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What will be remembered for this year and what are the freshest website optimization techniques?
A lot of changes occurred in this year in the world of search engine promotion. Among them: removal of PageRank, expansion of snippets and inclusion of Penguin, an algorithm that estimates the link site profile, into the main Google algorithm.

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Digital assistants occupy an entire large niche and change searches more strongly. Voice requests made with the help of Siri, Google Now and Cortana not only save the user’s time (because he does not spend it on entering data from the keyboard), but also show the most relevant information. And because of the significant difference from the text provide a completely different search results.

For example, Google Now generates search results based on data that is taken from everywhere, from where the user authorized: from personal preferences, current GPS coordinates, information from the calendar, e-mail, social networks and other sources.

Thus, in 2017, direct Internet requests will become less effective, since users simply do not have time to formulate and send a request. Digital assistants will pre-offer a solution in advance. However, this will positively affect the sites on which spoken content is actively used – simple and understandable texts.

2. Content from social networks is becoming more important for web page optimization.

Try to search the news in Google and you will surely come across tweets and discussions in other social networks.

And now, thanks to the agreements that Google has entered into with Twitter and Facebook, the information placed on these platforms will be indexed even more actively.

Any mention of the company, whether it is a review or a link to a website, located on the social page. network, it may well get into the issuance of the user interested in this information. It is worth paying attention to such content, because in time such posts PS will begin to equate to ordinary web pages and keep updated with search engine algorithm trends.

3. Application Optimization (ASO) seo latest trends

Optimizing Android and iOS applications is becoming increasingly important. Now applications are not inferior in functionality to sites, and in many cases are even more convenient and more frequently visited by users.

In 2017, for a large company, it’s important to have your mobile iOS or Android application and promote it. Due to the active ranking of application content, the role of “deep” links increases dramatically, and placing information about the merits of the company right in the application description gives a chance to get feedback from a potential buyer who does not even have to visit the site.

Google has been increasingly showing instant answers in search results. Information for such answers he takes from the most relevant sites with the right quality and good on page seo
and even draws charts and diagrams.

To take advantage of this top seo trends, you need to give the most complete and high-quality answers to search queries that correspond to the topic of your site so it is one of free search engine optimization techniques .


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5. The HTTPS protocol is one of the point in our seo best practices checklist.

Google has already made a statement that, when ranking, it will give preference to sites with HTTPS as new trends in seo. He has long called for the transition of sites to a secure protocol in order to end the theft of user data.

Now Google offers seo for wordpress tools for easy implementation of the HTTPS protocol and plans to tag the sites that use the HTTP protocol to notify users about unsafe Internet resources.

6. Local Search is one of the current seo trends

In 2017, local search promises to be one of the most important seo tools in promotion. For a business that is tied to a specific place, local optimization becomes very important and even becomes mandatory.

Google has long shown in the delivery of local search results based on the location of the user who enters the query. And it is quite possible that it will begin to show microlocal results based on data on the district or even the street on which the user lives.

7. Closure of reference exchanges and automatic promotion systems

And the reference exchanges, as well as the systems of automatic promotion of sites go into oblivion. And any tricks on their part in the form of advertising traffic links, stocks and discounts do not have a result, because there is no less effective method – natural links.

The natural reference mass was the main trend in 2016 and takes an even more significant position in 2018. After all, the best alternative to the purchased links are the backlinks from users to the sites they liked that were really useful.

Also there are seo trends and techniques in getting backlinks from forums, thematic sites, job sites, etc.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages is a technology for accelerating the operation of pages on mobile devices. Google suggests using the AMP library to optimize the pages. Optimized pages will be stored in a special cache of Google, which will provide them with an instant download.

More and more users come to search engines from mobile devices. And in 2017, mobile optimization will never be more important, which means that AMP technology will be used even more often.

SEO never stands still. And it’s time to get used to the fact that the websites need to constantly adapt and regularly solve the problems that are continually populated by the leading search engines. These changes have always been and will be.

And in order to save and increase organic traffic to the site, in our time it is necessary to monitor everything, even seemingly insignificant trends of search promotion.

And only seo analysis and constant work with the site will bring the desired results.

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