Gradients: A New Modern Trend In WebDesign

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Duplex in web design: an overview of the color trend that captures the world


Gradients are also a duplex (or multiplex, depending on the number of colors).

Gradients are often used as backgrounds, but sometimes they are applied to overlay (to another image). Gradients are old as the world, but in 2017 they are again in a trend.

Such an important design element, like color, deserves special attention. Every year there are new and new trends, and the features of using colors are no exception.

The gradient has returned to web design, so much so that it claims to be one of the key trends of the current year. Someone perceives this fact as an omen of the decline of the flat era. Someone enjoys the extra opportunity to gently and unobtrusively revive the design of the site.

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Distinctive features of the new gradient

Modern gradient backgrounds are implemented using CSS3 code. They are much softer and calmer than their predecessors from the era of Web 2.0. Although, of course, there are also catchy, screaming options.

Gradients are combinations of two or more shades, allowing to create a new, unique color. Today, this trend has become firmly established in the design of sites, illustrations and graphics. Its use helps make the site truly unusual and unique. Such modern and fresh solutions look good and please the user’s eye. The site, in which gradients are used, will be clearly remembered, as well as all unusual and unusual.

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Monochrome colors have become ordinary and boring, and when it comes to design, you need to impress the user. It is important to do this unobtrusively and appropriately. It is difficult to say whether the trend will continue to use gradients for a long time. It is possible that with the advent of new “chips” it will be safely forgotten. But for now gradients remain a popular and topical solution. What is the reason for their popularity?

A memorable and beautiful design element. Since we are not yet fully accustomed to gradients, we perceive them as something new. Designers strive to make the site beautiful and memorable, avoid the routine and templates. In this regard, gradients are a real find. They attract the attention of the casual user.

Uniqueness. Creating a truly unique brand is not an easy task. The choice of colors is limited to 20 general colors, many of which are associated with existing companies. Gradients open wide opportunities for a combination of colors and shades: you no longer need to focus on your competitors, you just need to choose a beautiful combination from the palette you like.

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Naturalness. In reality, there are many more gradients than one-tone colors. It is enough to look at the same object under different lighting, on shades of the sky or the sea, various materials, etc. Gradients are everywhere. Perhaps, their use would become logical and natural and in virtuality.

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Such bright colors. The human eye is accustomed to bright colors. They create a positive attitude, pleasing the eye. Gradients are colorful and playful combinations that will look great on the site. And this is another argument in their favor. A good example is this Web Site 
Modern trends in design are phenomena that come and go. It is possible that the gradients will not last long. However, they definitely deserve the attention of those who like non-standard and unique design solutions.

Gradients have not been used since the design of the landscape for several years, but recently they have become very quickly gain popularity, and the blur technique has changed.

Usually the gradients made minor changes in the design, Apple’s icons in iOS are a vivid example of this. Now, the gradients are large, bold and combine a large number of different colors.

The most popular technique for using gradients in 2017 is to use two gradient colors superimposed on a photo (this technique may look quite amazing!) This is a great way to attract the attention of users or make an interesting photo a bit more intriguing. You can also use a gradient as a background.


Given the popularity of simplicity, the gradient had to give up its position. However, many companies, including Apple, provided him with a successful comeback. But it should be noted that the use of a gradient in graphic design has undergone significant changes. The main idea of applying this style today is in the same simplicity. If earlier the riot of colors and shades, bold combinations was the main way of giving depth and volume, now with the same purpose muffled tones, palettes of flat and material design are used.


Gradient has always been and remains an interesting design solution. He is able to animate and make any resource fanovym. In the gradient there is nothing excessive and tasteless. If you do not like its contrasting and iridescent options, you can always choose a softer and more mild.

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