What social network to choose for doing business online?

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When you are engaged in sales in social networks, it is important to understand not only clients, but also platforms on which you communicate with them. Let’s figure out which social networks are right for your type of business, advantages and disadvantages of social networking and categories of social media. Types of social networking services

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What is it? social networking pros and cons
Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Every month, it is used by 2 billion people, and this is more than the entire population of the United States and China. Just think about it.
What are the advantages?
Because of its huge user base, this social network is suitable for almost any business. In addition, for this, it has special useful functions like Facebook Ads, a convenient messenger and the ability to create a business page. Perhaps, Facebook is the most powerful social network for doing business.
What content is better to upload?
In the past year, live streaming has become very popular on Facebook. Users of this social network are very fond of video, which means that if you want to conduct an advertising campaign, you have to shake the dust off your camera and talk about the product on the air.

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What is it?
The social network from Google is going through hard times since its inception in 2011. Nevertheless, its launch has so scared Mark Zuckerberg that he then declared a “state of emergency” and ordered employees to work hard to improve Facebook.
What are the advantages?
The main advantage is the connection with the most popular search engine in the world. This is the strongest argument in terms of starting a corporate page on Google+. In addition, many believe that activity in this social network increases the likelihood of the page of your product being searched.
What content is better to upload?
Any. Google+ welcomes all kinds of content, including what’s related to other Google products, such as YouTube. Here are popular videos, hyphas and images.

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What is it?
Some people think that LinkedIn is a social network for finding work, but it’s not. Here you can reveal the concept of the brand and develop the business.
What are the advantages?
Recently, LinkedIn has developed great business tools, such as a sales navigator that allows you to quickly find potential customers. Minus – LinkedIn is blocked in Russia. But many Russians still use them to bypass the lock.
What content is better to upload?
In LinkedIn, you need to behave more conservatively. Share interesting articles that tell you about your brand or field of activity, but only those that suit professionals. So no gifok and long videos – save them for Twitter and Facebook.

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What is it?
Instagram is the second largest social network by the number of active users. Initially, it was a mobile application, with which you could share pictures from your phone with the world. Soon it was bought by Facebook, and it gave a good result: in the social network there were video and the function of live broadcasts.
What are the advantages?
After the addition of broadcasts and stories Instagram has become an even more powerful platform for doing business. If your brand has some kind of visual product, be sure to choose Instagram. If you have nothing to show, you can still use this social network to tell the story of the brand and introduce customers to the corporate culture.
What content is better to upload?
Photos and videos. That’s all you need. And yes, do not forget about hashtags.

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What is it?

In Pinterest, you can compose collages and compilations of various visual elements to then show them to the client or your team.

What are the advantages?

Particular attention is paid to this site DIY, personal care, food, travel and design. This is the perfect place to find ideas for future projects that you can share with buyers or employees. Pinterest, rather, an internal tool for business than a means of public communication.

What content is better to upload?

Photos, product images, infographics. Any visual content with which you can tell the perfect story for your board on Pinterest.


If you have not decided which social network to choose, take a look at this simple infographics:

3 main types of social networking sites

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