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The problem of website promotion with website backlinks is one of the key issues for webmasters and SEO professionals. It has gained its relevance due to the special attention from the search engines. The ability to manipulate search output via links is the main reason for the decrease in the specific weight of this factor in ranking.

Ever since Google launched the “Penguin” algorithm, unnatural links have attracted only problems and sanctions. Desperate discussions have not subsided since then – link building ideas, how to get quality backlinks, which link building tools are better to use?

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We will try to answer all these questions in this article.

  • Will the white hat link building help in 2018?
  • How important are link building strategies for promotion

Link building strategies are one of the most important ranking factors so far. The optimizers from came to such conclusions, which conducted a large-scale research.

After they analyzed 1 000 000 Google search results, they indicated the following link building tips:

  • the number of domains that link to the page more than other factors affects the position of the page in the issuance;
  • higher positions in the search directly depend on the reference authority of the resource;
  • the same anchors strongly influence the ranking in the search.

In addition, researchers argue that it is better to diversify sources of references. Simply put, it’s better to get 10 links from 10 different domains than from 1.

In fact, the number of referring domains is most correlated with the construction of the search result list.

Thus, to get into the top 10, you need to use free high quality backlinks.

In 2018, the most effective links for promoting are the following types: (how to get dofollow backlinks)

1. Links from public, forums, groups in social networks that are relevant to our site.

It is important to be able to find such communities where the target audience (CA) is going. And it is also important to organically conduct a dialogue, in time to advertise your site. Professional crowd marketing on suitable sites is able to attract high-quality traffic and free backlinks.

2. Multilevel links from high authority backlinks list.

They are a scheme in which the page is popularized, on which there is a link to the landing page.

Thus, we get a web of links, which gradually narrows to the center – the target pages on our website.

3. Links from quality websites that are thematically close to our resource.

You should pay attention to those sites that are trusted by search engines and create backlinks online free. Link from a site of poor quality will not be of use as backlink builder technique, but it can also hurt.

It is especially important to remember the quality of the site when using purchased links. Donor sites on stock exchanges are often not very high quality free backlink builder method.

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The right answer is that friendship wins! Using purchased links in symbiosis with natural has a lot of advantages. The main ones are the larger size of the reference mass and the diversification of sources.

However, the purpose of these tools is different. Natural links improve the behavioral factors of users, and the purchases are designed to improve the position of the site in search results.

However, both of these promotion tools should be used with caution.

Of course, natural links are a less risky tool than purchased ones. In addition, they often have a positive effect on behavioral factors. However, all these benefits are available only if the natural links are correctly placed.

There are following ways of obtaining them:

  • crowd marketing;
  • mouth to mouth marketing.

Mouth to mouth marketing – provoking positive responses and talking about the brand. People most of all trust the reviews of their friends and acquaintances. To encourage them to do this it is necessary to use their customers, employees, acquaintances. they are the basis for building a positive image of the company “from mouth to mouth.”

It is necessary to create a viral theme that will break out among them, and cause heated discussions. Usually the most effective natural links are obtained in this way – they bring the maximum traffic.

Content marketing is an increase in the reference mass due to commenting, writing reviews on suitable sites.

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It is necessary to use this tool carefully, so as not to create a negative image about the resource. The secrets of success are the desire to help users solve their issue, and an adequate assessment of the relevance of the donor site to our site. Don’t forget to do a backlink analysis after all.

How many links can I buy and which ones to choose ? What is link building ?

Buying links is like crossing a minefield in search of a treasure. Inaccurate action – boom! The site is listed in the filters of search engines, goodbye to traffic.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of donor sites and their number. And to do a frequent use of website backlink checker tools.

Many experienced optimizers recommend not to buy more than 100 links to young sites. For more verified sites, 250 purchase links are acceptable. However, this level varies depending on the number of natural links, but it is better not to take risks.

You need to buy links on the following principles:

  • Nonanchor links are suitable if the anchor is in the form of a website name, brand;
  • we focus on the eternal links – even the oldest link sometimes leads to traffic;
  • well-suited unique anchor links – repeating anchors are a clear sign of spam;
  • it is necessary to choose those sites of donors, which are most relevant to the promoted site.

To effectively promote the site links, you should control the volume and quality of the entire reference mass. We will use Serpstat to check my backlinks.

For example, we need to analyze the site Enter its URL and select the search engine.

We pass to the module “Analysis of references”, section “The summary report”. As you can see, the volume of the reference mass has sharply increased since December 21, 2016. It is quite possible that such an increase in the number of links is not natural. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the flow of natural links.

Go to the section “Crying domains” – analyze the sources of traffic. The higher the Serpstat Trust Rank and Page Rank, the more reliable the donor site. It is necessary to maximize the number of such sites in the reference portfolio.

In the “Anchors” section all the anchors are collected, which are used to indicate the link to the site. For internal pages of anchor links, there should be more than non-anchor links (approximately 25/75). At the same time, half of the anchor ones are on the main line.

To analyze the cloud of anchors, click on the “Export Table” button. Choose a convenient format and use also nofollow link checker.


What are backlinks are referral promotion still relevant in 2018! Only now it has a professional character. Re-spam of purchased links leads to sanctions, and poor-quality donor sites simply eat up the budget.

It is necessary to follow the principles that will help increase the quality of reference mass:

the principle of diversifying sources of links – the more different donor sites, the better;

the principle of maintaining the quality of donor resources – one should learn how to safely reject substandard sites for placing links;

the principle of relevance of the donor and acceptor – it is necessary to link sites of only identical subjects;

the principle of multi-level links – the promotion of donor pages, where a link to our site is placed, has a positive effect on the inflow of traffic;

the principle of weight and accuracy when buying links – do not buy too many links, and pay attention to sources of reference weight.

To track changes in the reference mass and follow the principles, it is necessary to conduct regular link analysis. In this case, problems and errors will be quickly detected and eliminated.

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