Is it time to change the theme of your WordPress site ?

If you are not a professional web developer, perhaps you do not particularly go into the details of how the theme used for WordPress is specifically designed. But, despite this, it is easy to determine whether your topic meets the current requirements for websites. Or it’s time to invest in updating it and replacing it with something more advanced.

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If you are reading this article, you are probably already thinking about updating the theme of your site on WordPress. Let’s simplify your task by reviewing several important indicators that the website should match today.

Adaptability and mobility

Is your theme adaptive? Did you see how your site looks on your smartphone or tablet? If not, then take your phone and open your site. What do you see?

  • Are the navigation menus convenient?
  • Can you find what your target visitors should find in one or two clicks?
  • What about images? Do they have the right size?
  • Have you checked your site for adaptability and usability on your mobile device? If not, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test or Bing’s Mobile Friendliness Tool.

Google has already announced publicly that it ranks sites in search, including by how well they are suitable for viewing on a mobile device.

Therefore, if your site looks weak on mobile devices, you can search for a new theme. Premium templates, as a rule, are immediately developed adaptive, and there are many different options for customizing the appearance.

Need for Speed

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Themes can significantly affect the download speed of your site. If you use an old, long-not-updated template, then it will be very useful for your business to look for a new theme, specially optimized for download speed.

John Mo, an analyst at Google, recommends the optimal download time for one page of the site – 1-2 seconds. And here’s what Bing writes about what should be the time of loading the page in terms of optimal perception of its visitors:

“This circumstance is of key importance, it determines how satisfied users will be by visiting your site. Slow loading of the site leads to the fact that visitors leave it, and search for the information they need somewhere else. And since they came to the site from our search, they will also not be satisfied with our services. Faster is better, but simplifying the page, do not forget, after all, that it should remain pleasant for users. “

And the last thing is if your site is slower than the sites of your competitors. Use Google’s Page Speed ​​Insights, or Airi.rf to analyze your site and understand exactly what you need to improve.

Support, support, support

The theme of your site on WordPress can both make your business and spoil everything to you. And for the correct operation of the template, the support provided by the developer is also very important. Now exists lot’s of different themes, different authors, and then you must not make a mistake with the choice.

Pay attention to the author of the themes. The risk to remain without updates or without support in solving technical issues is quite real.

Signs that it’s time to look for a template with better support than your current one:

  • The developer of your old themes does not have such important tools for communicating with users, like forum, messaging service, personal cabinet.
  • You have to spend money or time adjusting the layout and functionality of your theme, figuring out the code or settings, while most of the issues could be solved by support.
  • Days pass until your response to the support service or a message on the users forum is answered.
  • The theme is not updated in a timely manner: that is, immediately after the WordPress engine updates. What happens if the template simply stops working after the next update?

The success of your site on WordPress depends on the developer’s support of the wp theme.

It is very important to invest in a good developer of the themes, which is providing good support. Nothing so disappoints as the inability to use the theme you bought because of the lack of qualified help with various problems – and they always arise.

Before you spend, always check the following:

  • Make sure that the theme has the very layout, features and functionality that you need.
  • View the demo in detail – every page, every line.
  • Be sure to write a letter to the developer before buying, with questions that you have when watching the demo.

And notice how fast, professionally and clearly the developer will respond. This will show how your problems with the purchased topic will be solved in the future.

Easy to use and configure

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The people are attracted in WordPress by the ability to customize fonts, colors, set their own logo. The number of different available settings grows exponentially, and if your theme is more than two years old, then most likely you miss a lot of interesting opportunities for setting up your site.

A good way to further customize the theme is frameworks and child themes

Frameworks add additional features to your site control panel, for which you had to know programming before going deep into the depths of PHP code of WordPress.

We quote the WordPress Code:

“The framework is a theme that has been specifically designed to serve as a convenient basis, the parent theme for creating other topics. The use of frameworks can facilitate the development of templates by reducing the amount of work that you may need to create a framework for your theme (usually using php and wordpress template tags). “

In other words, the framework allows the developer to create a certain basic theme, the functionality of which will inherit all derived templates. Which can be any – in terms of layout, design, etc.

Changes are not lost during updates

You can make changes to the CSS of the child theme, and when the framework and the parent theme are updated, these changes – unlike themes that do not use the framework – will be preserved. Thus, the engine core, the framework itself, will continue to be updated on time, but the design developed by you will be preserved.

If for you all this looks complicated – parent, child theme, framework, CSS, – contact a professional designer or developer.

Be informed about trends

Everything changes very quickly. To be successful, you need not only to maintain the functionality of the site in a workable state, but also to follow the current trends of development.

Because of the growing number of mobile users, now in the trend simple, lightweight layouts and themes – with very simplified navigation.

Now it’s fashionable to make layouts with a lot of free space, this approach makes the headlines more contrasting and noticeable.

When you choose the style of your website design, think about the visitors – what exactly do they want to see?

A large amount of free space in the layout increases the quality requirements for images.

If you see that your site is somewhere off the main trends, it’s time to change the WordPress theme.

Be always ahead

The ability to learn and quickly turn new knowledge into real things and actions is a significant competitive advantage. Jack Welch.

To ensure that your business site has always been successful, you need to monitor the development trends of websites in terms of their technical implementation, visual quality and user convenience. You must be open to the perception of the new and be ready to respond quickly to changes. Look at your site – is it time to change the theme of WordPress design?

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