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In this guide I will try to explain how to create backlinks manually.

The bulk of SEO companies say that they are engaged in white external promotion of sites and do not use any black methods. In fact, the opposite is true. The methods they use are far from white, and the real ones are black.

Customers of SEO services are mainly specialists of other directions. They do not even understand what they are ordering. Mostly they trust the professionals, the main thing for them is to get the result: positions, traffic, sales.

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The society is finally confused, what is the difference between white and black promotion of the site. Some believe that white methods are internal promotion: a quality website and content. Black methods are external promotion or links.
Is it so?
Not really. Many can not give a correct definition because of the lack of reliable information. When you enter the query “white promotion methods” in the search engine, pages with recommendations for internal SEO are displayed: create high-quality content, write unique texts. On external optimization, just a couple of phrases: promote in social networks, register in the Yandex-directory.
I propose to disclose in more detail the difference between them. Internal methods, as well as external ones, can also be divided into black and white.


  • Content for customers, not for search engines.
  • Quality website (convenient structure, usability).
  • Technical component (fast download speed, module performance).
  • Do not mislead about the true purpose of the site.

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  • over optimization of  pages (has long been not working).
  • Invisible text (frequent phenomenon).
  • Generated content or cheap rewrite (very often).
  • Non-unique text.
  • Duplicate pages.
  • Redirects to sites with “other” content.

If the internal optimization is more or less clear, then with the external full porridge. The bulk of customers do not even understand how you can create links with white methods.
Almost every customer asks, and where do you buy links? What link exchanges do you work with?

It turns out that buying links (black methods) or link exchanges is much more popular segment, while many do not even understand that there are white methods of external promotion (see item 4):

  • replacement of broken links;
  • sending cool content;
  • ask for an opinion;
  • proposal for pages with resource lists;
  • replacement of lost references of competitors;
  • references from suppliers and customers.

My main desire is to engage in white methods of promoting websites, without blacks, but today I will be as frank with you as possible. Yes, I also use black optimization. I’m not ashamed of this because customers need results. What works best, show sites in the TOP, and there are often black methods of promotion.

Today I would like to cut off all those black methods that no longer work and show another way of using them  and  will explain what are dofollow backlinks. Prepare to learn effective promotion methods that you will not:

  • pay exchanges for placing links;
  • spam on forums, comments and response sites;
  • create a grid of dead satellites;
  • do automatic runs through catalogs and dead sites;
  • create web 2.0 sites.

Let’s consider other effective black methods:

  • links are created for people and search engines;
  • get thematic traffic;
  • No sanctions and filters;
  • there are no payment for accommodation;
  • maximum impact on positions;
  • these methods are used even by the most white SEO specialists.

Interested, is not it?
How to do it, read step by step in our course.

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Let’s analyze this concept. Crowd marketing (crowd marketing) – commenting on forums, blogs, question-answer sites. The main goal is to leave a link, mention or other information.
Does this type of promotion work?

Of course it works, it also gives traffic! The effectiveness lies in the choice of sites on which you leave links. The main requirement: they must have traffic, a live audience.

Almost all SEO companies that offer this kind of marketing create a real spam that will not give you good attendance and will not affect the position. Moreover, the risk of being punished for it is huge.

It is difficult to blame resources or sites that offer this type of marketing. Any customer immediately asks about the cost of the link. If you voice an expensive price for a quality link, you will never be booked. Cause? Someone has the same price for dozens of spam links.
People well understand the difference between BMW and Zhiguli, the Maldives and Egypt, but the difference between quality and the number of links is understood approximately.

2. COMMENTARY OF PUBLICATIONS and how to create backlinks to your site for free using this method.

Do you know what is surprising? Those who create rules, they also violate! Matt Cutts, the former head of Google’s Web spam team, back in November 2013, said that he left links in the dofollow blog commenting sites list on his blog or Google’s blog. His main message was that if you use only such a promotion strategy in your link profile, it will look very suspicious.
Do not comment on dead sites where there is no traffic, audience. Free dofollow backlinks will not give you anything. The worst thing is that these blogs have long been spotted by spammers and automatically send out their messages, by adding links hundreds.

Check the actual search traffic using serpstat, ahrefs, semrush or general traffic using similarweb to find high authority backlinks list. High-level sites have a high level of moderation, so any garbage there will not pass. Accordingly, spammers go side-by-side. The more valuable will be the link.
Write a cool useful commentary on the article that will complete the information. Insert the link so that without it a comment could not exist. Interesting useful content will be a pity to delete the moderator, so he is allowed to live.
Sometimes for success, you need to make several other comments without references to create backlinks free. Then you show your activity and prove that you are not a spammer, but a living person who is interested in content.

With a strong moderation, try leaving a link to your group in the social network, the YouTube channel or just a text message without a hyperlink – it helps to create traffic.

Be sure to fill out the form to add a comment:
Name – add your name and surname, in no way the promoted key or the name of your site;
e-mail – any existing e-mail, it is possible not personal, but such that to it there was an access;
website – better not leave the site in this form, then you will not look like a spammer, usually I leave this form empty;
comment – the more useful and more the comment is, the more likely that it will live, the link should be part of the commentary and have the maximum relevance.

Do not post a link to hundreds of forums that do not have traffic. Choose 5-10 of your themes with your regular audience. These forums have a very serious level of moderation, there the spam links will not pass. Moreover, in 99% of cases they are removed and you will not be able to create backlinks for seo there.

For the result you need to be active on the forum, respond and comment in other branches. Raise the rating of your account. Preheat the target branch and leave a link that needs to be accompanied by quality and good text. This process can take several days.

Can such work be done by a specialist in crowd marketing who is not familiar with the subject matter?
Perhaps it depends on the level of his intelligence. But quality depends on knowledge. But no one can replace a specialist here. It is dangerous and can cause harm when in the medical forums the performer will do the work without special education.

Leaving a link is not enough, it is important to surround it with the right text that solves the emerging issues on the forums. These links give traffic and maximum impact on the position. For those who leave a sufficient number of messages, many forums allow you to leave a link in the signature. This is also additional links and traffic.
Avoid advertising in every possible way, use “hidden advertising”. Try to answer popular questions as honestly as possible with detailed information about their solution.

It is better to leave a couple of links on a well-known forum than hundreds or even thousands on spam.
Also use forums of general orientation, in which a large number of topics. For example use the most popular forum – Some experts can attract such traffic with reddit, that it lays the site tightly. Customers have to switch to more powerful hosting.

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4. SITES OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS and how to create backlinks for website with it.

The most famous ones that come to mind are the answers of Yahoo, I will say right away if the response in Yahoo is very difficult, a great level of moderation, then is much easier.
Register your account and leave your questions, answers, comments with links. To search for ready topics, it is enough to enter the promoted keyword into the search box. The system selects a large number of ready-made questions. Remember that even if the site leaves your link, you will receive additional traffic when you make a cool response.

Do not stop at popular sites, look deeper, you can find many other similar resources. For example, for one of my clients, I found over 80 ready-made questions on the site (17.3 million traffic according to similarweb). The process of registering and writing comments with targeted links takes a minimum of time.
Links from question-answer sites should give real traffic, then they will work also for promotion in the TOP.

Moz conducted an interesting poll. How many SEO agencies and freelancers use guest posting in their website promotion scheme. The figure was about 90%. A similar survey was conducted by ahrefs, according to which a significant number of users responded positively to this question.

Do you know what SEO guru Brian Dean and Neil Patel are all about? They always recommend advancing by white methods. In this case, Brian Dean for all time wrote more than 250 guest posts. Neil Patel writes at least 100 guest posts every year. How does it work? Google in the face of Matt Cattle, a couple of years ago, said that guest posting is a black method of promotion.

Let’s define the difference between effective and classical methods of guest posting.

Brian Dean and Neil Patel create content for other sites the same way as for themselves. They do not write for the sake of creating links, but for the audience of other sites, to increase their popularity, to receive referral traffic and influence positions. That is, they create quality useful content. And most importantly, they do not pay for its placement. Why? Because the necessary interesting materials almost any site will post for free.

The classical scheme to which we are so accustomed: to use the help of exchanges of links ( or to pay for posting an article on contacts directly. In such situations, accept almost any content from 2K characters, stuffed with advertising, which is not interesting to users. Moreover, it minimally affects positions + is dangerous by applying a filter (Penguin).
The most interesting thing is that on many sites there is the possibility of placing paid and free of charge.

Take the budget that was allocated to the links exchange or for paid placement, and spend on creating cool content. Almost any site will take a quality article. In addition to the maximum impact on the position, you get thematic traffic and sales.

On link exchanges websites, you will never be able to buy a link to the blog. Do you know why? Because they are not there. But if you offer them interesting content, the article will be published.

In addition, I will reveal the secret of Neil Patel, which he applies for his publications. Since he is a master of his own business and writes really a lot, writing an article from him takes about 3 hours. And this is more than 10K characters. At the end of the work, he comes up with a name for the material for several hours. And this is 60 characters.
I wonder why?
According to statistics, 80% of publications do not even open due to the fact that the article has no attractive title. You can create cool content, refine it with infographics, data, pictures, spend a lot of time on the text, but if the title is not interesting, at best, get only 20% of readers. Therefore Neil Patel first writes, and then he comes up with a long name.
I studied the subject of attractive headlines for a long time and collected all the information into a single whole. Writing an attractive title called “Everest Engineering.”

When talking about the catalogs recall the times allsubmitter or hrumer. It was enough to do an automatic run using this software to get positions, traffic. Now it has not worked for a long time. I do not even know if there are those who still add such links. It seems this method is more spamming competitors, there are several hundred links from the adult sites. You have to constantly monitor and add them to the disavow file from Google.

The resulting directories no longer work?
Work and bring results. The most important thing is to find catalogs that have their own extensive audience. Check the real traffic using similarweb, search traffic and queries. Do not automatically register links, avoid such sites. Google even introduced the Opossum filter, which was directed against spam catalogs.

Only manual registration with a unique description of activities. If possible, add complete contact information – this raises the confidence of users. Remember, they are created not only for the sake of links, but for obtaining referral traffic. A lot of local companies are promoted only in catalogs, because it is difficult for them to compete with large experienced websites.

When should I use directories?
They are best suited for promoting local issuance. The topic in this plan is taking to the background, because it is difficult to find many thematic local sites. Look for the general catalogs in which your region is represented. Such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, 2gis and others.

There are also a lot of directories that are created for a specific region. For example, almost every city has a catalog of companies or a poster.
Now we have smoothly moved to the most important thing, how to search for sites where you can place content. If everything is very simple at the stock exchanges, it’s enough to register. That with manual methods it is necessary to use search Google, Yandex, Bing, Yaho, catalogs and Twitter.

Do not try to find information in dead catalogs, better use known and visited, where the base is real and trust. I use : .
You can search for the desired rubric by searching and heading. It is clear that not every site accepts guest posts, but it’s always worth trying.

USE SIMILA RSITE SEARCH and how to create backlinks with it’s help.

I do not even remember where I found this site, but it’s cool. All you need is to insert any blog into the search, the service will show the analog sites. For example, put in the search and see the results.
Sites like


It is difficult to achieve fast results by some white methods of website promotion, that’s why almost all use black methods in addition. Only exchange links procedure and automated software no longer yield results, as before, there is a risk of overlapping filters like Penguin.

Forget about the classic promotion schemes, go to new methods. Create best type of backlinks for customers for real traffic and sales. Such links give the maximum results for promotion in search engines. The most important thing for search engines is quality, not quantity. 1 link, over which the real traffic flows, gives many times more than thousands of links on dead sites.

To create such links, you do not need to use link exchanges services, you do not need to pay for paid placement directly. Create high-quality content on other sites: comments, answers to questions, guest posts, catalogs. Then you get real thematic traffic, positions and sales.
Spend money not on link exchanges, but on creating quality content. This is what all search engines appreciate, this is what Internet users value. Revise your expenditure and move on to new methods of work.

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