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What to Consider When Buying a Premium WordPress Themes

Some are more approximate rules than absolute ones. But if you consider all the factors from this list, the choice of the premium WordPress themes will become more objective.

1. Read the reviews (in detail)

Luckily, you do not need to do all the work yourself. Most of the resources for selling topics include public surveys, they can help in making a decision.

If you are looking at the premium wordpress themes themeon ThemeForest:

how to test a premium theme

If you pick a topic from an independent seller, things can be a little more complicated, because most sellers do not have public reviews on their site.

One trick is to see if there is a free version of the theme on WordPress.org. If so, you can check the reviews.

Although this is not an ideal solution, it can at least give you a basic message about the quality of the topic.

And no matter where you read reviews, it’s important: do not just look at the star rating. Go and read the comments. Sometimes people point to specific negatives (or positive points) that can make a significant contribution to the decision. A simple star rating in this case does not help.

2. See “How the demo looks on your phone or tablet”

Currently, almost every premium wordpress themes is adaptive, which means that it works on mobile devices, desktops and other devices.

But … you do not just check if your premium wordpress themes is working on mobile devices. You need to make sure that you like how it works on mobile devices.

That is, even if the topic offers an adaptive design, you may not like what an adaptive design looks like, which is a huge help, since mobile traffic now accounts for more than 50% of website traffic:

how to test a premium theme

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3. Run the demonstration through the page speed estimation tools

It is impossible to check everything in advance. But you need to get at least an approximate idea of ​​how optimized the chosen topic is. And if you do not have access to theme files, the best way to test is to use a demo site.

To get started, run it through Google PageSpeed ​​Insights . This will give you a general idea of ​​how optimized everything is. Again – this is a “rough” estimate . For example, do not worry if Google complains about unoptimized images – you can always fix it by compressing images after downloading a premium wordpress themes with a special plugin:

how to test a premium theme

Then you can run it through GTmetrix or Pingdom Tools to view additional performance data:

how to test a premium theme

Testing a demo site is not the best medium, but it will give some idea of ​​how optimized the selected topic is.

4. Run the demo through different browsers

You probably use a single web browser. But your visitors will use different browsers. You need to make sure that the theme looks just as good in all browsers as in yours.

Do not worry – you do not need to download each browser to check the selected theme. Use the free Browsershots tool to make sure that the demo site of your chosen theme looks equally good in different browsers (or not):

how to test a premium theme

5. Find sites that work on the selected topic

Demonstrations are a great way to get an idea of ​​how the topic looks, but it’s still just a demo, not a really working site. It is useful to look at the live implementation of the topic, in order to better understand what the site will look like.

The most popular topics can be found in Google by typing “showme” in the search bar or “examplies [Theme Name]”:

how to test a premium theme

If you can not find something suitable, try also the WPShout method as an alternative :

  • Start a specific Google search:

Two notes about this. First, quotes are important: you need results that contain words in your search in the exact order.

Secondly, “[topic name]” above refers to the theme folder name when actually installing WordPress. So for Twenty Twelve, it will be “twentytwelve”, not “twenty twelve”.

For an example of Twenty Twelve, the full search will look like “wp-content / themes / twentytwelve” and will include these quotes.

  • Now you get the search result, the description of which (black text under the URL) looks like a strange error. This is what you need.

how to test a premium theme

  • Open the result and see what you find. Sometimes a site can be completely inoperative or one of those “index-of” pages that turn your browser into a strange file system navigator.

how to test a premium theme

If you get one of these options, try again to open the site with a different search result. In about 50% of the cases, the result will be a fully functioning website with a customized premium wordpress themes that you are looking for.

6. Double-check the support / update policy

The standard WordPress is that most products come with support and updates for a year (or 6 months of support for Envato products).

But you need to check which policy is applied to your topic. Specific recommendations for searching:

  • Some themes give unlimited updates for life, which is a huge plus.
  • The amount of support that you receive. Some developers offer more limited support than others.
  • Support for channels: forum, chat is seen as a plus.

7. Ask important questions

If there is an important topic function that you paid special attention to, ask the developer questions about how it works before making a purchase.

You do not want to face surprises after the acquisition of the topic? Ask questions. If this is a required function, and you do not know how it will work with your setup – do not be afraid to ask the developer.

8. Do not drop down to the hacked version of the premium WordPress theme

Finally, one thing you should never do is download the hacked version of the premium wordpress themes. Often a malicious code is injected into hacked topics – it’s not what you want to find on your site.

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