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Today we will talk on a difficult topic – about optimizing the speed of site load. Many seo-experts try to avoid this parameter, because work on improving it requires a lot of effort, and the result is not always obvious. But we believe that you are not one of them.
So we gain patience, carefully read the article, analyze your site and improve the download speed!

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Effect of website loading speed on user behavior

Search engine algorithms have advanced far ahead of the first experiments to estimate page load speed as a direct ranking factor.

Today, talking about optimizing download speed, we primarily mean the impact on the user experience by providing the fastest content delivery.

Many visitors to your site simply do not have the patience to wait for the download of a page that is too slow. As a rule, the slow page speed leads to an increase in the failure rate:

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Why is it so important to work on improving the loading speed of your website?

The user will add an opinion about the page within the first few seconds after the transition. Your task is to justify his expectations. Of course, download speed is far from being the only parameter for successful involvement, but extremely important. Quickly providing content, you get more chances for successful conversion and user confidence:
download speed

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Load speed of mobile version of the website

Mobile is gaining an increasing share of the market every year, and not only in the number of visits to sites, but also in the number of conversions. And, accessing your site, users expect the same speed to which they are accustomed to desktop devices.

Add to this the fact that search engines are paying increasing attention to the convenience of using your site on mobile devices, and there is no doubt that there will be the need to optimize the loading speed of the mobile version.

Site speed checking services:

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Below are the online services for testing the speed of loading pages. This is not a ranking, their order is arbitrary and does not mean at all that the priority should be given to the service under the first ordinal number.

1. PageSpeed ​​Insights is a simple and convenient page speed test service from Google. Allows you to analyze the speed of loading the page for both desktop and mobile devices. Available both Russian-language and Ukrainian-language localization. The service clearly shows the available options for optimizing download speed when you don’t know how to optimize website speed, and also allows you to download already optimized images, scripts and style files. To the disadvantages of the service can be attributed the very system of calculating the “percentage of optimized”, because because of one picture with a lot of weight you can see “0/100” in the test results.

2. Web Page Performance Test – the web site speed test service has an English-language interface and its obvious advantage is the processing speed of the page.
– shows a visual temporary line for loading resources
– shows not only the full page load time, but also the DOMContentLoaded time, which visually shows when the user can start interacting with the page.
– the page passes 3 checks in a row, you are asked to compare the performance of each of them
– There is a choice of the device and the location of the server.

3. GTmetrix – Is one of the best speed test site a convenient service for working with the speed of loading pages, the recommendations are divided into categories.
Also, like the previous one, it clearly shows the waterfall of page load, the number of requests and the weight of the page. On the Timings tab, you can view the DOM loaded time.
The advantage of the site load speed test service is the availability of history on previously analyzed pages – you can compare the indicators with previous results. For registered users, you can select the server, browser and connection quality for verification.

4. Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test – website performance test has detailed structure of all the information on your page in visual tables, which allows you to literally in a couple of seconds to find what hinders the rapid operation of the site. In addition to the usual indicators it shows what server responses give the downloaded resources. For registered users, it is possible to automate checks.

5. Monitis – website load test service is relevant for international projects – simultaneously shows the speed of downloading the site from the US, Europe and Asia and calculate i’ts website load time.

6. Website Speed ​​Test – this website load time test service is suitable for a quick analysis of the downloaded items and the server responses they return. There are various options for the location of the server that initializes the scan.

7. Uptrends -website loading speed test allows you to run a test for 38 different regions. The report is divided into two groups – by domains and in the form of a waterfall. The first report groups the requests belonging to a particular domain. This approach makes it very easy to identify problem widgets or external scripts. The second report is an acquaintance for many other services temporary waterfall loading elements.

8. Dotcom-monitor -a  powerful service that allows you to check the download speed from a large number of points on any continent. It will help assess the degree of caching by comparing the check website load time for new and for repeat visitors. A detailed loading timeline is available in the form of waterfall elements.

9. Yellowlab tools – a relatively new website loading speed service with a bright interface that provides complete information about all the elements of your site and their impact on download speed. The report is structured by content groups, for more information just click on the row of interest. A separate report provides a timeline for downloading all scripts, allowing you to quickly see errors and warnings when downloading them. Allows you to select a device for testing.

10. Load Impact – an interesting website load testing tools that emits simultaneous activity of several dozen visitors on your site. The graph clearly shows how the page load time varies depending on the number of users online. Such testing often helps to detect problems that are not visible in normal checks by other services. During the load, you can also start any of the above analyzers and compare the usual scan results and results with increased one-time attendance.

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What else can affect the download speed of the site:

Online services do not always explicitly indicate to you the problematic loading speed.
Even with good performance, your site may still not be fast enough to load for users. Based on our experience, we highlight the most typical problems:

Number of products in blocks “New”, “Hit of sales” and other sliders

Do you know how many products are being loaded into such blocks of your store? We encountered situations where there were no restrictions on the quantity in principle and in such blocks all goods marked “Novelties” were loaded. For example, on this site there were about 1400 of them, which led to the following load indicators:

Establishing the sane quantity of goods for the blocks “Novelties” and “Sale” allowed to speed up the loading of the page several times:

Country-specific blocked resources

It should be remembered that testing the speed of the site usually runs from servers located not in your country. Thus, for the robots of these services will be available those resources that may not be available to visitors to your site.

Access to these resources is blocked by most providers, the browser will receive an error and continue trying to download the resource again and again, which will negatively affect the speed of page loading. In this case, the services will show that everything is fine.
Carefully check the code of your site for the presence of such elements and take measures – replace widgets with jump buttons, for Metrics use an alternative server.

Hosting load

Your task is to minimize the load on hosting, especially in case of lack of resources.
Carefully examine the server log and deny access to robots that devour resources and are not interested in promoting your site. It is much better to provide maximum server resources for users than for different crawlers.

As a rule, these are robots of many services for checking back links to the site, robots that are not interesting to you search engines (for example, the robot of the Chinese search engine Baidu), robots of seo-services that you do not use.

Problem modules of the site

Do not use hacked plugins and modules for your CMS. Most often, hackers leave surprises in the form of outgoing links or page generators.

Also be careful with the conditionally free modules, which unexpectedly for its users began to generate a lot of outbound links from the pages where it is installed. In addition to the deleterious effect on the download speed, will not spare your seo-efforts, having presented your site with a scrubber in the eyes of the search engines:

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Each of the services for checking the speed of the site can help you achieve the desired results. Naturally, it is not always possible to implement all the recommendations due to the features of CMS or hosting, however, you need to strive for this.

Remember that the servers from which the verification occurs are in most cases located in completely different regions than your users. That’s why the indicators should not be treated as absolute, but it’s worth comparing the download “before” and “after” the implementation of changes on the site.

If you want to accelerate your site in a comprehensive and professional way – contact a professional Q-SEO and the results will exceed all your expectations!

We wish you excellent loading speed for all your projects! Test, bookmark the most liked tools and share the article with your friends!

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