9 best services for creating bots (including free)

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Hhat is a chatbot and what are the best chatbot development platforms ?

According to Gartner, by 2020, up to 85% of business communications with customers will have to be bots created with bot framework. Already, they are interviewing job applicants, issuing bank loans, making money transfers and performing many other tasks. In addition, creating a chatbox that answers simple customer questions is cheaper and easier than hiring and training a support worker.
Here is the list of services that will help you make your own bot without even programming skills: (facebook messenger bot list)

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List of chatbots free services:

The service is suitable for small companies, although it has functionality for large businesses. With ChattyPeople you can make a bot for the Facebook messenger. It is enough to be able to handle a computer mouse and keyboard. The bot created with this service can answer simple customer questions, but it can also be integrated with the e-commerce platform Shopify.

Flow XO
In the chatbot development service Flow XO, you can create more “advanced” bots for Slack, Messenger, Telegram and other platforms. In use it is not as simple as ChattyPeople, but you do not need to be able to program it either. Flow XO has many integration options: it can be integrated into JIRA, Buffer and GitHub services, which will facilitate communication both with customers and within the team.

This multi-platform chatbot development service is suitable for those who already know how to program a little, but not enough to fill the hand. In MEOKAY, you can create many interactive scripts so that the bot can conduct a more lively conversation. Beginners in the creation of the bot will help technical support.

The strength of Morph.ai is speed. Create a bot in minutes. Another feature of the chatbot development service is the processing of natural language and the use of in-depth training. They help the bot to conduct a much more lively conversation, not limited to primitive answers. This is not the most budgetary solution – the optimal set of functional without restrictions costs $ 299 per month. The bot can be integrated with Twitter, Slack, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Shopify, Zendesk and even CRM-system Salesforce.

With this chatbot development service, you can create a bot with a simple functionality for free to communicate with a limited number of users (up to hundreds) per month and integrate it with Facebook Messenger. Bots created with this service can work with video, images, audio and other file formats.

With Botkit it’s easy to design and create free chatbot , but it only supports Slack. The chatbot development service is suitable for the role of the first platform for learning and experimenting with chatbots. On Botkit, you can test the technology before buying a subscription to one of the paid tools for bot development .

If you believe the creators of the Chatfuel chatbot development company service, you can use it to launch the bot in Facebook Messenger in just seven minutes. Programming skills are not needed – everything is done through a simple user interface. The bot can be integrated with other platforms, including JSON and YouTube. Chatfuel services are free.

Recast is suitable for those who want to focus on one bot, not to do many bots on different platforms. In the list of possible integration – all standard applications, as well as Kik and Skype.

Cortana Intelligence
The platform developed by Microsoft Cortana Intelligence chatbot development company allows you to create bots to perform a variety of tasks. This service is not for beginners. To use it, you need knowledge in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But the level of abilities created by Cortana Intelligence bot will impress anyone.

Manychat – chatbot development company with virtual robot builder. It is one of the best as facebook chat bot for messenger.

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