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Hello friends! Is your site comfortable and harmonious? Nothing hurts the eye? Is it pleasant and interesting to read? If you took care of it’s appearance – good. If you still have not decided – in this article there are answers for you.

It is not a secret that in the search for some information we prefer some structured list or scheme where it is easy to find what we need. Therefore, today more and more often, when creating their own resource, people are looking for a WordPress catalog templates.

Such a template is suitable for:

  • business site or blog;
  • information business or a catalog of various offers from food to real estate;
  • female or culinary portal;
  • list of services;
  • catalog of cafes and restaurants in a particular city;
  • news site;
  • product catalog, etc.

Perhaps this is the best solution for you, so look at the options below to determine.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

Top 22 Catalog WordPress Templates for the catalog or directory listings website

catalog template

1. DWT Listing

Universal selection of online catalog WordPress templates.

In a set:

  • 11 fully developed designs;
  • many free plug-ins for the buyer – including a convenient search;
  • adaptability and native application for Android and iOS.

Color schemes and a selection of fonts online, with one or two clicks. Automatically affixes the SEO addresses of the pages.




theme for catalog site

2. UrbanGo

Bright design, fashionable layouts of a city guide directory WordPress theme, is combined with convenient advanced search, included geolocation plug-ins, the ability for the user to mark various catalog positions of his choice and adaptation to any devices. Advanced registration form, integration with WooCommerce for online payment.




Real estate catalog

3. Knowhere Pro

The Best Theme Award is well deserved:

  1. customization of block, tabular design – all in a few clicks thanks to the visual editor;
  2. cookie processing plugin;
  3. full integration with the capabilities of Google Maps, up to the selection of distances by kilometers;
  4. plugins for displaying statistics on the results.

All together – a powerful tool for creating a catalog on any subject.




Wordpress screen

4. Nokri

For just $ 49, the authors offer a modern job listing WordPress template for landing directories with extensive search capabilities, the selection of the desired position. Applications for iPhones and devices on Android are included. Ample opportunities for customization, for example, to create a personal resume. There is a plugin of “offers”, depending on the preferences specified by the user.




Landing to buy

5. Lisner

“The latest technologies combined with modern and proven plugins,” the authors say about their work. They also suggest trying a multifunctional template for an Internet shop or other tasks related to the distribution of products or services by category. Adapted “clean” fonts, SEO-optimization, nice simple functionality.





6. Findgo

Five ready-made designs offer to start and try other features:

  • visual editor;
  • convenient setting of colors, schemes, fonts online;
  • feedback form;
  • search form.

Due to its multifunctionality, the plugin can be used for a variety of purposes – from the catalog of cafes or restaurants to job offers and posting resumes.




listable screenshot

7. Listable

The strict, calm and business design of this online catalog template allows you to create free forms for comments and surveys on the site. A large collection of icons for the menu, booking form (if necessary), the possibility of reservation, sales based on subscription. Here are the buttons of the most popular social networks. This is a very handy WordPress product catalog template that helps you create, manage and monetize a catalog site.




javo template

8. Javo

It is hard to say which WordPress theme your catalog will present in a more favorable light. The visual display of this template is very stylish, there are many options to choose from, including various forms of contact information, sorting, selection by certain criteria, booking form, calendar and photo gallery, blog, and, of course, social network buttons.




Top 20 WordPress Templates for Directory Site

9. Meup

Powerful WordPress theme for online stores and catalogs: it is offered for tickets to the cinema, concert, travel. There is an advanced search functionality based on advanced criteria, which is integrated with a flexible calendar plugin so that you can search for tickets for specific dates. Added the ability to add information about the offered services or products with a rating of one to five stars. Built-in QR code generation application.




listify wordpress template

10. Listify

The developers are convinced that once you see this city listings template, you will give up other options, because it has everything you need. In addition to being functional, it is also simply beautiful. The fastest website with powerful content, from subscription forms, contacts, reservations, and in addition, you can:

  • To add an advert,
  • Find geolocation deals,
  • Approve the list,
  • Make an appointment, etc.




beautiful website template

11. Jobhunt

Conceived for an employment resource, but can also be used as an online store template. Pre-installed plugins for detailed parameter settings, the ability to register, leave the user personal data. All tools are easily adjustable thanks to detailed instructions. No coding required; drag-and-drop system works.




catalog site template

12. Numismatico

Universal template for a business card website and any catalog with functions:

  1. easy user settings for your account;
  2. the ability to set price tables;
  3. integration with WooCommerce;
  4. plugins for forms, online payment, advanced search;
  5. adaptation for search engines.

The template is convenient for the site owner and for the end user.




explore city

13. Wilcity

Universal directory WordPress template for storing, processing and outputting data. An excellent design has been developed that allows you to implement the plan without distracting visitors from the task. The authors offer their own applications for mobile devices, so that adaptability is maximum. Also installed plugins reviews, rating of goods or services, online payment.




Wedding catalog

14. Weddlist

“Professional wedding catalog” – this is how developers declare their brainchild. The theme and design are really dedicated to the services of a wedding organization, but can also be used for other purposes. Simply replace the pictures, which are configured in just a few clicks. Two account options: for sellers and customers, wishlist, the ability to set a rating.




Directory of Organizations

15. ListingPro

Very easy to install and configure a template for business cards with advanced search functionality. Can be expanded to a large portal thanks to:

  • Google smart algorithm
  • plugins for setting prices and parameters;
  • the ability to leave feedback;

Business owners will be able to post announcements of events. There is also a plugin for integration with Google Ads.




City Places Directory Template

16. Bello

Completely responsive, adapted to Retina screens, along with all others, development. A lot of functions useful for catalogs are included – search by several conditions and parameters, several dozens of widgets, convenient form plugins. Adapted for search engines. There are several ready-made designs in which you can simply put your pictures.




Event catalog theme for the site

17. CityBook

Well crafted city directory listings WordPress theme that can be used also as an online catalog.

Already there are:

  • Plugin for advanced registration forms and user prompts;
  • Adaptation for WooCoomerce 3.0;
  • Protection against bots with reCAPTCHA;
  • Advanced UX.

All these features are configured from under the standard WordPress admin panel.




Top 20 WordPress Templates for Directory Site

18. Listar

An advanced catalog wp theme rated as one of the best in 2020, due to which it was awarded the Envato Special Prize. Extensive search functionality is offered, starting from the regulation of the price range of the desired product or service.

There is a built-in ability to add working hours to institutions included in the catalog, which can also affect the search, there is an option to add video to the preview. Easy-to-configure Bootstrap layout will help customize the WordPress template even for beginners.




business finder

19. Business Finder Directory Listing

The first version of this template, which today is presented in 12 types of presentations (including the 3D Google map), has established itself in 3 years as an absolutely unique design option and has become a very successful solution for corporate websites. This template has dozens of free updates compatible with new plugins. Here you can dwell on the static picture in the header, or you can make slides, search by category, text query and geolocation, various forms of displaying content, video and so on. In a word, for every taste.




classi ads

20. ClassiAds

ClassiAds is a great premium WordPress catalog theme, super flexible, with responsive design, built on the most advanced HTML5 and CSS3 layout system, and using this template is a real pleasure. It is quick and easy to install, easy to configure. Modern and unobtrusive design can be used for any type of site, in the design you can use an unlimited number of colors. Presented in two versions (Classic and Modern). Google maps, geolocation, social networks and SEO optimization.




Top 20 WordPress Templates for Directory Site

21. Kormosala

The authors offer a template for the job website, where you can simultaneously add a resume and look for work, as well as employers will be able to select the right candidates. Made on the basis of the Elementor constructor, the main feature is actively used: visual adjustment of even the most complex effects and functions. It provides integration with social networks, allowing you to use accounts as a login. Nice unobtrusive design does not distract from the main task.




Top 20 WordPress Templates for Directory Site

22. Jupiter

A multi-template catalog for WordPress, offering more than 250 designs, stylizations, designs – all with extended convenient functionality that allows you to create a catalog or store for any tasks. Authors use the Elementor plugin for layout, guaranteeing a completely visual customization without the need to learn web markup languages. Headers and footers are also customized, while maintaining mobile adaptability.



Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

That’s all. Write in the comments which topic did you like the most?

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