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Despite the fact that the promotion in internet has its own specifics, some knowledge can be obtained from different resources. In this list there are more than 100 resources for digital-marketing (blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts) that can be useful for a digital marketer.

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List of digital marketing tools and free marketing resources 

The market research service allows you to create your own cabinet and collect articles and discussions on Internet marketing from around the Internet. For this, when registering (five-second case), you should note the topics that concern you. In the private office, you can not only read the articles, but also participate in the discussions.

The blog about online marketing resources is divided into three parts: customers (how to properly service them), sales (how to sell more and faster) and marketing (ideas for marketers). At the end of some posts, you can find links to download useful e-book. One of these finds can be a workbook for beginners to introduce content marketing into their business or a pocket cheat sheet for writing texts for websites.

Initially it was SEOMoz, later the specialization expanded considerably and a new name appeared. The founder of the company Rand Fishkin is a well-known SEO specialist and marketer. The site has a huge amount of both its own publications and articles from colleagues. In the permanent rubric WhiteBoard Friday, specialists submit information in the form of a small video lecture. These and other videos can be found on the company’s channel on YouTube.

The name of the marketing tools speaks for itself – here they write about digital marketing. Secrets of increasing conversion, guides for creating advertisements, real promotion cases and much more. Some articles are available in pdf. There is also a podcast and a channel on YouTube.

Search Engine Watch
One of the oldest and authoritative sites on Internet marketing: SEO, social networks, content, analytics, web development, etc. Here you can also find out the latest news about digital.

Modern marketing, sales, testing and optimization, branding, mobile marketing and much more. Here, any topics related to Internet marketing are covered.

Latest news in digital advertising trends. For marketers who keep their hands on the pulse.

Seer Interactive
Guides for beginner marketers and tips for the more experienced. A large number of publications on working with Google Analytics data and digital marketing training. Curious cases. For example, “We removed 84 posts with poor quality, and that’s what happened.”

Iron Paper
Practical marketing tips for various business areas, based on recent research and trends. A useful resource for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

About digital marketing in plain language. Detailed tutorials, video tutorials, weekly roundups and podcasts. The main topics of the articles are Google Adwords and advertising in social networks.

Almost 300 pages with excellent articles and internet marketing resources that help solve the problems of digital marketers and give impetus to the development of their own ideas. The YouTube channel publishes useful videos on SEO, content marketing, site audit, etc. Regularly broadcast online.

The latest news in the digital marketing best practices, the best in a week, Digiday research, personal experience of other companies, a podcast, as well as premium content (magazine, latest research reports, access to the professional community, etc.) available after paying for the subscription.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel did everything to make his name become recognizable in the digital marketing resources space. His blog is a good example of how to write expert articles. Readability, design, visibility, completeness of information – all at the highest level. For each article, Neal releases a short video. A complete collection can be found on his channel.
Two more sites with useful materials of the same author and his team – Quick Sprout and Crazy Egg.

In the Learn menu, visitors to the site are offered an entire guide library in pdf format, online marketing tools, studies in the form of colorful infographic, site costing and marketing services calculators. Basically, everything is free.

A real knowledge base for the best digital marketing agency. The number of posts in the blog has long exceeded the one thousandth mark. Articles are diluted with podcasts on rather curious topics, sometimes going beyond marketing. Every week, the founder of Duct Tape, John Jance, publishes a short note with links to resources that seemed interesting or useful to him and people who are in internet marketing.

This blog has long gone far beyond the limits of SEO-themed. Now it covers almost everything that a digital marketer is interested in.

Search Engine Journal
An online magazine dedicated not only to search engines (despite the title), but also to everything related to Internet marketing. Here you can find the latest news and articles about content marketing, social networks (especially YouTube), SEO and digital advertising. Subscribers are offered several free e-books (some of which are simply gorgeous). Plus, you can listen to a podcast or save your favorite releases on the computer. On a channel in YouTube, video broadcasts often appear.

Expert lingrids on Internet marketing, backed up with illustrative examples, infographics and practical recommendations. Especially a lot of information on the development of content strategy (willing to download a free book with exercises). SEO specialists also have something to learn from the blog.

Marketing Experiments
For those who love experiments. The blog is updated rarely, but there is a large video library with tips and cases in the field of Internet marketing.

The sea of ​​information on increasing the conversion of Landing Page and optimizing the costs of advertising campaigns in Adwords. In general, many useful thoughts on the topic of Internet marketing, outlined in an interesting form and sometimes flavored with humor.

User Testing
Tips for improving the user experience and making the site as user-friendly as possible. Studies, tests, etc. In exchange for e-mail, a free book on the topic is available.

Library of content on any topics related to Internet marketing (the rubricator has more than 20 topics). To read articles or listen to a podcast, you need to register. There are frighteningly many materials, but not everything is available in free mode – for video tutorials, guides and reports will have to be paid. In the online seminars section you can also find free ones.

Analytics, email marketing, social networks, SEO, e-commerce, marketing strategies for specific industries – the main topics of articles in the blog. In the Reports section, you can download several useful white paper and reports on the company’s research.

The team of marketers of the digital agency TopRank Marketing publishes daily news in its blog (the weekly roundup also appears in the video format), interviews colleagues, tries to predict the future and provides valuable advice from the practice.

Marketing Cloud
Another piece of knowledge for the Internet marketer. In addition to expert articles in the blog, there are several dozen excellent white paper in public, as well as a podcast.

A website from Adobe from marketers and marketers. Interviews, opinions, insights and simple articles about digital are all available to anyone who is interested in marketing and is looking for inspiration.

B2B Marketing
Articles about marketing in the B2B segment, as well as news, cases, how-to guides (also available for download after registration). Premium subscription allows you to access additional materials.

A blog about modern marketing, telling about the latest trends and innovations in this area. Some articles are accompanied by useful e-books, available for free download.

Not only articles about digital marketing (especially SEO), but also monthly roundups, reviews of important news, case studies and walkthroughs and digital marketing tools.

Business 2 Community
Digital, social networks, marketing, sales, business, finance, technology – the main topics of publications. Regular updates several times a day. Free white paper library from various companies.

News and the latest trends in the world of digital, as well as interesting observations, supported by statistics. A distinctive feature of the blog is the “Day of Life” heading, where specialists from different companies talk about their work.

News of the digital space, which can be filtered at will – advertising, e-commerce, social networks, search engines, technologies, business. The material is published relatively rarely (by the standards of news portals), however, it is always possible to intercept something important.

Best practices, insights, success stories and experience of companies in the field of online marketing. And also the latest news for those who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in social media marketing resources.

Altitude Branding
All about branding: from creating a brand to promoting it on the web. Users are also offered a free book “Top 10 tools and resources for branding.”

Expert recommendations on how to use advertising channels on the Internet most successfully, a lot of materials on AdWords and paid search marketing, as well as useful for advertisers statistics. You can download white paper.

Arm Worldwide
A lot of useful for CMO and small and medium business owners. Articles are published every day – there is enough useful reading material about digital marketing strategy.

Walkthroughs, hacks for marketers, and real stories such as “How a terrible mattress from IKEA has changed our marketing strategy.”

Affiliate marketing, online advertising, data-driven marketing, lidogeneration, promotion through opinion leaders. Studies and guides are also available.

Articles on digital marketing: reviews of various tools, expert recommendations, a look at important events in the media space, and much more. A real find is a digital library for marketers.

Quite an original concept of the magazine (like design). The company seeks annual revenue of $ 10 million and shares with readers every step on the way to its goal (at the moment the revenue is $ 5.2 M). The subject of marketing, of course, is not the last place on the road to success.

Event MB
Blog for event-managers with advice from experts on organizing and promoting various events. Ideas for inspiration, howto-guides, trends, technologies, as well as an interesting column with the opinion of the team of the authors of the magazine about the latest news in the event-sphere. Free e-book on request.

Seth Godin
You probably heard Seth Godin’s speech on TED Talk. He is an entrepreneur and specialist in many spheres, who has something to share. Seth wrote more than 30 books. And most importantly, he writes daily to his blog, and his thoughts are accessible to everyone. It can not be said that each post is of practical use, but it makes you think.

99 signals
A blogger with extensive experience in digital Sandeep Mallia puts out a bunch of useful information in the form of posts and free e-books for digital marketing agency. The topic of Internet marketing is supplemented with notes on productivity, online service reviews, monthly compilations of articles on SEO, etc. The presence of the Advanced SEO section, in which advanced SEOs can find something interesting for themselves, is pleasing.

Articles and internet marketing tools from Ryan Stewart – an expert in marketing. A lot of practical hacks that can be used here and now. The blog is available both in text form and in video format (with transcript). Free utility is attached. Just look at this!

Practical strategies and other usefulness for SEO professionals and digital-marketers. Most often in the form of short notes.

Matthew Woodward
Blogger, businessman and award winner Matthew Woodward shares his knowledge of digital marketing in his blog. Do not shy away from the author and black SEO – in one of the articles he gives detailed instructions how to earn $ 1000 on the site using link spam. The blog has a lot of detailed tutorials, cases and reports on the owner’s income.

Rebekah Radice
Rebecca creates posts that are actively distributed in social networks (look at the number of rassharivany). She tells how to develop a marketing strategy and get new customers using different channels of attraction. Expert tips are also available in audio format.

This pair proved that the two can not only create a family, but also build a successful business. Scott and Alison Stratten published four joint bestsellers on business. Their online project Unmarketing.com calls for abandoning the standard marketing approach and increasing user engagement. Each post in the blog is a story from personal experience, allowing to understand how marketing works in practice. Unpodcast – a boltology about marketing in audio format.

Heidi Cohen
Heidi Cohen is a professional in marketing. In the past – work in the largest companies, and now the focus is on transferring knowledge to others (Heidi acts as a speaker at various events and gives advice). Her page is a guide to practical marketing and best digital marketing tools . The author gives recommendations herself and interrogates in the interview of other experts.

Marketing strategist David Mirman Scott has released a series of books that have received a good response from well-known publications, and now shares free marketing, PR and sales tips on his page.

Chris Ducker
Chris Ducker helps create a personal brand and make it recognizable. His blog is a free box of knowledge for experts who want to become opinion leaders and build a business on this. Accordingly, there are many articles on blogging and Internet marketing, which are accompanied by videos (the channel on YouTube). Fans of the British accent can listen to his podcast.

Jeff Bullas
In the blog of Jeff Bjullas, articles about the entrepreneur’s daily life echo the practical recommendations for promoting the business on the Internet. In his free book, the author describes the blogger’s path to success in 8 steps. Of particular interest are his early publications about online marketing research tools .

A collection of solo articles on a variety of topics directly related to online marketing. Content is plentiful and it is published often. Articles are not so bulky (for someone else), as in blogs of competitors, but you can find useful.

A relatively rare update of content, but occasionally come across entertaining materials that make you look at the problem from the other side. The articles are devoted to Internet marketing, web design and the Internet in general.

Brian solis
The web analytics and author of several bestselling books by Brian Solis.

A selection of useful guides for the marketer in pdf format.

Marketing Over Coffee
Podcast in the intersection of marketing and technology. Talks about digital, interviews with experts. New release every week.

Andrew and Pete (YouTube)
The channel has fewer than 1,000 subscribers, but these creative guys can not be ignored. Often their publications come across in other people’s blogs about digital. It is clear that when writing guest posts, Andrew and Pete are laid out 100%. Their channel can be safely recommended as a source for inspiration.

Jay Baer (YouTube)
Jay Bayer, in his own words, helps companies get customers for free. He often publishes short videos on his channel, in which he answers specific questions about marketing and shares his secrets.

Gary Vaynerchuk (YouTube)
Gary Vainerchuk is an entrepreneur, a writer and a personality, generally known in the Internet space. The number of subscribers on his channel is confidently moving towards one million. Marketing, social networks, lifhaki, motivation – there are playlists on a variety of topics. It should be warned that the friend speaks quickly. Fortunately, most videos have subtitles.

Eric Enge (YouTube)
The channel as a whole is updated rarely, but there is one entertaining rubric – “Here’s why”, in which Mark Traphagen and Eric Enge of Stone Temple explain any aspect of digital marketing in a rather original form in 3-5 minutes. Subtitles are attached.

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Content marketing

Content Marketing Institute
Perhaps, every digital-marketer from time to time peeps at this site.
This is practically an encyclopedia of content marketing. Here you can not only read articles, but also download free e-books, as well as listen to podcasts (there are two of them on the site – both of different directions). The YouTube channel publishes conference records.

Convince & Convert
If you believe the inscription flaunting in the upper corner, this is the No. 1 blog for content marketing (according to the version of the previously mentioned CMI). In addition to the articles, there are several free e-books and white paper available for download. Plus, podcasts on internet-marketing.

One of the most famous blogs about content marketing and content creation. There are many articles, however, it is not so easy to find content that is really useful for practical application in such an ocean. Even after registering on the site, you can access free e-books.

A blog about content marketing with specific examples and best practices. On the page with free resources, infographics, white paper, webinars and cases (in brief form – just one pdf-page per case) are presented.

The Content Strategist
Blog from Contently, dedicated to the development of content strategy. Contently willingly shares thoughts, ideas, studies, as well as successful stories of his clients.

Content marketing in detail. Cases that can be used in practice. There are no Longrides, every post is a short note. Daily updates.

Orbit Media Studios
Collection of practical advice on content marketing, analytics and web design. Detailed lingrids practically do not leave additional questions after reading.

Here, you learn how to combine marketing and video production to get the most effect. A lot of useful information for those who want to advance with the help of video, but do not yet know how to do it.

Funny, but this blog is almost empty, but still it is worth paying attention to at least because of this article. There are one such guides per million. And, perhaps, it makes sense to periodically look at the site – there will suddenly be something else worthwhile.

The blog is rarely updated, but there are many in-depth articles useful to marketers, bloggers, SEO professionals and copywriters.

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In the blog a little more than 30 articles, but what! Not only that each of them is the size of a mini book, so it is also updated periodically and supplemented. Brian Dean is the author of several link building strategies that have been adopted by many specialists. This he wrote a well-known among the SEOs article on 200 ranking factors in Google. With all this, it is worth noting that other experts often criticize his article.

Google Blog by topic. Another useful resource with research is the Research Blog.

Search Engine Land
With the help of this site it is easy to track the latest changes in search engines (mostly in Google) and digital-space in general. Well, of course, expert publications about SEO, as without them. One of the most entertaining materials is the periodic table of SEO factors. A similar site about digital marketing – Marketing Land.

It’s hard to get past this blog. Despite its external simplicity, it contains hundreds of mega detailed tutorials and articles with expert opinions on various issues. In addition, not so long ago, they gave an example of a detailed report on SEO-audit.

Blog service, familiar to everyone SEOOS. Most of the published materials are devoted specifically to SEO and linkbuilding, but in general all aspects of online marketing are affected. The value of this blog is in the presence of a large number of own research and real cases in the field of SEO.

The blog is dedicated to SEO and content marketing. Infographics, statistics, examples for inspiration and just interesting articles. For example, discussions about the methods of promoting other experts.

Articles about SEO techniques and tools to increase traffic, as well as tips on how to make content on the site as attractive to search engines as possible. Pay attention to how much each material is worked out!

The SEO Project
The most complete list of all strategies for linkbuilding existing on the network (2017). It is also available free of charge in pdf format (400 pages).

Developers of the popular Yoast SEO plugin for Wordress are running their SEO-blog, where they consider the most different aspects of search engine promotion. In addition to articles on search engine optimization for beginners and advanced users, you can find materials on analytics, work with social networks, case studies to optimize specific sites and much more.

Search Engine People
Just a good blog with articles from the pros.

Another blog with detailed seo-guides for beginners. There are interesting articles on topics related to the provision of SEO services (how to get rid of a toxic client, how to learn SEO, why you should avoid “affordable” SEO, etc.).

The site of one of the most famous SEO agencies in the US. Here you can find not only good articles, but also, which is especially valuable, a few deeply worked guides that can be saved in pdf format.

Matthew Barby
With updates, the situation is not very good, but some articles simply amaze with immersion in the topic. Despite the light “stale” majority of materials has not lost utility. Particular attention should be paid, for example, to an article about how to publish on top sites (Forbes, Guardian, Mashable, Moz, etc.).

Robbie Richards
Robbie Richards publishes, for the most part, articles on SEO. He does it not so often, but each article is a mega detailed longray with lots of examples. Well, a few more free e-books from the author can be carried away.

Raven Tools
A minimalistic site. The minimum of pictures is the maximum benefit. Many real cases from the company in the format “problem – solution – the result”. At the same time, proprietary tools are actively promoted (where without it).

A Sage’s Journal
The author of the blog shares the results of experiments in SEO and content marketing with his readers, develops competitive content strategies and finds ways of writing content without expert knowledge. With the updates rather tight, but the topic in each article is fully disclosed.

How to steal an idea for a million dollars, how to choose a niche with low competition for a site where to take external links – here a beginner blogger will find answers to any questions. Everything is based on real examples. And yes, the blog stopped updating last year, but it does not depreciate the available information.


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Occam’s Razor
Perhaps the best blog on web analytics from an experienced specialist and the author of two bestsellers Avinash Kaushik.

Analytics Vidhya
This blog, rather, it is for analysts, not marketers – great attention is paid to technical details. It is worthwhile periodically to drop by to keep abreast of the latest news and trends in analytics.

Online Behavior
Articles about targeting, testing, usability and analytics. Strategies and techniques that will help analysts evaluate marketing efforts and optimize websites with the help of the data.

A blog about analytics, marketing and testing. Practical advice and recommendations, howto-guides, work on bugs and answers to important questions for marketers.

Analytics Academy
A free course from Google is an excellent knowledge base for analytics. Here you learn not only how to use your own Google Analytics product, but give a base for general data analysis.


Copy Hackers
“We built a million-dollar business on blogging” – this is how the authors of Copy Hackers write about themselves. Now the team teaches others to write eye-popping texts. The main theme of the blog is copywriting. Many useful tips for writing sales texts, including video format. Also you can find tips for freelancers-copywriters and hacks for Internet marketers.

Kate Toon Copywriter
Kate Toon is an experienced SEO copywriter and consultant. In the blog she tells not only about her copywriter experience, but also shares her thoughts on marketing, SEO, business, motivation, freelancing. It is updated rarely, about once a month and a half.

Kate has several projects. She also runs her own podcast about copywriting, the channel on YouTube. She also has a blog about SEO, where dry texts are backed up by video boards. There you can also find a podcast devoted to SEO, where experts are often attracted.

Enchanting Marketing
A copywriter and author of several books by Henneki Dustermat leads a terrific blog, where he gives a lot of advice on writing texts of a very different orientation. You can also subscribe to the free newsletter and receive short notes from the pros on your e-mail.

SEO Copywriting
All about SEO copywriting. In addition to articles on how to write SEO texts, the author gives recommendations on working with customers, which are especially useful freelancers-copywriters.

Kopywriting Kourse
Strange illustrations, similar to those painted in Paint, the use of “k” instead of “c”, simple design – at first you do not take this blog seriously. In fact, the articles here are just wonderful, and most importantly – useful. And what an unusual and amusing presentation of information!

Business Casual Copywriting
This blog is a good guide for a beginner copywriter. Here are recommendations for writing texts, and many useful examples from the author’s practice. The blog is rarely updated, but it is worthy to be on the list of the best.



This ecommerce website builder offers a lot of information for marketers, with a great blog (https://blog.3dcart.com) with marketing tips, free business tools, and a dedicated eCommerce University.

Blog number 1 by e-commerce (as modestly mentioned in the footer). The company Elastic Path is engaged in the development of software for online stores, so I gladly share my experience.

Another number 1 ecommerce-blog by themselves, but in this case it really is believed. Those who work with e-commerce – read necessarily. News, trends, detailed statistics, infographics, techniques that use successful brands, and much more.

This company can be cited as an example of successful content marketing – they create truly high-quality and useful content for their target audience. How to properly photograph products, how to sell cosmetics, how to correctly fill in the description tag – answers to these and many other questions can be found in the blog. On YouTube, the company puts out tutorials, tips for businessmen, success stories of its customers, etc.

Click Funnels
The site provides services for the introduction of sales funnels for business, and the blog specialists spread their experience on the topic accumulated over the years of work. The information is presented both in the form of text, and in the form of audio (interview with experts).

CMS Critic
Surveys of various CMS, CRM, hosting, templates for sites, plug-ins, marketing platforms – in general, everything you need to do business on the Internet. Here are the tips for choosing online tools, howto-instructions and much more.

Ecommerce Platforms
The mass of information necessary for the owners of online stores. Starting from the choice of hosting, ending with the promotion on the network. There are also free buns in the form of e-book or vector graphics for the site.

Here they learn how to correctly write product descriptions, create catchy advertisements for social networks, optimize pages for search engines – in general, help to increase the conversion of an online store. And then they publish a selection of articles on ecommerce from other sources and provide useful statistics.

Looking for suitable ways to increase conversion? Do not know how to make your customers more loyal? Expert longrides are long in life to help you. There are many here. Prepare to immerse yourself in the abyss of knowledge.

Klient Boost
Steep articles about PPC advertising, retargeting, analytics and conversion optimization. A lot of free resources: gifografika, guides, webinars, courses, audio interview, video from conferences (you can download slides), as well as reports on the results of work with various companies (briefly listed the actions taken and the result).

This blog helps owners of online stores and landing pages correctly conduct experiments and tests to increase the conversion. Case studies, real examples and a free e-book on the subject are attached.

Ecommerce Fuel
Here they write about internet marketing and SEO for e-commerce, but this is just one of the directions. The authors share tips on business in online trading (store opening, dropshipping, outsourcing, selling business, etc.). Many personal cases. Content is updated fairly rarely.


Social Media Examiner
A site that every SMM-box should know about. The nuances of promotion in social networks, research, recommendation, khaki – everything is collected in one place. Here is the podcast and the morning SMM weekly talk show in video format (available after registration).

Thousands of tips on how to create attractive content for social networks and get the most out of it. Must-read for those who develop content strategies for social networks.

Sprout Social
A bank of knowledge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn (publication of content, user involvement, analytics), presented in the form of guides, cases, and infographics.

The Social Media Hat
The design of the site, of course, raises a number of questions, but this certainly can not be said about the articles – they are very detailed and qualitative. The main subject is SMM, but there is something about SEO, email marketing and blogging. The manual for “survival” in Facebook (75 tips, secrets, tools, resources and hacks for business) from the author of the blog any reader can get for free after entering e-mail.

Kim Garst
Kim Garst is one of the ten most influential marketing experts in social networks according to Forbes. In her blog are published as own articles about digital-marketing, and guest posts. If you work with Facebook, you probably will be interested in the free ebook offered by the author.

Jon Loomer Digital
All about creating an effective advertising campaign in Facebook. The blog is highly specialized, so on its pages you can find answers to almost any questions about working with this site. In the podcast, John, in addition to Facebook, speaks on other topics.

Post Planner
A blog about social media marketing, which differs from the others not only in the topics of the articles, but also in the original design and illustrations. Here you can exchange your e-mail for the free book “101 ways to increase your involvement on Facebook” (it’s as attractive as blog posts).

Buffer Social
For the most part, the blog is devoted to SMM, but there are publications on the subject of digital in general. Plus, the company shares its cases, as well as the chips and tools used in the work.

Social Quant
Promotion in social networks and everything connected with it. Articles are relatively rare, but each time pleases the depth of immersion in the topic. Periodically you can find interesting infographics or a real case for promotion in social networks.

Email marketing

Klondike for email marketer. In addition to articles in the blog there is a section of resources where white paper, useful reports, guides and infographics on email marketing are waiting for you.

Another no less useful resource for those who deal with email-lists. Here you can find everything you need to develop a successful email marketing strategy: video podcast for the design of letters, infographic with trends, relevant articles and e-book on the topic.

Examples of mailings of various companies, check-lists for email marketers, professional secrets, recent trends – is not a complete list of topics of articles published in the blog.

A lot of advertising of the company itself, but in general the resource is good, with a large number of publications – it is useful to find.

BONUS: resources for bloggers

Smart Blogger
Secrets, tools and guides for smart bloggers. Here you will learn how to create a blog, what and how to write in it, how to promote it and how to earn it. This includes information on useful tools, marketing techniques, the application of design to attract attention and much more. In exchange for e-mail readers are offered a pdf-cheat sheet with many examples for writing killer headlines for blog posts.

Blogging Wizzard
A useful resource for bloggers and no less valuable for marketers, as it contains a large number of tips for promoting and improving the sales of the information product.

Blogger Tips And Tricks
Articles about creating blogs and their further monetization. A lot of good guides from the category “for dummies”.
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Become A Blogger
All that a beginner blogger needs. Simple and understandable text guides supplement author’s infographic, video and audio.

Blog Tyrant
When the author sold one of his first blogs for $ 20,000, he realized that blogging can provide a good life for himself, and he took up online business. In the process, a considerable amount of knowledge and experience accumulated, which resulted in a new blog with proven strategies and practical guides.

Here you will learn how to choose a profitable niche for a blog, create content that promotes itself, and also get to know all methods of monetizing a blog. For a long time there have been no updates, but the information is still enough. By signing up, you can get a free book, which lists 1781 profitable niche (written in 2015, supplemented in 2017).

John Chow
John Chow will tell you how to make money on blogs. Periodically skipping in the tape numbers showing the income of the author, motivate for productive work.

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