8 best slider plugins for WordPress in 2018

best slider plugins Plugins

If you want to show customer reviews, recent blog posts, the best images or introduce your team members, for this, there are certain WordPress best slider plugins for displaying sliders and carousels.

But before we submit the 8 hottest plug-ins on the Envato market this year, perhaps the difference (or lack thereof) between the slider plug-in and the carousel should be clarified. Some say there is little difference between the two, because they both implement the same functions: they display several images in a slideshow format, offering some controls such as arrows to previous / next images, sketches, and sometimes transition effects between slides.

Others insist that, the important difference between them is that the slider slides horizontally or vertically, and the carousel rotates the images on the axis, with the image always facing the viewer.

While the controversy continues, we will look at both options as interchangeable and will deal with the description of the 8 best slider plug-ins and carousels in 2018 on CodeCanyon.

The plugin is easy to use, quickly configured and the result looks great – the perfect slider for displaying WooCommerce products.

plug-in carousel for wordpress

Features include:

  • more than 150 different options
  • fully adaptive
  • preview mode
  • 8 templates
  • and other functions.

Users of Visual Composer will want to seriously consider the plugin WP Slick Slider. Having almost 100 predefined layouts, you will find everything you want without encoding anything.

plug-in carousel for wordpress

Features include:

  • adaptability and scrolling
  • drag and endless loop
  • A powerful tool for generating short codes.

Some of the design styles include:

  • variable width
  • alignment mode.

3. Master Slider – Touch Layer Slider WordPress Plugin

It’s no wonder why Master Slider is a multi-year favorite on CodeCanyon. The adaptive touch-sensitive slider offers more than 70 templates that are easy to configure and easy to use.

plug-in carousel for wordpress

A useful feature in this plugin is the ability to embed HTML-formatted text, links, images or video directly into each slide, and then independently revitalize each layer.

Other great features:

  • visual designer of drag-and-drop
  • Easily display the image gallery as a slider
  • the ability to download and display galleries from services such as Flickr and WooCommerce
  • and even more functions.

Slider Pro provides a clean and intuitive user interface for administration and smooth navigation for end users.

plug-in carousel for wordpress

An interesting feature is a deep snap function in which each slide change will update the URL in the browser’s navigation bar with the corresponding URL.

Other great features:

  • optimized image loading
  • simple setup
  • smooth animation
  • multiple layouts
  • and others.

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The most downloaded slider in CodeCanyon, Royal Slider for WordPress is packed with compelling features. Used by such famous companies as Coca Cola and Land Rover, this plugin does almost everything you want from a slider.

plug-in carousel for wordpress

The most attractive feature is the full-screen function with full-screen HTML5 support. Ideal for displaying high resolution pictures.

Other great features:

  • You can use several sliders on the page, even with different skins
  • support for navigation on the touch screen
  • adaptive design
  • Vertical or horizontal thumbnails, markers or tabs for navigation
  • and other functions.

6. Logos Showcase – Multi-Use Responsive WP Plugin

The Logos Showcase plug-in is specially designed for users who want to create a grid of images with external or internal links or should display a list of logos of clients or sponsors.

plug-in carousel for wordpress

An excellent feature in Logos Showcase is the ability to display logos in a black and white version with the ability to display with the original color by hovering, if necessary.

Other functions:

  • choice of three different ways to display images
  • control of transition speed and automatic scrolling is enabled
  • control the size of the logo by default
  • ability to install   URLs for each logo,   which can be opened on the same page or on a new
  • and even more.

7. All Around – Responsive WordPress Content Slider / Carousel, Creative and Fun Sliding Plugin

All Around, as the name implies, is a really well rounded slider. It gives you a clean, adaptive design, a number of predefined styling options and support for exchange gestures for touch screens.

It even supports video!

plug-in carousel for wordpress

Features of the plugin:

  • fully adaptable
  • 6 ready-made styles
  • supports video
  • vertical or horizontal
  • supports several sliders on one page
  • automatic playback mode
  • and others.

8. Ultra Portfolio – WordPress

Ultra Portfolio will primarily attract users who are interested in creating a portfolio with the included features of the slider. It offers a large number of layout options and really provides flexibility and functionality.

plug-in carousel for wordpress

The most attractive feature of this slider is the ability to control animation effects and their speed.

Other great features:

  • unlimited layouts
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Google Font integration
  • The ability to control the number of columns for different screen resolutions and their width. (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns)
  • and other functions.
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