The easiest way to create a wordpress website for beginners.

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A step by step guide we begin with having the idea of you future website, choosing a domain name for it and finding the place where you website will live (Web Hosting Service).
For any purpose you have in mind, we recommend WordPress as your website CMS (Content Management System).
Taking in consideration that more than 27% of all CMS fueled websites are created using WordPress CMS, most of the Web Developers remain
devoted to this feature rich and functionally versatile free engine.

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After choosing the domain name properly to your niche, go ahead and contact a hosting provider service to host
you newly created website domain name. Like a car engine, WordPress CMS is the heart of you web page and it has to be installed to your hosting space too in order
to make it move forward. Don’t worry cause most of the hosting service companies are doing all this installation job for you.

During the installation you will be provided with the login and password for you personal WordPress dashboard.
Congratulation now you have you first simple website using WordPress. The next step would be customization of that simple and raw web page. For this you will have to access admin dashboard using the login and password by typing them in appeared fields after following that link in your browser:

You don’t need advanced knowledge of CSS and HTML
You don’t need to pay a Web Studio or a Freelancer.
It is a nice startup as a web developer.
You will be proud of yourself.

You have to read a lot of information.
Spend around 1 week per website.

The next step in our guide about the creation of your first WordPress website is about deciding what type of the template you want to install.
You can go with a Landing Page a Portfolio a Blog, Online Shop or any other multi-purpose theme. You can always buy a theme from our website and download the zip archive of it.

After you downloaded it, go to the dashboard > Appearances > Themes > Upload theme > Select Theme >Install > Activate.

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The easiest way to customize your theme is by importing the Demo Content for making the webpage to look like in the Live Theme Preview when you purchased it.
Do it by finding in the dashboard menu list, the name of the theme you just installed and click on it’s name and then : Import Demo Content.

Now the most interesting part starts.

Go ahead and play around with all the features offered by WordPress. Change Posts/Pages/Plugins/Widgets/Categories/Menu.
Do not Forget to take a look at the options that came in package with the theme.
In case that you will have any difficulties, ask google and YouTube or write a ticket to the Template developers.
Usually it is enough to change the images and text to get you website ready.
I would recommend to buy a premium multipurpose template so it can be modified in many ways.

Always buy only premium Themes.
Choose Drag and Drop multi-purpose templates.
Write only unique content.

Make money at home with you brand new website.
Promote your business.
Become a Web Developer.

Even if you are not a web developer this is the easiest way to create a WordPress website from scratch. On the internet you can find a plenty of awesome tutorials that will help you to create complex web solution easily.

wordpress website build infographic

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