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Drones are not just fun entertainment or a toy. Video recording, surveillance, various functions – all this is possible thanks to the controlled “drones”. An offer to sell devices or services will find their buyer, and they will most likely be searched through the Internet, because everyone today is a fan of high technologies. The WordPress template for the drone business will help you quickly make a competent effective website and promote your business in this direction.

A selection of 6 effective WordPress web templates, landing pages for selling drones online via drone online store website template.

Site about drones

1. Drone Media

Universal adaptive WordPress template for a videographer or sale of relevant devices. First of all, the design attracts attention – it is strict, elegant, without unnecessary effects, but at the same time it works well for its main task – presenting information about the services and capabilities of the “collection” of devices. The animation is used on the title screen, imitating the style of shooting from the gadget, so it looks thematic and stylish. Minimalism is achieved with a color scheme that uses a limited palette. From the point of view of the admin panel:

  • premium plugins, including the WPBakery constructor;
  • many internal pages, allowing you to just change the text or add your own photos;
  • Revolution Slider plugin for setting animation, scrolling;
  • MailChimp for collecting email addresses;
  • feedback form designer.

The authors guarantee ease of installation and configuration of that premium WordPress theme, which does not require knowledge of programming. You can make a business card site, landing page, or a more advanced large resource for your online drones shop website.


Landing sale of drones

2. Altaframe

This web theme is created on the basis of WooCommerce, prepared as an online store, the WordPress template for shooting from a drone can be adapted for the sale of popular gadgets.

Included are several fully made-up and ready-made landings, specifically for shooting with drones – a dark theme with a moving animated title screen and a separate moving image of the device. Animation features are widely used, including for infographics showing drone options. A block gallery for the portfolio is proposed that explains how ultra-tech devices are used, which will help solve the “pains” of potential customers who may not even know what the drones are for. This wp theme includes a set of premium plugins, SEO optimization and mobile adaptability is guaranteed.


drone wordpress

3. DroneX

Beautiful stylish multi-selection WordPress theme for selling drones online, which is built on the new plugin Elementor. The element is noteworthy in that it helps to combine various details in any order, without fear that this will disrupt the page structure, that mobile adaptability or cross-browser compatibility will be lost. The design also supports animations, scrolling capabilities – all in one, for which it has gained its popularity. Nice light design was suggested for the drone theme, from which, on the one hand, you can make a blog and talk about the benefits of video shooting with drones, and on the other, the template is compatible with WooCommerce, which will allow you to sell drones or services online.


White Electronics Site

4. SquaDrone

A completely ready-made universal landing page for drones videography services. The high download speed, according to GTMetrix, is combined with a pleasant harmonious design using blue, white, dark gray tones. Building a structure helps to get acquainted with the advantages and features of services, helps to shape the need of a potential client – many may need a survey, but not everyone knows that specialized devices are designed for this. From the reviews: “Although they bought for good design, I would like to separately praise the wonderful technical support.” Do not forget that the kit contains the necessary plugins to help you change the style and appearance of the template to your own taste – either just pictures or the entire grid from scratch. All this does not require programming knowledge.



5. Bridge

A multi-template that always follows the latest in any industry, offering its narrow-key designs for any occasion. In the case of video services using drones, there is a nice bright demo that will help:

  • show available models;
  • talk about their capabilities and nuances;
  • Help install the mobile application, if any;
  • sell drones directly along with shooting services.

The premium WordPress template is interesting in that it is suitable for professionals and for the sale of “toy” drones. The universal charming design retains mobile adaptability. The authors guarantee timely support, which answers literally 24 hours a day and is always ready to help resolve any emerging issues. The capabilities of the online store are expanded due to the appearance of the “basket” and convenient viewing by users, you can choose models and compare by various parameters. Supported online payment.



6. BeTheme

The main rival of Bridge wp theme is a designer multi-template, always striking with creative solutions. Effective landing is also offered for the site of a business card of a drone store, under the portfolio of video filming. Dark gray background, proper use of animated infographics and accent images. Premium plugins are included to help make the most custom design based on the finished one. The stylish appearance not only looks great but is also as informative as possible, because the template proposes to provide data on the capabilities of shooting drones depending on the model – what kind of lighting is needed, at what height they are taken.

It is elegantly filed, as well as important data for a potential user of services or a buyer. Blocks for shooting services are prepared in advance – three main ones, plus there are additional ones inside.


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Shooting using drones is used for many purposes – from construction, to inspect the territory or control, and to obtain beautiful photos with subsequent processing. Special gadgets help people make bird-eye images, and if you provide such services or sell drones, then one of the proposed templates will definitely suit the business. It is enough to choose the most suitable and optimize for your own tasks.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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