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How to promote a new website? If we answer very briefly to the question, what factor of website promotion will be the most important this year, we will tell you this website promotion ideas: back links in the first place and with very little backlog from them, on the second place, content. And, in addition, we add a high CTR, as an important factor here.

Not long ago, last year, Andrei Lipatsev, a Google search quality specialist, responded to a question about which ranking factors in Google are the most important: “I can not tell you all the factors, but the main are content, and backlinks to your website”.

Recent tests have shown the importance of backlinks – backlinks are more important than ever as a free website promotion method!

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Tests carried out by MOZ and Searchmetrics proved the high dependence of the site’s positions on backlinks to it. However, other ranking factors, judging by the reports, do not lag behind the importance of references.

Backlinks have very much impact on internet traffic and website-promotion but only naturally created not the ones created with website promotion software.

Do you know that Google uses more than 200 ranking factors? Too much for any SEO specialist for one time! However, backlinks remain one of the most important factors of site ranking.

In fact, out of 200 factors, ranking factors, the three most important, are related to back links.

  • – The number of backlinks is very important;
  • – Anchor references affect ranking. An anchor link must be relevant to the page that it directs;
  • – Backlinks should be of high quality.

Backlinks have always been important ranking factors, but many SEO agencies still rely only on them as the most reliable way to promote sites.

The reference mass of the site, as an important practical part of website promotion

The creation of a link mass to promote your website remains a priority for any SEO specialist and website promotion services, despite Google’s attempts to fight with purchased links. In any case, and not so important where you took the backlinks, they should be quality and relevant.

And the first step in this direction is to search for resources for your backlinks.

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And here are two important aspects along on how to promote your website:

– Understand for yourself what is a qualitative reference. When you are looking for a source of links, always ask yourself, do people believe this site? Do they reprint his materials? Do they quote him as an important source?
– Focus on relevant links. To effectively optimize the site, SEO specialists should link the promoted site as closely as possible with the industry itself. The search engine should clearly understand what kind of site it is, and that this site has weight in the eyes of the industry itself. That’s why the links inside the shop are so important website promotion tool.

Google pays attention to CTR, and considers the user experience as a ranking factor

Backlinks and content are without a doubt the main factors of ranking. But, in addition, Google considers the user experience and CTR as important ranking factors.

Google uses the CTR value to measure the value of a site. In addition, Google constantly conducts testing of the SERP, which can also affect the position of the site.

In short, the higher your CTR, and the better the user experience on the site (the percentage of failure, depth of view, time on the site), the higher your position in the search.

A study of the MOZ website promotion company said that behavioral factors showed the following: “There is an average CTR for each position in organic issuance, and the more often your site displays figures above these average values ​​for each position, the higher the chance that it will be assessed through increasing the position of your site in the issuance.”

The site’s position in the SERP and behavioral factors are, no doubt, related. The ability to keep visitors on the site is one of the key tasks of the optimizer. Here are some tips for optimizing the site for these tasks:

  1. – A fire chain or a string (English bucket brigades). One of the best SEO tactics for improving the user experience. The best example, Wikipedia, and its internal linking, which takes you to the depth of the text.
  2. – Constant work with meta tags title and description. Getting fast and high-quality information is all about search engines. And the description of your content should reflect this. Show Google that visitors simply dream to get on your site, and your ratings will start to grow.
  3. – More sense in the table of contents. Adding benefits to your reader will also affect the behavioral experience. Strong headlines will intrigue readers, and make him spend more time on your page in search of answers.

SEO strategy on how to promote a website?

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Backlinks, content, behavioral factors, CTR, what else can improve your position in the SERP? Forbes advises to add three important elements of promotion: video – live broadcasts, games of additional reality (Pokemon Go) and Google Penguin.

If you can save your site from the Penguin, while creating an exciting attention to the live broadcast, and even with elements of additional reality – the success in promoting your site is guaranteed to you.

It’s time to combine old knowledge with new possibilities and do not forget about free website promotion services!

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