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I do not know what moved the American programmer Patrick McConlogue, but once on his way to work he decided to conduct an interesting social experiment. He offered one of the homeless, habitually located on the lawn in the city park, to make a choice: get a 100-dollar bill immediately or go through a free programming course led by Patrick himself.

To his surprise, the disadvantaged citizen chose the second, so the programmer had to provide him with several textbooks, an old laptop and start learning. We still do not know how the fate of the homeless man will turn out, he chose a fishing pole instead of a fish, but the history has received such a big resonance in the network that it is possible to assume with a high probability of its quite favorable completion.

The salt of this story in the context of this article is that even if the “Old homeless man” is ready to gnaw programming without laziness, then what we young, smart and promising are waiting for? Moreover, there are enough free courses in the network that will help to do this easily and quickly. All the resources presented below provide simple, understandable interactive lessons on

  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • PHP,
  • Ruby,

during which you will receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also perform practical tasks.

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It is considered that for quality education you need perseverance, time and money. If it’s difficult to argue with the first two points, you can still think about the third one. Is the material component able to determine the level, and most importantly, the quality of education?

Modern practice shows: “Good – does not mean expensive,” and the availability of Internet resources as a determining factor in obtaining education raises the desire. Get the necessary knowledge and information of interest in leading universities in Russia, Europe and America is now possible without even leaving home.

Currently, the distance education system is actively developing, now it is no longer a problem to obtain a full-fledged education in virtually any subject remotely. Online training has a number of advantages – training at an individual pace, freedom and flexibility, accessibility, social equity. In the network there are more and more services that help to gain new knowledge.

The article contains a list of resources for online learning, which are of interest primarily for programmers.

So, you decided to learn how to program. You’ve heard something about Swift, sitting late at a cafe, your friends are whispering about Node.js, and you wonder for weeks about who Ruby is and where you can meet her. The only thing you are sure of is that you are missing something big. It seems that now everyone understands programming, and you still think that CSS is the next serial about policemen or Counter Strike Source online game 🙂

We bring to your attention a selection of online courses that will help you get on the course and understand the basics of programming in different languages. Soon you will be able to talk about Python without mentioning your uncle’s terrarium.

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Codecademy offers free programming courses in languages ​​such as Python, JS, PHP, Ruby, HTML and CSS, Java and SQL. It has one of the most extensive audiences among resources of this kind, which is primarily due to the variety of courses.

Code School

Code School uses screencasts and video tutorials for teaching about Ruby, JavaScript, iOS-development, HTML / CSS, providing material through interesting stories. Despite the fact that most of the content is designed for advanced programmers, new courses are available for beginners, telling about the basics of programming.



Bento This resource was created by the developer of StackOverflow, and it is a tour of the best guides on the network, including videos, interactive classes and reading materials. Bento is free, and submits the material in an absolutely logical sequence.


Treehouse is an interactive platform that teaches websites and web applications in languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Java, PHP (WordPress), Objective-C, JavaScript and Ruby. Video lessons show and explain the material, and tests help to consolidate what has been done.


This course contains materials on frontend and backend development written by experts in this field. Students are available daily lessons and a connection with a personal instructor in Skype.


Udacity is the development of the Computer Science course at Stanford University. Training takes place in the form of video lessons with built-in tests, and homework is also present.


Using the combination of online courses and individual training, Bloc is very flexible. The program is quite expensive and rich, but it provides a high level of training.


HTML5Rocks is Google’s collection of free lessons to help solve various problems. The video is often accompanied by various diagrams and written instructions, and in the comments you can find useful explanations.

The Code Player

This is a collection of free videos showing the process of performing specific tasks. The uniqueness of this resource lies in the fact that users are watching the process of writing code (as the name says), while the speed of viewing can be changed.

Khan Academy

A great place for people who want to learn how to create with the help of code. This free platform uses video tutorials from experts covering many different topics.

Code Avengers

This resource looks good, but newcomers are not satisfied with the lack of video instructions. The languages ​​offered for study are JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The site received many positive reviews as a platform for developing the skills of junior programmers.


Programmr is, in fact, a browser-based development environment that allows you to learn programming languages ​​without video lessons and the need to download any software. In short, a great place to try out the knowledge obtained somewhere else. The resource also hosts various competitions.


This platform is very similar to the previous one, but this time only the Ruby language is available. The design of the site is very pleasant, and the learning process will be clear to everyone.


This resource is also intended for learning the Ruby language. On the site you can ask questions and share the created materials.



One of the largest resources for learning web programming. Training is free, and the course program is very, very full.


A platform for improving your skills from Linkedin, which provides access (unfortunately, paid) to more than 5 thousand different courses. However, you can take a 10-day trial period and learn everything you need.

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Well, you probably chose the resource that suits you, which means it’s time to act! Good luck!


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