Professional web studio – what is it?

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Professional web studio – what is it?

Nowadays almost any business is aware of the need to be present on the Internet. In simple terms, a serious firm no longer thinks of itself without a website promoting its products and services on the net.

And if there is a demand, there must be an offer, which is why in recent years the Internet has been flooded with web studios, vying to offer a website. How can one navigate in this sea, where, along with a tempting description of “creating a classy site for $ 200,” is the advertisement of a web studio that builds for 20-40 thousand dollars gorgeous glowing, flashing and sounding masterpieces?

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Let’s see: what is a professional web studio?

1.Professional web design

The site should be not only “at least” beautiful – it should be primarily comfortable and convenient for visitors. A professional web studio will develop a design that, on the one hand, matches the direction of your business and the characteristics of your company, and on the other hand it takes into account the tastes and preferences of your customers.
In addition, only professionals will provide your site with really high-quality usability testing, this will allow you not to lose customers because of the inconvenience of using the site.

2.Audit target niche

One of the most important aspects of website development is the identification of the target audience – exactly the group of Internet users who are looking for products and services offered by your company on the Internet. Only a professional studio will be able to make a qualified analysis of the market, assess the level of competition, the prospects for promoting the site, its prospective income.
This work is laborious and expensive, but only correctly conducted preliminary research is the guarantee of the future commercial success of your project. Often, professional web studios conduct audit of the target niche for already existing sites, in the development and promotion of which serious mistakes were made, which led to the fact that the site for several years on the Internet has not become profitable. In this case, the customer is given an analysis with the reasons for the site’s failures and a specific plan that will help to eliminate the initial errors.

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3.Optimization of the site for promotion in search engines (SEO)

High traffic to the site is a prerequisite for receiving revenue from Internet commerce. Now that there are billions of websites on the World Wide Web, and new ones appear daily, the attainment of high attendance becomes especially urgent. How to achieve this? It is necessary that your site appears on the first page of search engines for the most important search queries for you.
This is what helps to optimize the pages of the site, which consists of two stages: the calculation of keywords (based on the results of analysis of the target audience and competition), the correct use of these words on the pages of the project.
Properly carried out optimization allows you to bring the site to the leading positions in search engines in 2-3 months after its “release” on the Internet.

4.Integrated Internet Business Marketing

But you will not be satisfied with only the optimization – it is understood not only by webmasters, but also by business owners and site customers. By itself, high traffic does not bring money , it is necessary to increase the conversion of the site, that is, the transformation of visitors into buyers.
To this end, a professional web studio has, as a rule, a whole package of special measures for the commercialization of the site, which, along with the optimization of the pages, also provides techniques for attracting repeat visits, and placing contextual advertising, etc.
For the customer, a marketing plan is developed for the comprehensive promotion of his business on the Internet, where all types of work, deadlines and expected results are detailed. Strict implementation of such a plan, its constant correction and analysis of results is the key to the success of your website.

Sometimes the term “site promotion” is used here, but professionals call this work “integrated marketing of Internet business”.

5.Advertising campaigns

If we are talking about a truly professional web studio, then its specialists not only create and promote websites – they provide services to long-existing, but not quite successful projects. For example, they can organize a competent and effective advertising campaign on the Internet, which is developed on the basis of the same analysis of the target audience, competition, integrated marketing. Such a campaign, on the one hand, is much cheaper for the customer than advertising in the media (mass media), and on the other hand it is much more effective, as it is aimed specifically at consumers of specific goods and services.

6.Training of the customer’s personnel

If you are told that it’s enough to make a beautiful site, to buy a sonorous domain name – and you can sew a bag for money – it’s people who simply deceive you. The site is the same business, and it requires daily work, and the work of competent, skilled developers.
So, only in a professional web studio you will be told that after the website is published on the Internet someone must work on it, and that there are only two options: either hire a specialist (webmaster, web marketer, content editor) and Pay him a salary, or train one of his employees a new specialty.
The second is more preferable also because your employee is already “inside” the business, knows its features and nuances. And he is interested in success much more than the web-master “from outside.”

So, a professional web-studio is always ready to train your employee with all the wisdoms of work on website promotion, on Internet trading, on working with payment systems, etc. The most effective form of training is when it starts simultaneously with the creation of the site, and the student Employee of the company-customer) is present at all stages of work.

7.Consultation of the customer

And, at the end, one more distinctive feature of professional web-studio is the readiness to render consulting support to its clients. And, as a rule, the first consultation is free of charge. Namely, the first consultation is very important, since the customer receives the most important information about the prospects of his business on the Internet, receives an approximate plan and determines the amount of expenses.
The need for qualified advice can arise even from a company whose website has been long time on the Internet. In this case, the purpose of the consultation is to show what mistakes are slowing the progress of the site to success and what measures it is possible to increase its income.

Please share your experience as a client of a Web Studio or your advice’s as a Web Studio owner in the comment section below.

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