80 Elementor WordPress Templates with Elementor page builder plugin support


One of the most relevant WordPress visual designers in 2020 is Elementor – maximum customization combined with a completely intuitive design similar to working in a Word or Photoshop editor. No coding and great demos, among which we offer you to pay attention to the 80 best templates adapted for the Elementor constructor.

What does it mean – WordPress templates under Elementor? After all, the constructor is free.

Yes, the basic version of the constructor can be used on any template, but it has limited functionality if you do not use Elementor pro. The selection below is better adapted for Elementor, because:

    1. Almost all templates have additional design widgets made by theme developers;
    2. All demo sites are already collected on the Elementor and it will be easy for you to edit them;
  1. Elements of the template are adapted for Elementor, this is the menu, product cards, article output, footer so that you can conveniently edit and use them.

Among other things, all templates are adaptive, with good optimization, with additional plugins as a gift. Choose a template for your idea and create a cool website!

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.


A selection of 80 Elementor WordPress Templates with Elementor page builder plugin support

Universal Elementor Templates


1. Phlox Pro – Cool demos on different topics

The Elementor constructor used in this universal template will make it possible to create modern elegant landing pages that are easily expandable to larger sites. The authors note that almost 7 thousand customers liked their work. It includes several ready-made nice designs with an interesting design for a variety of topics – from a clothing store to a veterinary clinic.




Jupiter wordpress

2. Jupiter – Top Selling Elementor Template

The best-selling template using the Elector constructor enjoys well-deserved attention due to convenient multi-settings with advanced search. Suitable not only for the business card website, but also for large commercial projects due to the ability to configure parameters for each product. Unlimited options for setting up headers and other elements while maintaining mobile adaptability.




Elementment theme

3. Kalium

Professional template for an online store with a good complete set:

  • some ready-made homepage;
  • free lifetime updates;
  • visual customization by the Elementor plugin;
  • there are settings for sliders, forms;

Multilanguage support makes the Internet template completely universal for any subject and any region.





4. Monstroid2 – The Most Popular Template Monster

The most popular template from the selection of TemplateMonster. It is equipped with a convenient admin panel, in addition to the visual designer offering settings for effects and sliders. The plugin installed as fast as possible. Suitable for a selling site – landing page, also as a personal blog or company blog. In total, more than forty convenient design modules are included.




Website for a law firm

5. Media Consult – Business, finance

Adapted for mobile gadgets template with themes of business and financial services. It will look good in the role of a business card website. Enter:

  • Kaleidoscope plugin – quick color settings;
  • convenient search function;
  • the ability to integrate with social networks to capture reviews;
  • email newsletter functionality.

There is a basic design that has a nice neutral color scheme.




Website for hotel

6. Hoteller – Hotel

Actual in 2020, a selection of WordPress templates for hotels, hosters. There are several basic options for:

  • city ​​hotel;
  • luxury hotel (luxury);
  • beach;
  • mountain hotel;
  • rented apartment.

All blanks look extremely nice both on the computer monitor and on the screen of a mobile phone. Due to simple settings in the admin panel, you can always replace the photo and put your own, add additional accommodation options.




educational site theme

7. Ivy School – Training + additional functionality

Responsive WordPress theme for education in any field – from the school’s business card to online courses. More than 36 thousand customers appreciated the good design, ease of setup and SEO optimization of this template. Beautiful finished pages need minimal refinement, you can simply replace only the text, while maintaining neutral thematic images. More templates with the LMS system for the educational site here.




bitcoin wordpress theme

8. Bitunet – Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Internet Shop template, where there is a tracking of the current course of interesting offers. Moreover:

  • Several ready-made skins, fully thematic;
  • Countdown counters – increase the conversion of orders;
  • Plugins graphics for monitoring.

Through the functionality of such a site, it will be possible to sell cryptocurrency directly or simply monitor the behavior of the face value of interest on the exchange. More templates about the crypt.




template for the clinic website

9. BeClinic – Clinic, Plastic Surgery

The theme is designed primarily for clinics – dental, general, cosmetology. However, since the Elementor constructor provides tremendous customization options, the template can safely be called multi-purpose. In all cases, full adaptability and ease of use of the finished site by both the owner and visitors is maintained.





10. Arteon

The template under the control of the Elementor constructor is universal because it offers:

  • a very large collection of beautiful designs – already created pages in different styles;
  • functionality for placing a portfolio;
  • more than 500 settings options;
  • there is the opportunity to blog, stylized as a tiled design.

Regardless of the variable parts, the result looks good in mobile browsers.




Forum template

11. Total

More than 36 thousand customers appreciated the WordPress template. This is a universal multi-template with almost a hundred fully developed demos that can be easily changed if necessary – partially or completely. The “live themes” function allows you to customize color schemes and sliders in just a few seconds. Each page will be optimized for SEO.




Business theme for the site.

12. Imperion – Business subjects

A convenient multi-theme with a multi-purpose theme and a full translation into any language, which offers:

  • a set of basic plugins – in addition to the visual designer Elementor;
  • a selection of nice landing pages on various topics;
  • many settings for carousel, sliders, text;
  • simple customization.

There is the possibility of acquisition for both single and multiple use, the second option is more profitable.





13. KLEO – forum, community on BuddyPress

Famous among WordPress fans, the BuddyPress template has earned the attention of more than 16 thousand customers due to its excellent convenient functionality and ease of settings for universal themes. It is also worth paying attention to the bright, catchy designs made by real pros in their field – they serve as the reason that the selection draws the attention of site owners and developers.





14. Qudos

The multitemplate attracts with stylish demos, especially relevant in 2020, and also offers everything you need:

  • compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress;
  • full responsiveness, taking into account Retina monitors;
  • Over 500 Google Fonts
  • SEO optimization.

All of this works great and is customizable using an intuitive constructor.





15. Zayne – Consulting

Corporate development for business, finance companies. There are several good options for finished pages that look good on a computer and mobile phone. All settings details can be adjusted online using the Drag and Drop system. Fully compatible with the WooCommerce trading platform, making it ideal for online shopping.




theme for real estate agency

16. Real Homes – Real Estate Agency

Nice development for real estate agencies. Over 18 thousand users appreciated it, so you should take a closer look and pay attention not only to the convenient admin panel for the owner, but also the ability to register, search and other functions for potential customers. A plugin for Google maps is connected, multilanguage support will allow you to enter Cyrillic texts without problems.




Wordpers medical site

17. Medical & Dentist – Medicine

A simple but pleasant landing for the topics of medicine and dentistry. The authors guarantee:

  • fast boot;
  • the convenience of online design changes or adding options;
  • 10 headers and 20 footers;
  • Over 600 Google fonts.

There is a ready-made optimization for search engines, which will allow you to generate pages that quickly fall into Google and Yandex. Suitable for maintaining a thematic blog about health.




Theme for the site

18. DynamiX

Powerful and stylish development under the control of the designer Elementor. The template contains its own icons of universal theme, which are suitable for the development of a landing page. Some nice stylish designs with great graphics will look good on any gadget. There are round corner widgets to make the design look especially neat and pleasing to the eye.




Auto theme template

19. Auto Repair & Car Mechanic – Auto Repair

Thematic development for car repair, which is suitable for many related topics thanks to:

  • several universal demos on auto topics;
  • operational customer support using an advanced feedback plugin;
  • many options for setting headers, footers, internal device.

The authors intend the template for a specific topic, however, in fact it is universal, you just need to replace the images online.




Fitness Landing Template

20. WizeFit – Fitness, sports club

Strict and effective template for fitness, sports clubs. The managing designer Elementor allows you to easily change colors and settings, while the main parameters are adaptability, responsiveness, the ability to record at a convenient time and leave reviews in any case. Also applies to universal templates.



Landing templates on the Element constructor


Portfolio web design

21. Agmycoo – Digital Agency

The progressive isometric design of the template makes it ideal for landing pages and portfolios. In total it is offered:

  • 20 sample pages;
  • 105 additional pages;
  • 350 blocks.

All design elements combine well with each other, while maintaining maximum adaptability. Separately, there are ten options for headers and footers in different versions.




Conference site

22. Mann – Conferences, Events

WordPress template for conferences and events, convenient due to the possibility of advance registration and collection of applications from participants. More than 30 thousand buyers left high marks. No coding knowledge is required for template settings, all service pictures are provided in the kit, if desired, they can be replaced with your own. A useful Google Maps widget is connected so that you can easily navigate.




Business consultant

23. Consultancy – Business, Finance

Proven quality and more than thirty thousand customers appreciated the possibilities of the template. Among them are:

  • A selection of spectacular landing pages with a nice bright design;
  • the ability to download video, including streaming;
  • one-click installation;
  • support for any languages.

If you are having trouble setting up, authors offer more than a hundred articles for help and online support.




Theme for construction site

24. Nex – Plant, enterprise, construction

Niche product for production, factories. It is combined with the WooCommerce online sales platform, which allows you to immediately sell through the landing page. Convenient constructor Elementor will help you configure all the nuances in the visual editor. It supports a huge number of plugins, sliders, additional options. In terms of functionality – a hybrid of online shop and landing page, a combination relevant in 2020.




logistics project

25. Morz – Logistics, Delivery

Convenient procurement for logistics and transportation companies. The following pleasant features should be appreciated:

  • special plugin for portfolio – it can be used to describe the services with which delivery is carried out;
  • advanced feedback forms;
  • integration with social networks;
  • package tracking widget or cargo.

With the help of a nicely designed landing it will be easy to convince potential customers of the responsibility and reliability of the company.




Landing about cleaning

26. Clany – Cleaning

A selection of great templates with a trendy flat design for companies involved in dry cleaning or cleaning services. The clear design is easy to customize and customize. It offers its own buttons and options that can be customized in order to achieve the maximum individuality of the web page. The finished site will look good in mobile applications, convenient forms will allow you to quickly place an order.




App Landing

27. vApp – Site for the application

The website template on the Elementor constructor for the landing page is designed for the promotion of mobile applications. The actual bright design does not distract from the main task – a description of the possibilities, which can be demonstrated using video, descriptions, sliders with pictures. In total, 29 blanks are offered. The landing page provides direct links to Google Play and the AppStore, through which you can immediately buy and download the application.




Project cafe, restaurant

28. Restaurant Cafe – Restaurant, Cafe

Aesthetically attractive design for a cafe or restaurant. The white background looks especially luxurious, especially when combined with photographs of dishes. Also included:

  • the responsiveness of all blocks is provided by the code;
  • fast loading;
  • more than 30 pages – external and internal;
  • more than 55 blooms;
  • 100+ options for setting header, footer and other menu items.

You can place “dishes of the day” and other special promotional offers for potential visitors.




restaurant theme

29. Caverta – Restaurant

Another excellent website template for restaurants, which is equally suitable for pizzerias and gourmet establishments. The basic layout of the landing is made in a neutral style with an emphasis on the main page and the picture. In total, four options are offered, but all of them instantly change due to the convenient visual plugin Elementor.




Сайт для хостинга

30. Hostinza — Hosting services

The clean isometric design of the development for the hosting company looks modern and inspires the trust of IT professionals. The design is simple, neutral, at the same time, pleasant and quite memorable. Inside are several prepared pages, each of which is optimized for search engines. Adaptability on mobile devices is maintained with any design changes.




проект про салон красоты

31. Beauty Salon Spa — Beauty Salon

A nice thematic template for the landing page of a beauty salon. Offered:

  • five ready-made designs;
  • infinite number of color settings;
  • the opportunity to leave a request online for services.

It is controlled by the Elementor constructor, which edits all blocks without the use of coding, including connecting additional options, sliders, and animation settings. Anyone can achieve the most attractive look of the site.




spa salon theme wordpress

32. Pur — SPA, massage

Tender beautiful WordPress theme for SPA-salon, massage services. The authors guarantee lifelong support, more than 30 thousand satisfied customers confirm the quality of development. Included is the ability to choose services by sets, make promotions and other special offers. Fast loading due to clean optimized code, all fonts are fully adapted for Cyrillic.




pizza elementor

33. Restaurant — Restaurant and Pizza delivery

Another “restaurant” web theme, designed for pizzerias and online applications. In a set:

  • six thematic mouth-watering demos;
  • three options for presenting the menu;
  • WooCommerce integration for online order payment;
  • three blanks for contact forms.

A map is installed from Google Maps, and its appearance can be adjusted to the color scheme of the template.




Шаблон свадебной тематики

34. Alis —Wedding Planner

Website template for a wedding salon, an agency for newlyweds, also use this development in order to inform in advance about the wedding celebration. It will be easy for future guests to sign up using convenient contact forms. All the nuances – the menu, the place, the holiday features are communicated in the form of understandable blocks, this will avoid uncomfortable situations.




Тема для бизнеса

35. Zohar — Business consulting

Some excellent business landing pages website templates. It is noteworthy that there is a different style design, among the homepage everyone can choose what he likes best. All workpieces are made using the Elementor constructor, so the configuration does not require any knowledge in web programming. There is WooCommerce integration for online sales and shopping.




Тема для квест комнаты

36. Escapium — Quest room website template

A spectacular template that is useful for fashionable entertainment – “live quests.” The authors offer an extensive selection of designs in a dark effect style, each design reflects the essence of the future game. If you wish, you can always change the pictures to your own. Installation is carried out with one click. More than 700 Google fonts supported. There is a Booked plugin for reserve time for a specific game.




Шаблон вордпресс строительство

37. BuildWall — construction

Construction WordPress website theme for construction companies. In addition to the translated documentation:

  • main plugins are included – from visual settings to form submission;
  • You can connect an online store;
  • 50 design options;
  • 11 ready-made homepages.

The authors guarantee timely support, including in Russian.




Домашний ремонт 2019

38. JohnnyGo — Home repairing services website template

Multi-purpose website theme with orientation for repairs, home help services. Twenty thematic landing pages with a beautiful, clear design and full Cyrillic support thanks to the already completed translation of all elements into any language. All landing pages will look equally good on computers and mobile, there are necessary plugins for contact and calls to action included.



WordPress Online Store Templates



39. Marketo — Supermarket

A universal Elementor online store website template for WordPress with the most involved WooCommerce trading platform. In a set:

  • seven ready-made designs for different topics;
  • modern styles of headers and footers;
  • ability to support any language.

The main feature is the powerful features of online shopping with a detailed search and loading of a large number of any products with different options.




Электро товары

40. Electro Electronics Store — Electronics store

A selection of convenient Elementor templates for large and medium online stores. They are based on a grid with the Bootstrap plugin, which automatically adapts to mobile devices. Powerful search by categories and individual products. There are several demo options that are made in a bright flat design. The finished store will look professional, attractive and present goods in the best possible way.




Магазин мебели

41. Ozisti — Furniture Store

A multi-purpose Elementor template with advanced trading functions, relevant in 2020 due to the following advantages:

  • online currency switcher;
  • the ability to add a wishlist and compare products;
  • interactive search.

There are blogging options with recommendations, tips, inserting photos in the form of sliders and videos. A total of 9 homepages have been prepared.




Магазин одежды 2019

42. Zoa — minimal online store theme

Department store with a minimalistic vibrant design. Suitable for sales in the style of a landing, when you need to focus on a particular product and describe its capabilities and advantages. The template is integrated with the WooCommerce system, making it easy to make online payments. Can be expanded to a multi-store, products will be displayed in a fashionable block design.




Минималистичный магазин

43. Soma — online shop

A store with a very simple design will be effective in order not to distract visitors from the characteristics of the product. The template allows you to upload high-quality photos, videos, demonstrate images with multiple magnification. It’s perfect for all kinds of special offers – coupons, promotions, discounts, since such functionality is already built into the template.




шаблон магазина вукомерс

44. Frido — Clother store theme

Nice website theme on Elementor for WooCommerce, which will offer its customer:

  • 7 minimalistic demos, fully adaptive and responsive;
  • acceleration of loading is already provided;
  • many search options for product options – color, size, manufacturer;
  • Ajax filter for the exact selection of products of interest.

The authors, first of all, intend the development for clothing stores, shoes and accessories, but can be adapted to any topic.




шаблон сайта крауд сервиса

45. Crowdmerc — Crowdfunding

A platform for crowdfunding and financing with suitably adapted plugins, including the ability to track online how much money has been deposited, how much is left. It is possible, with the help of advanced options, to thank each “patron” and make him personal rewards, for example, the first opportunity to download the application for which crowdfunding is going to.




Магазин автозапчастей

46. Chromium — Automobile parts shop website theme

A simple but pretty landing page for the sale of auto parts. Design does not distract from the main task. It offers integration with WooCommerce, including all filters by model, color and other necessary parameters. The authors guarantee timely support and constant updating of the theme. Using the Elementor constructor makes customization very easy. 12 more auto parts store templates.





47. Mayosis — digital products marketplace website template

A vibrant online trading theme with an original eye-catching design. Also, the authors promise:

  • the ability to post photos and videos in unlimited quantities with convenient scroll sliders;
  • many interesting widgets, for example, “before-after”;
  • graphic animations and effects;
  • total more than 20 design options.

Sales can be carried out online using any currency.




Универсальный магазин

48. Xing

Very simple and unobtrusive in design, but convenient in functionality online store website template. There is online payment, a huge number of search options – by category, product nuances, sizes, colors. The design is responsive and tailored for Retina. The authors guarantee that the template will be constantly updated, as well as round-the-clock support and assistance in the settings.



Шаблоны для блога с Elementor



49. Zeen — multipurpose

Elegant website template on WordPress, stylized on like Instagram. Suitable for small blog posts, as well as for long reads. This is a convenient tool with a nice design and high ratings from users that will suit any thematic blogs, food blogs and fashion topics are given as examples. You can post paid posts and monetize.




The Blogger

50. TheBlogger — blog

The authors of the blogging theme suggest trying before buying and evaluating the following useful features:

  • a selection of minimalistic designs;
  • the ability to post photos and videos with scrolling;
  • integration with WooCommerce;
  • wide font settings.

All options are changed in visual mode, therefore, knowledge in coding is not required.




Шаблон для блога Вордпресс

51. Avventure — Travel blog website template

A good selection of interesting blogs with a simple but easily adaptable design due to the Elementor constructor. Convenient functions are included – settings of headers and footers in various styles, including the transfer of elements to the side panel. Unlimited color scheme, default SEO-settings – each text will be automatically indexed by search engines due to the preparation of meta tags.




шаблон элементор скачать

52. Tribe Coach — Coaching and women info business website template

WordPress template for coaching, female info business. The design matches the theme, while being pleasant to read, not distracting from the content of the texts. It is possible to publish a large number of photos due to the carousel slider. Over 600 Google fonts and proprietary documentation are available to simplify settings.




музыкальный шаблон elementor

53. Muzak — Music blog

Bright WordPress template for a music blog. It is proposed to evaluate the following features:

  • event management – concerts, performances with the ability to pre-purchase tickets for an event of interest;
  • the ability to connect a playlist in the form of audio files;
  • online sales option;
  • advanced slider options for photos and videos.

All together looks bright, intriguing. Elementor constructor will help to customize the template as much as possible.




Видео блог на Вордпресс

54. Viseo — Videoblog

A simple and beautiful video blog with an emphasis on content. Configurable through a visual editor, saving a huge number of options for playback. A premium audio and video player plugin is included. The option of selling works online is supported if the blog owner is the author.




Новостной сайт Elementor

55. VidoRev — Videoblogging web theme

Another website theme on Elementor with an emphasis on video playback, including streaming. Faster downloads with a pre-installed plugin can save visitors traffic. The design is simple, but it does not distract from the main goal. Looks great in the mobile version. Integrates with social networks and cloud services.




Женский шаблон сайта Элементор

56. Overflow

Modern magazine with convenient functionality:

  • A lot of conceptual demos in one theme;
  • Visual grid settings;
  • Ability to set a video background.

It focuses equally on visual blogs and text long reads. Owners can contact the authors for advice at any time. There is SEO optimization.




Блог про еду Elementor

57. Lahanna — Cooking blog website template

An appetizing template designed for professional food blogging. Convenient photo and video sliders allow you to place pictures with the image of dishes, including for recipes for their preparation. There is a list functionality that is also convenient for the recipe blog function. All constructor settings are changed in visual mode.




Шаблон новостного сайта 2019

58. News247 —News website theme

The updated theme for the WordPress news blog is suitable for both small resources and large news portals. It is possible to break up information into rubrics, to place the most interesting in “hot” events. Convenient unobtrusive design will not distract the visitor from the main topic. URL generation comes directly from SEO. Another 50+ news templates on various topics.




Тема для сайта коуча

59. Efor — Couching website template

More than 22 thousand users appreciated this template. Particularly attractive are the following features:

  • online sale and packaging of course offers;
  • many demo pages;
  • search engine optimization;
  • import in one click.

Several nice designs and convenient functionality due to online settings without the need to understand the code of pages.





60. Vinkmag

A Elementor WordPress Website template with a selection of bright, professionally drawn and laid-out layouts. All adapted for mobile gadgets, look great on any device. There are options for serious publications and entertainment sites. The ability to make guest posts and monetize the blog is connected. All fonts are adapted for Cyrillic.



Portfolio Templates on Elementor



61. Rhodos — multipurpose portfolio templates

A universal portfolio template offers:

  • 10 niche skins;
  • fast boot;
  • a large number of modules and shortcodes;
  • plugins for events, a story about the team.

There is integration with WooCommerce, which will allow you to sell work over the Internet. Minimalistic design.




elementor portfolio

62. Nanum — Digital agency website theme

A template for a digital agency with a nice light design and clear structure. Settings through the Elementor constructor give maximum customization. There are special plugins and widgets to demonstrate the portfolio – pictures, videos, infographics. Own vector elements included.




сайт визитки

63. ShiftCV — Card website template

Universal landing page with the ability to post a freelancer resume, portfolio of work, videos. In total, seven design options are offered, each of which is easy to change. Adaptability and responsiveness is maintained regardless of user settings. A selection of useful features will help make the site most effective.




Фото тема для сайта

64. Aurel Photography — Multipupose

A multi-template for photographers, in which it is proposed to evaluate:

  • 160 album placement options;
  • Pleasant designs, each individual;
  • Scrolling widgets before and after.

Allows you to post large photos with the possibility of enlargement, but at the same time, they will be protected by copyright. There is an online sales option.




тема для фотографа

65. Framed Photography — Photo theme

Another interesting website template for the photographer’s portfolio, where the authors recommend placing work in a block style, imitating the popular Instagram mode. When clicked, the photos will be enlarged, but protected from downloading. It is viewed very comfortably on phones and tablets. Another 30+ themes for the photo site.





66. Mango — Black and white design website template

A stylized black and white portfolio for designers and people who want to stand out against the backdrop of numerous offers. Also worth noting:

  • many settings and options within the theme;
  • an opportunity to place a portfolio in different options;
  • one-click installation;

The visual settings of the designer give a huge scope for creativity without the need to understand the code.




Портфолио фрилансера

67. Thorium — Freelancer portfolio theme

A convenient and easy option for a freelancer. Attractiveness is guaranteed due to own rendering of vector elements that are included in the price. Settings can be changed online. SEO optimization includes not only text, but also pictures, videos. The function of trading via the Internet is supported.





68. Seocify — SEO and Marketing agency portfolio web theme

A selection of vibrant templates for an SEO agency. In addition to the main functions – adaptability, visual settings, there is a convenient portfolio function, which will help to show the achievements of the company or freelancer in the form of an infographic and, thereby, attract potential customers through visibility.




Портфолио фотосайт 2019

69. Portfolio — Photography portfolio website template

Design development for photographers and designers offers:

  • 10 great homepage;
  • the possibility of maximum emphasis on work with a minimalist design;
  • blog connection;
  • multilanguage support.

The workpiece is distinguished by brightness and simplicity at the same time, you can always change parts using a convenient designer.




Сайт минимализм

70. Bifrost — Minimal design

Minimalistic black and white website theme for minimalistic websites, which is equally well suited for landing, a small online store or business card website, portfolio. All ready-made templates are made in graphic style and look unusually stylish. Adaptability and more than 500 configuration options make the template universal.




Шаблон сайта дизайна интерьера

71. Architecturer — Interior design web theme

Easy and unobtrusive template for interior designers and architects. It will help not only to present the work, but also to show the drawings so that potential customers see how the option they like will look in their apartments or houses. A total of 11 portfolio placement options, subtle customization through the admin panel. 20 more cool options for interior design.




персональное портфолио

72. Selfer — Personal portfolio

Blank for an individual business card, resume with functionality:

  • 18 built-in widgets for Elementor;
  • drafts for posts, photos, videos;
  • GIF image support;
  • advanced blog features.

Suitable for coaches, freelancers and other types of individual self-presentation.




Шаблон для лендинга тату

73. Tattoo — Тату

More than 30 thousand buyers chose this website template for the tattoo salon website due to the convenient placement of photos with the function of increasing viewing, adaptability for mobile browsers, and pleasant design that will not look too intrusive. A great way to showcase your work.





74. Landscaping — Organic and Eco products website template

An Elementor constructor template for a landscape designer in a pleasant white-green style includes:

  • WordPress compatibility
  • own thematic icons;
  • A large selection of handy plugins and widgets.

There is integration with social networks, which will allow you to collect feedback and post news from Instagram or into it.




тема для сайта Элементор

75. Dendrite

A n Elementor constructor wp theme selection with different designs, among which everyone will find the right one. A huge number of options for posting information – photo, video, audio, infographics. You can make advertising posts thanks to the “quote” function, which will not be indexed and reduce positions in search engines.




музыкальный шаблон для сайта

76. Mozo — Music web theme

A website theme for musical groups, interesting in that there are options for all directions – from hip-hop to electronic music. From the point of view of the admin panel, it’s a convenient audio download that protects against copying but allows you to get acquainted with the work, the concert plugin and recordings for certain dates. Integration with WooCommerce.




вариант для сайта подкаста

77. Dixie — Podcast and audio website template

Uncomplicated in design, but a convenient option for the podcast:

  • support for major video and audio formats on third-party sites;
  • special sliders and rewind settings;
  • SEO optimization.

A distinctive feature is that you can post any information at once – and audio, and video, and photos. Everything opens on any device.




музыкальные варианты для сайта

78. Muse — Music web theme

Monochrome stylish selection of templates for musicians and performers. Suitable for groups, for the announcement of concerts or events. You can post your work with purchase integration via iTunes or other services. All images uploaded through the template are shown adaptively, the same applies to the video.




фотогалерея на Вордпресс

Seven options for placing a portfolio of the photographer allow you to best demonstrate their work. The design is simple, but it helps to concentrate on the basis of the site. There are options for “packaged offers” with a call to action, which is useful for the photographer who conducts the session.




портфолио 2019 елементор

80. Centaurus

Elegant black and white template at the interface between the online store, the website, the business card and the portfolio. You can simultaneously sell, show and talk about yourself, including through blogging. Integration with WooCommerce simplifies the sale, and social media widgets – communication and collection of reviews.



The Elementor constructor is one of the most “advanced” options for creating a site without the need to dive into web coding. Universality is in the fact that each element can be developed with maximum detail, to achieve the ideal result, pixel perfect.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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