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Website creation is an important moment for the development of any business, and therefore it must be treated with all responsibility. One of the best solutions for this is WordPress. In a very short period of its existence (just over 10 years) WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms not only for bloggers, but for businesses of any size. It allows you to create sites for any application, and its main advantages that make it so popular is its ease of operation and versatility.

The platform software is provided for free, and there are even free WordPress templates, but their design and functionality leave much to be desired. That’s why you should give preference to premium templates WordPress, ready-made solutions for creating websites, using which you will be able to fully experience all the benefits of this platform and get a really high-quality site.

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In this article we will explain in detail why it is worth choosing premium templates and what you need to pay attention to.

Briefly, premium WordPress templates are good because they usually have high-quality technical support and many options. Their configuration is much simpler and more understandable. You can change any details, such as parameters of typography, colors, header and footer of the site, without any problems.

Often such templates have many popular functions that will help you to optimize your site and get yourself into the top. In addition, the design of free templates can not be compared to those that have premium templates. But before talking directly about the templates, let’s start with the advantages of the WordPress platform itself.

WordPress Benefits

1. Save money and time

WordPress is a publicly available open source system. To create a site on WordPress, you do not need an impressive budget, which is usually allocated for the individual development of the site from scratch. Yes, and create a site on WordPress may not even the most experienced user.

2. Availability

Add content to your site from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet. This does not require additional programs.

3. Quality and flexible design

WordPress is based on the concept of templates and layouts. You can use either a free template or spend some money (often, up to $ 100) on a premium template. There are many sites where you can find any templates with the functions necessary for you.

4. Confident work on mobile devices

Most of the templates created on the basis of WordPress, are adapted to work on any device. Most often they are responsive, that is, they adjust to the screen size of the device from which the site is viewed.

5. Support for paid and free plug-ins

WordPress plug-ins are small add-ons in the form of programs for your site that will improve its work, increase productivity and security, integrate with social networks and increase the level of SEO optimization. And, unlike free templates, free plugins are good quality.

6. Scheduled posting of records

You do not have to write articles every day. Using the WordPress control panel, you can prepare the necessary content in advance and schedule the day and time when each of your entries should be published on the site.

7. Ease of operation

The hardest thing about working with WordPress is installing this platform and template on your site. Everything else is done simply thanks to the intuitive interface of the control panel, easy work with plug-ins and a simple procedure for uploading new content using the WYSIWYG editor, similar to Microsoft Word. In addition, any records you write are automatically saved, even if you accidentally close the tab.

It is worth adding that WordPress has a huge community in which you can find a lot of information and answers to many of your questions about working with WordPress.

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Why you need to choose premium WordPress Templates?

1. Design

Free templates can look good, but their assortment is so limited that you simply can not find something unique for yourself. Premium WordPress themes, in turn, are developed by an experienced and professional team of designers who are interested in making their products sell well, so they make their templates quality not only in terms of design, but also in terms of the ability to customize it.

Often such templates include dozens of ready-made layouts for different tastes and uses, and you will have plenty to choose from. If you want to manually create a custom layout based on the template, you can do it with the help of the page builder, which quite often comes with the top WordPress templates.

2. Feature set

Premium templates include many features that you do not get if you decide to use a free template. This, for example, tools for sharing in social networks, dynamic galleries, SEO-optimization, support for widgets and responsive design. Moreover, the developers try to make sure that their templates work correctly with various plug-ins, so before they are released, they necessarily test for compatibility.

3. Deep topic customization

Advanced settings are one of the significant advantages of premium templates. Unlike the usual templates, you can more in detail and fully customize the design of your site. So you can make it exactly as you want it to be.

4. Increased security

Unlike premium templates, free themes are not always updated regularly, which is fraught with increased vulnerability. In addition, complete with premium WordPress Themes often comes a large number of security tools that will help protect your site from hacker and other malicious attacks. These tools are also constantly updated.

5. 100% responsiveness and adaptation for mobile devices

The share of mobile traffic on various sites can reach 50%, and this is your potential customers, which should not be lost. In addition, search engines are more willing to increase the position of sites, adapted for mobile devices. Most premium templates, unlike free, responsive and “friendly” to mobile devices, make them a preferred option.

6. Technical Support

Most often the template includes instructions and training videos, but even if you do not understand something, you can always get help from the developers. If you buy a premium template on one of the top sites, technical support is usually valid for a year.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a template?

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1. Not oversaturated design

2. Comprehensive responsiveness and adaptation for mobile devices

3. Support for all existing browsers

4. SEO Optimization

5. Support for page builders

6. Supported and bundled plug-ins

7. Regularity updates

8. Feedback and evaluation

9. Ability to translate a template

10. Qualitative documentation and availability of support from developers

To create a website, it is not necessary to put into the budget fabulous $ 1000 for its development. But at the same time it’s worth understanding that saving on the template WordPress also does not make sense, because in the long run you will lose more, preferring a free template. The miser pays twice, and so it is better to immediately buy a proven premium WordPress template, than then regret that did not do it right away.

I wish you Successful template selection and more traffic!

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