How can people with disabilities make money by using WordPress?

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Have you ever tried making money with WordPress before? People especially those with disabilities can earn money online by making proper use of WordPress possibilities. Its popularity and functionality suits those who want to earn easy money online from the comfort of their homes using the convenience it offers. Would you like to know some of the various ways? Let’s find out!

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1. Offer Blog setup service

Instead of sitting all day without much to do in the house, you can earn money by offering set up services to beginners who want to use WordPress on their blogs. As a blog set up service provider, you will be required to install WordPress, add the recommended plugins and upload a few WordPress themes. Isn’t this an easy way to make money? To get started, you need to create a blog setup service on your website. To increase traffic on your website, you can attract a few leads by either adding banners on your site, by paid advertising or by guest blogging.

2. Offer content writing service

Disability is not inability! Do you have writing skills? Make use of your talent by writing elaborate articles that can make you easy and fast money. Make good use of your time by offering WordPress content writing services. There are many application pages where you can submit your articles and get paid well. For instance Odesk, Elance, Peopleperhour, ProBlogger Job Board or some of your favorite websites which seek articles that you write. Other than getting paid for your work, you will also get backlinks from top ranking sites. Isn’t this awesome!

3. Begin your website

Do you have a website for your business? Don’t waste any more time. Launch your WordPress today and start earning money. Simply create a dedicated services page or buy a WP Theme from our website and offer all the services you can do to your clients. In order to benefit more, you need to create more traffic on your website. How can you do this? Simply engage influential bloggers, include a few testimonials from your clients or mention your previous work in your portfolio.

4. Monetize your blog

Do you already have a running WordPress blog? Are you aware that you can generate an income by selling ads, affiliate marketing or through sponsored reviews? This requires absolutely no extra effort from you. All you need to do is sit back, get busy and take advantage of the traffic and content you have to make extra money.

5. Theme customization

If you are an advanced developer, you can make money by offering free customization services. You can earn a decent income by offering plugin/theme customization services or by offering services through your website. In addition, you can also provide technical services for making changes to page layouts or custom post types.

6. Create and sell plugins

Do you know that you can’t run a WordPress blog successfully without using a few plugins? The secret to earning money through this method is to create a few plugins that your audience may want to buy. In order to make some decent money by selling WordPress, you need to focus on a specific need. After creating it, you can then sell your at CodeCanyon or sell them from your own blog. You can also create a separate site to sell your plugin or make money by working on custom plugin projects.

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7. Advertising

If you are an experienced blogger, you can make a constant stream of income by using your WordPress blog as an advertising site. For instance by;

i. Display Ads – These are images or graphics similar to billboards that are positioned within your content and are meant to complement your blog’s content and make them attractive and relevant to visitors. Every time a visitor clicks on these images or graphics to purchase or explore the products offered, the blogger gets paid. You can easily get money by getting into ad networks such as Goodle Adsense, BlogHer, Beacon Ads, Sway and Rivit among others.

ii. Private ads – Look for advertisers who can take advantage of your blog helping you to make more money.

iii. Sponsored ads – You can make money through your blog by working with a company to advertise their products or services. You simply write a sponsored post that can turn into money.

8. Selling Domains

Do you have a Domain that is sitting idle? Make money by selling your WordPress domain through sites such as Sedo. It’s easy!

9. Sell E-Books

Do you have any Ebooks that you have generated through your blog? If you have been doing blogging, you most definitely own a few ebooks. Make a healthy amount by selling these ebooks on Amazon or by participating on ebook bundles which can generate a huge income for you. The secret to get money through this method is by writing multiple books with compelling topics or you get a group of supporters who can help you through.

10. Selling Blogs or websites

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Do you know that you can sell your WordPress blog at a worthwhile amount? Simply go to flipping websites and obtain a small blog that you can grow and sell it at a profit later. This is easy, right?

11. Sell publishers’ books

Do you own a WordPress blog? If you don’t have any books yet, you can make a honorable amount of money by selling books for other publishers. If you write your own books, then your blog will benefit you. You can sell your books and make money!

12. Offer Consulting services

Offering WordPress advisory services is one of the easiest ways of making money online. If you are well trained in WordPress, you can create custom designs for clients or teach WordPress to advanced learners. In addition, you can also offer knowledge or advice to advanced users concerning creating texts or pages through tutorials or by using various helpful suggestions. Don’t you think this is easy? However, to make a passive income stream from this method, you need to build a great portfolio first. For instance, you can offer free consulting services to top influential bloggers who can then give feedback or share a review of your amazing services on their blog. Testimonials from a top blogger can boost your online sales significantly.

13. Develop WordPress Themes

Are you worried that you are not a developer or web designer? Well, there is no need to worry. You don’t have to be a web designer or developer to design great looking WordPress themes. However, in order to make money from it, you should know to whom you are designing for or else, you might end up finding zero audience for your theme. Are you new in this field? Instead of starting out from scratches, you can join a team or a venture that’s already doing fine in the field. After developing them to the best of your ability, you can then sell these themes at Creative Market, Mojo Themes or Themeforest. Alternatively, you can sell them from your own website or work on custom WordPress theme projects for a few clients.

Like I said, disability is not an inability! You can earn money and make a reasonable living out of the available WordPress possibilities. All you need to do is make good use of what’s in your hands and get a huge amount of money flowing into your account. However, if you find that you do not fit in any of the aforementioned means of deriving money through WordPress blogging, you can consider other methods such as;

i. Advertising your knowledge and capabilities

ii. Luring people into buying products from the ads on your blog by giving gifts and other enticements

iii. Buying a product from an ad from which you could make a provision.

Anything you chose to do, make sure that you do it with all your heart. Having a disability doesn’t make you less of a person. First set your goals and head towards them with a purpose to win. It’s possible!

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