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If you ask Google “What is omnipotence?” Here is what it will answer: the quality of having unlimited or very great power.

So, to be successful in business today, you need to be present everywhere: social networks, media, profile conferences, news and … messengers. We linked the omnipotence with the conversion, because being anywhere your client is comfortable means selling more. The article will be useful first of all to business representatives who are only thinking of introducing chatbot for business into their processes, but are not yet quite sure how to do it and what benefit such a decision will bring after you create facebook chatbot .

Almost every person who has a smartphone today, at least once used facebook messenger chat bot. From the user’s side, the bots look like simple programs in instant messengers that can solve basic tasks using text messages. For example, help you find and book an air ticket or pick the right bow in the online store. But how does all this look on the other side of the barricades, how does business integrate chat bots into their work and what real benefits can they bring to it and how to create a chatbot? Is everything so simple to create a bot for website ?

Total digitalization and omnipotence

Business is increasingly becoming client-centric, and digital transformation is modifying business processes and approaches to customer service – the emergence of new technologies allows the consumer and his expectations to determine the development of the company or brand.

Omnipotence is one of the main components of business digitalization.
There are many definitions of this concept, but it most accurately expresses its essence: seamless interaction of the brand with customers, allowing to make a continuous client way using different platforms.

So that you do not confuse the multichannel with omnipotence, we add the following definition:

Omnipotence is an opportunity for the company to communicate with the market through the use of various communication channels, all information is combined into a single system, where it is further developed and changed. Omnipotence is an approach to communication with the buyer, in which the buyer chooses the most convenient channel for the purchase. The prefix “Omni” is translated as “existing everywhere”. What does this mean in practice? The fact that, firstly, absolutely any store should be presented both in offline and online, and online – equally well represented on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone). Secondly, the buyer should receive the same experience, as when visiting the online version of the store, and from any device, and when visiting an offline point. All trade formats of a single store must have the same prices, the same level of service, the same stock and the same range. – here to you and “seamlessness” – a note of edition.With omnichannel all channels are united around the user. Client, making a customer journey, can seamlessly switch between channels, and at the same time receive personalized service. The main goal of omnichannel is to create a positive client experience.

According to Gartner, by 2018, half of the companies will try to change the business model so as to improve their user experience. And by 2020, the user experience will overtake the value and quality of the product itself (Walker) in its significance for the consumer.

Omnicannality is the key to first-class customer experience, and, consequently, to increase the profitability of the business. According to Forbes today organizations use on average 35 (!) Different systems for data collection, which are practically not integrated among themselves. It turns out that most companies do not know how to identify a customer and do not understand the mechanics of his customer journey through various digital channels.

Modern users, especially Millenials and the Generation Z, in communicating with brands are important:

  • instant and adequate feedback
  • quality customer service online
  • seamless interaction (omnichannel)

lear and convenient interface, the ability to order and pay for a product or service in a couple of clicks.

In front of the company there are a number of important tasks: to be able to identify and track the client’s way, to form a pool of data about him and very quickly respond to user requests in any digital channels.

On this path there are several main barriers:

– companies can not work independently with Big Data
– do not know how to identify the client. The results of Dimension Data research around the world show that only 36% of organizations can track cross-channel transitions.
– do not understand how to automate the work of the customer service

According to eConsultancy, consumers prefer to receive support primarily through three main channels: telephone, email and chat on the site. And 61% of them can not easily switch between channels when communicating with the customer support service (Aspect). The problem of automating customer service and customer support when changing channels is almost 100% closed chat bots.

Chat bots and Omnipotence

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Seamless brand communication with customers is realized through a pool of different technologies. The use of bots helps to increase the efficiency of the client service, primarily by routing and personalizing incoming calls.

According to BI Intelligence, November 2016 chat bots allow you to save up to 30% of resources, proportionally increasing the overall profitability of the business. : By themselves, technology is losing its value to online users, in the first place is a quality and fast customer service.

The modern client wants to receive an answer to his questions here and now, promptly solve the problem, get timely help or advice. At the same time, a user can visit the company’s website from at least 3-5 devices, and from several accounts from different social networks. However, he expects that the dialogue with him will continue from the place where he finished it. The request of the service operators to repeat several times their requests causes only irritation.

In order to remain effective, the business enhances customer support: companies use the services of outsourcing contact centers (KCs) or try to create their inhouse, but the old scheme of work only with voice calls does not allow KC to be effective.

Large business uses corporate KC for information support of clients. The working day of ordinary employees is limited, while the need for help from the client can appear at any moment, whether it is late evening or a day off. Chat bots can also provide customer support 24/7. Accordingly, the need for bots will only grow.

According to the analytical company iKS-Consulting, the average annual growth of the outsourcing contact center market to 2020 will remain at the level of 5.5%.

And the second point – quality customer service without processing text channels is impossible today. Text channels increase the share in the total volume of communications, and this puts the task before business to be able to work with them effectively. To communicate with companies, 90% of modern consumers prefer to use instant messengers (according to Twilio).

This is one of the key points on which the developers of chat bots are doing – the automation of the work on processing simple primary hits. For example, the introduction of YouDrive’s bot support in the support service helped to reduce the number of calls to the company.

The majority of modern consumers are not against the first contacts with business with the help of chat bots. To quickly get answers to your questions, many are willing to interact with chat bots. According to emarketer to ask questions to companies in online chat rooms and instant messengers already prefers a third of all active Internet users.

Web assistant Nina of a large Swedish bank Swedbank conducts up to 30,000 conversations in a messenger per month and can process more than 350 different customer requests. This level of service is what many companies are striving for.

The figures are known according to which improving the quality of customer requests processing by 10% can increase the efficiency of sales by almost 2 times. Create your own chatbot and you can improve the quality of customer support, while not doing additional costs to expand the staff of the sales department.

There is another point, which many prefer not to mention out loud – pseudo-nomenclature. Very often the suppliers of IT solutions or marketers talk about the omnichannel approach and the introduction of seamless interaction in business processes. In fact, the company or brand just learned to work with several different communication channels. The client, communicating with the company, does not receive any seamless experience: at the client’s request, the manager of the company does not see what his colleagues in the other channel communicated with the client.

To develop an omnichannel approach, it is necessary that the company’s management has a clear vision of digital transformation, as well as a formed strategy for working in digital and text channels.

The results of Dimension Data research around the world show that only 17% are able to identify problem points of interaction on the client’s way. For most companies, mapping out customer transitions between all channels and analyzing problem points of client experience is an impossible task. Namely, these places are growth points for proactive digital communication with customers. Implementing scenarios for proactive interaction with users is helped by smart chat bots in conjunction with artificial intelligence and Big Data.

Where and in what business will bots be useful?
How to integrate chatbot in website?

How to create a chat bot? Best free create facebook bot services are manychat and chatfuel!

According to, today the most promising industries for the use of bots are related to customer service. First of all, this is banking, insurance and e-commerce, as well as booking tickets that must create messenger bot definitely for increasing conversion.

Chat bots make customer service more efficient by automating routine – this is one of their strengths. The more “smart” chat bots, the more a fraction of the standard recurring processes they are willing to take on. Here are a couple of inspirational examples.

In the mobile H & M application, the chat-bot asks the client questions about the preferred style of clothing. Having collected complete information, the bot gives recommendations on things that best suit the taste of the buyer.

In the HelloAva startup, the bot works as an expert, which gives clients personal advice on skin care.

But an example of the successful application of an advanced bot is Zoryan’s clever chat-bot. It was implemented by the Ukrainian operator of communication Kyivstar. In the database Zoryana 12 000 standardized answers to customer questions, the bot helps with solving 70% of incoming questions. He works on the company’s website, in its social networks and instant messengers, and he helps the call center of the operator.

The reference to Zoryan is in the standard voice menu, if desired, the user can ask his questions to the bot: 25% of callers pass from IVR to Zoryana. And only 10% of these 25% then call back to the KC again. This indicates that the bot is coping well with the solution of simple client requests, unloads live operators and takes the main routine of communicating with customers.

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According to forecasts of Market Research Future, the world market of chat bots will grow by 37% by 2023 and reach a turnover of 6 billion dollars. The use of bots for effective communication with customers in digital channels is only gaining momentum and in the near future will open up broad prospects for business.

  • Despite the bright prospects from the introduction of bots, which are heavily fueled recently by the media, there are a number of serious limitations in their application:
  • Business does not understand how to implement bots. It does not have a formed strategy for working in digital channels or a digital transformation road map.
  • The development of bots is divorced from business processes, and many IT vendors tend to raise the HYIP to increase the flow of applications.
  • In the mass sector, bots do not yet know how to recognize the voice qualitatively and translate it into text. The market has very advanced solutions, but their cost is still very high.
  • There are practically no solutions on the market that can be easily integrated with third-party platforms. Therefore, it is difficult to introduce chat bots into business processes. One of the pioneers of such solutions is LiveTex, which recently released a communication API to the market, with which you can not only build a bot into the platform for omnichannel service, but also collect statistics on all calls from all text channels and calculate the effect of their implementation.

What is in the dry residue?

Today, business is just experimenting with chat bots. He applies them to optimize customer support services and automate routine activities. For business, the attraction of chat bots lies in operational efficiency and cost savings, as well as in managing interactions with customers. Chat bots can become a competitive advantage, helping to save time and money and increase customer loyalty.

The forecasts say that the market of chat bots will grow, and the use of artificial intelligence will make them much “smarter” and will greatly expand the functionality. However, there is no magic pill. The business will have to do a great job of digitizing all its processes, external and internal communications.

Customer support through digital channels is a promise of speed, efficiency and, to a large extent, a sense of control. Chat bots are a great tool for this, with the help of which you can create a real omniscience client experience. However, it is important to understand how to create a bot and how you can correctly adapt the bots to the business processes and structure of the company.

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