Whom to choose, a Freelancer or Web-studio ?

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Whom to choose, a freelance web developer or Web-studio (website design company )?

Before promoting the site, the question arises who will do this.

Future choices and success depend on the right choice.

If the decision is wrong, the budget is merged, the time is spent up to six months, and in the worst case, filters from search engines are possible.

So let’s carefully consider all approaches.

There are 2 options for promotion: on their own or entrust to others.


Self-promotion is a good option, which has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: cost control, analysis of competitors by a specialist in this field, independent forecasting.

The main advantage is full cost control.


It is the consuming part of the customers that bothers the most.

What they will go to: text, links, work, other.

The analysis of competitors should be done by a specialist in this field, he knows the client better, who has to offer a unique trading offer.

Self-forecasting implies establishing a starting point and the necessary work to reach the level of competitors in the TOP.

Everything seems to be fine, but the main question is, do you have any special knowledge for website promotion?


And the second no less important point is, do you have time to study new trends in the world of SEO?

If time and desire exists, then begin to study the internal and external factors that affect the results.

Remember, for effective work, you need to devote a few hours a day to watching the news in the world of SEO.

However, no one will ever return.


Spending energy and energy on the study of a new subject, time is proportionally lost to the main direction.

Strong and successful in all areas can not be, therefore, and there is a distribution of labor.

An incorrect promotion strategy can lead to sad consequences.

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On the Internet, a lot of not up-to-date information on the promotion of sites written under the old algorithms.

The main question arises: “To whom then will the website be assigned?”


Freelance web developer VS Web design studio

Freelancer is a performer who performs work remotely, independently and takes a narrow direction.

A studio is a team of specialists who work on one project together.

Let’s look at the advantages.

Freelance website designer

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– Low price (no rent, labor, other)
– Contacts directly with the performer

Best web design agency

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– Division of labor between different specialists
– Higher level of trust
– Possibility to conclude an agreement
– Timely communication
– Different payment methods

Price is really the first parameter that any customer pays attention to.

There is no desire to overpay anyone, but I always want to get excellent quality (check digital studio website).

And then the bulk will give preference to the freelancer, who does not have the cost of rent, salaries, taxes …

A non-negotiable advantage or still there is another side of the coin.

freelancers versus web-studio

Let’s figure it out.

Frequent cases of loss of a freelancer after payment or in the process of work.

The studio has an address, full contacts, the possibility of concluding a contract minimize these risks.

Find freelance developers. Suppose that we have found an experienced and honest specialist.

Can a freelancer give this quality at a low price?

Everything depends on his level of knowledge, training and tasks. (see his freelance web developer portfolio)

If we talk in general on the promotion of the site, then the freelance jobs from home can not be effective.


Because it is the work of several specialists of different directions.

To be strong at once in everything, to find time for this is physically impossible.

Website promotion is a process consisting of market analysis, selection of a list of keys, analysis of competitors, choice of promotion strategy, writing texts, creating content.

And these are only internal algorithms.

Consider external algorithms: articles, perpetual links, publications, press releases, forum links, comments, social media.

Let’s imagine that a freelancer knows the whole process of promotion and can really do it all.

Then it is more correct to compare the freelancer with an individual specialist.

Freelance website designer VS Programmer

For effective promotion it is important to conduct full audits on the site.

Find all the problems and make the most of it.

Of course, a freelancer can know the standard validators, check common errors and pass it to the client programmer.

And if the programmer does not exist or has he exhausted himself?

Who will then deal with the correction?

It is important to find not only problems and solutions to them.

To correct mistakes, it is necessary to involve the programmer, and this is the setting of tasks, the search for the performer, control over the implementation.

And what turns out, the freelancer performs the administrative part + part of the tasks given to the remote programmer.

Many decide – it turns out to save on the administrator.

But this is an imaginary economy, the administrator performs this work faster.

And the time that is spent on the administrative part, reduces the time given to the project.


Can a freelancer write better than a copywriter, whose daily tasks create cool text.

Texts are needed to fill in the promoted site and for publications on external sources.

A copywriter who writes at least 10K characters a day for several years, quickly analyzes, collects the necessary material and creates.

Even an experienced freelancer will lose a copywriter and can not create such a text.

Given the text filters from the search engines – it can end also sadly.

Even with a minimum budget for promotion, you need 10 publications from 5K characters.

And this is 5 days of copywriter’s work or a working week.

For 1 project, a freelancer must spend 1 working week just writing texts.

In this case, you can order the text remotely.

Form the task, find the executor, control the quality – this administrative work also takes time.

Again, the freelancer is wasting time.


All written text must be filled on the site.

Can a freelancer do this better than a content manager, who knows different CMS and his hand is precisely at the speed and quality of the fill.

Conduct an experiment to fill 100 pages of meta-information, even in a familiar admin panel.

The fill rate is 4 times less than the content manager!

A fill text should be readable, with multimedia.

For the analysis of flights can spend several hours, then what is done in a couple of minutes.

Even elementary tasks require time to understand how to do this.


Analyze the references of competitors, determine the parameters that for the given subject matter have brought the maximum benefit.

A quick surface analysis – does not give a complete picture of which links competitors use.

To do this, it is important to follow links, study content, location.

This work takes up enough time, requires more patience.

According to this analysis, it is important to choose the right promotion strategy.

Where then to take time to analyze new algorithms, changes in the world of CEO?

A strong SEO optimizer is someone who can quickly change the direction of advancement in case of significant changes.

To do this, it is necessary to spend several hours a day studying new publications and innovations.

It is important to be an active participant in blogs, forums, news sites.

In view of the above factors, calculate how much time will be spent on training.


Many prefer to work as a freelancer, because contact is made directly.

Also there is a misconception that the freelancer responds faster than the administrator.

Do you really think that while doing work for a copywriter, a programmer, a content manager, a SEO specialist, will the freelancer have time for operational answers?

Freelancer will quickly answer you exactly before payment, then plunge into work and discuss small details will be difficult with him.

What is the advantage of an administrator:

– solving small issues without a direct specialist;
– transfer of questions directly to the person in charge;
– control over payments and execution of administrative part

Freelancer will not be able to perform all tasks, therefore he will delegate some of them to other remote workers.

This administrative work takes time: negotiations, setting the right tasks, monitoring the implementation, payment.


You negotiate with a freelancer and negotiate directly.

You have been discarded by an individual proposal, written a lot of recommendations, made a promotion strategy.

It was all done for free to attract you.

Also, you talked on the phone or on Skype, discussed orally the questions you are interested in.

You have been wasted time and you see interest.

And now imagine how many other potential customers need to skip offers, pay attention to individual approach and analysis.

If out of 100 potential customers 1-2 can become real.

Do you think a freelancer has so much time to attract customers and perform quality work?

It is also wrong to think that a freelancer, attracting you, will only deal with your project.

After payment, you can check and make sure – the activity to attract new customers will not decrease.

And now think about how this specialist will be able to promote your site, responding to 50 new applications per day.

How to check?

Register a new application from a different name and get the answer of your artist 🙂


Imagine that all this is done by one person: attracts, negotiates, analyzes, services, promotes, supervises.

Try to perform more than one action at a time and evaluate your results.

Take any other profession and see how there is a division of labor.

In medicine, a doctor is a broad concept: a pediatrician, a dentist, a urologist, etc.

What do they have helpers: nurses, nurses.

Why do not you treat all diseases from one doctor?

The same approach when promoting sites.

Effective promotion can be performed only by a team of specialists from different directions in a digitalstudio.

If the freelancer is unable to complete the entire volume, he will also seek help remotely.

Remote employees – it is always overpayment more than 3 times.

The distribution of labor is the achievement of evolution!

Does it save money for the quality of work?

Think well and make a measured decision …best web agency or best freelancer

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