialized plug-ins. Adhere to the rules described in the manual and continue to make money.


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