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Web studio: tasks, functions, perspectives:

Web studio is a team of professionals that develops and creates web projects, which includes:

  • websites,
  • design,
  • programming,
  • optimization,
  • promotion,
  • Internet advertising and multimedia, and other Internet products.

Each web-studio usually practices an individual approach to the client, creates unique exclusive developments, this is a distinctive feature. After all, many web companies put the creation of sites on the flow. The difference, between the Web-studio’s is – a creative approach to the Internet project.

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Web-studio and it’s tasks:
Every professional web-studio set’s and successfully solves following problems:
– development, creation of web-projects (sites, online stores, portals, intranet / extranet systems);
– optimization, promotion of sites (, search engine optimization, Internet advertising, SEO-copywriting);
– professional design and programming;
– site support (, technical, information, content-support and monitoring);
– the creation of some multimedia products (, presentations, commercials);
hosting services, domain registration.

Web-studio comprehensively applies knowledge and experience in the field of Internet technologies, programming languages, psychology, copywriting, graphic editors for the successful solution of tasks.

Web-studio and its functions
Web-studio performs many functions, among them the main ones are:
– Strengthening the image, the company’s position in the Internet, in the offline market;
– increase the profitability of your business, promotion of the product (or brand, project,);
– Sales of products and attracting customers using web-technologies;
– fostering competition in the market and creating the ground for further business activities.

Web studio and it’s prospects
Web-studio uses web technologies, opportunities and prospects of the Internet for development, promotion of customers’ business. A professionally created website that matches all the features of customers’ business, with stylish design, content, optimal navigation, adapted for development and promotion in the PS – the success and prospects of your business.

To cope with the tasks and create a successful project, the web-studio must meet certain requirements:
– web-design – a priority kind of activity;
– Good activity in the development market;
– Portfolio of works;
– The official legal status.

After you decide to get a website (personal or for your company), there is an obvious problem – who will be developing your site? If you are certainly not a webmaster, you will have to resort to the help of a professional web studio.

Currently, there are a large number of web-studios that offer their services in the creation, maintenance and promotion of web-sites. But how to choose a truly professional web design studio that will create a quality website? How to choose a web studio, how to navigate and make the right choice from an innumerable number of proposals for creating or promoting a website?

Tips for choosing a web design studio:

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1. Look at the website of the web studio itself. Do you like it? How is the site navigation implemented, understandable and easy to use? How fast is the site loaded? Be sure to look at the site in different browsers, should it look the same? These questions are crucial for choosing a web design studio. Website design is a person, a virtual office and a self-promotion tool, that’s why its quality is so important. If the quality of design and navigation site web-studio wants to wish for the best. Then do not think that your site will be better developed!

2. Pay attention to the domain of the studio. He can also tell you a lot of new and interesting things. Which domain level is used? If this is a second-level domain , well, at least they can pay for high-quality hosting for their site. But if a third-level domain (, the site can be on a free hosting, and you can become the first client to an unknown web studio. And no one will guarantee the quality of your future site or even the fact that the site will be developed and launched.

3. Go ahead, you should pay attention to the experience of the web studio. Very closely study their portfolio (their work), visit the sites that they have already developed. Of course, it will be difficult for a novice user to fully appreciate professionalism, but you will notice a non-standard approach and having a taste right away. If you like these sites, there is a great chance that your site will also look attractive. The number and quality of projects created by the studio is very important for your choice. Make sure that the sites indicated in the portfolio are really developed by them. To do this, look at the bottom of the site – there you must find a copyright, data about the studio that developed this site. You can and even need to call one or more companies whose website is in the portfolio, and personally hear the impressions of this web design studio. Remember, a professional web design studio will always create a high-quality and easy-to-use website.

4. Look at the contact information on the site, check how the support service works. Find out the number of employees working in the studio. This is also of great importance. If one person does everything, you will most likely be disappointed in your future site. Because every person can be a professional only in one area, not in everything. Web development and website promotion is a complex process that has a number of important stages. Therefore, choose a web design studio that has a number of specialists. If the web studio has specialists in all areas, your project, of course, should become successful.

5. It is advisable to choose a web studio that offers a full range of services: website development, promotion (SEO), and in the future technical support of the site. In this case, you do not have to think about how to update your site, or how to attract customers. Remember that today SEO is an important and integral part of any web development services, because you want to not only have a quality professional website, but also make it popular.

6. Comparing prices for studio services. Remember that it is not always more expensive – better, but cheaper – more profitable. The cost of an order is determined by the complexity of the site being developed, its scale, the amount of time spent on it, etc. Website development by a large and well-known studio, dealing with large-scale complex projects, will cost you much more than a small little-known web-studio. But remember the old adage “miser pays twice.”

7. If you already go from the virtual stage of meeting with the studio, to the real one. You should, pay attention, that the staff of a good web-studio will appoint a meeting with you in their office. If this is not the case, then they may not have an office at all, and then you could understand what professional level this web design studio is and what you can expect of it.

8. Another tip: a good professional web-design studio, after getting acquainted with the task, most likely, immediately go on to discuss work issues and technical problems, can offer their own solutions, explaining their advantage. If, they completely agree, without trying to find out any technical details and are ready to immediately start the development of the project. This might mean that this studio is probably not very high professional level.

9. Do not forget to sign a contract with the web studio.

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Remember that your site is the face of your company on the Internet. Today, a website is the key to success in any business, so take care that the quality and attractiveness of your site is on top.

I wish you to make the right choice!

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