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A photographer is a creative profession in which it is desirable to have a portfolio. But how does a photographer advertise himself and show his portfolio to more people? Having asked such a question, many photographers decide to create their own website using a premium photography WordPress theme.

If you are a professional photographer, then having your own website can significantly increase your status and increase the number of clients depending on what wordpress photo theme you choose.

Why should a photographer own site?

  1. Customers find you by visiting your site.
  2. The website contains detailed information on prices and services. This means that the number of calls with the same questions will be reduced. Along with informative, the site should have some understatement, so that the client has a desire to contact you for details.
  3. The site needs to be constantly filled with new material, which means that you will constantly be in the process of creative work.
  4. On the site you can share your knowledge, thereby reinforcing your own skills and attracting more attention to yourself from potential buyers or, possibly, students.
  5. Constantly increasing the amount of useful material on the site, its attendance increases.
  6. Naturally, not all visitors will become your customers, but one person out of 1000 may well order something, and if attendance will be 1000 people a day, then a good profit will come from orders.
  7. Having a large audience of the site, you can embed contextual advertising, thereby gaining another source of income. This will not affect the quality of your content, but will give you additional income.
  8. The site should be a reflection of the style and professionalism of the photographer, that why it is important to choose only out of the best wordpress photo themes from our collection.

This point is very important, because customers will first look at the site, and on how much they like the site, it depends whether they call you or not.

For the vast majority of both professional and novice photographers, having a website is an absolute must. There are many social networks where you can share images, for example, Facebook, 500px, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. Your presence on such resources, of course, can be of use. However, the biggest advantage of having a website is that you completely control the design, navigation, announcements and information. This gives you a unique opportunity to attract potential customers from among the visitors to the site.

The first and most important thing that a portfolio site should have is a mood. We are talking about your work, in each of which you have invested a bit of yourself, so it is very important to convey your feelings to every visitor to the site. This will help people better understand your artistic and professional level.

The key elements that create a mood on the site are two things:

Graphic design. It is very important, that the visual side would adequately convey the essence of your activity. This includes such characteristics as: color, light, sound and interface elements of desired photography wordpress templates;

The way of presenting images. Visitors to the site should see not only beautiful layouts, but also convenient. Ideally, the functional should be a logical continuation of the visual part.

How should be the site of the photographer?

1. The site of the photographer should present in a spectacular and accessible form to users the work of the photographer. After visiting the site, a person should have a feeling that this photographer is: professional, works officially, he has many clients, it is easy to contact him. And there should also be a desire to add a site to bookmarks.
2. The site should be executed in a minimalist design, without a lot of graphics and textures – nothing should distract the user from the photos themselves. In this case, the design of the site should be a single concept, implemented through a logo, typography, corporate identity and brand colors. The site should look expensive,it is only possible when buying premium wp photography themes.
3. The site should quickly boot, work for everyone, in all browsers and on all monitors and devices. The site should be well indexed by search robots and itself naturally move to the top of the search by target requests. Therefore, it is worth forgetting about the flash (the benefit of modern technology allows you to implement all visual effects without using it) and from the first step in creating a site remember the cleanliness of the code, cross-browsing, cross-platform and search engine optimization, available only with premium photographer wordpress themes.
4. On the site, in addition to photos, there must be several information pages (About the photographer, Services, Contacts). And in general it is worth thinking about why a person comes to your site – describe the packages of services, divide photos into albums, make forms of communication with you simple and affordable using a cozy photo wp theme.
5. If you add a personal blog of the photographer to your site, which will be alive and often updated, this will significantly increase the rating of the site both in the eyes of users and in the perception of search robots. It’s worth integrating social media buttons into the blog and the ability to “share” information and photos – this will increase the conversion and attract new potential customers after buying a nice wordpress photoblog theme from our handpicked collection.
6. The photographer should be able to easily and without additional efforts add information to the site, upload new photos, publish news. Therefore, the WordPress Site Management System (CMS) is simply irreplaceable and suitable with any of our photography wordpress themes.

Well, what are you thinking about creating your own website? If you can not create it yourself, and the budget allows you, then use the services of a web designer. You must be a professional photographer, not a webmaster. But, if the funds do not allow you, or you just want to do it yourself, then you should know that there are inexpensive web-based tools for creating a site that are easy to use and work great with any photography template wordpress offers to us.

Here are Top 20 Best photography WordPress theme  to be used by professional photographers as their official personal website.

Forta | Photography WordPress Theme

Forta is a premium wordpress photography template that held up to a very high standard of quality and is the perfect solution for professional photographers personal website,blog and online shop. Various galleries design layouts will showcase the awesomeness of your works and also integrated online store will assist you with selling your amazing photos. It comes with 10 unique homepages demos that are ready to be installed on your hosting in no time.

As a professional photographer ,photo blogger,photography agency or photo studio you should set up a highly intuitive and chock-full of powerful functionality website in order to impress your online community and potential customers. Also there is present the Pricing set’s feature to inform the visitors about your photography services costs.


Premium Photography WordPress Theme – Etudes

Etudes is a premium wordpress themes for photography that is designed specifically for professional photographers either for enthusiast who want to showcase their works in sway that does not distract visitors attention from the actual imagery collection. There are included 5 home page layouts that can be combined to craft the most incredible website for photographers. The gallery and portfolio are offering a superb browsing experience and can be designed in many styles for different taste.

Etudes is a high quality WordPress theme with extended functions to meet the requirements of photographers around the world. Etudes include all the features necessary to start showcasing your photography skills and work on the web starting as from today using your brand new personal website. Also it is suitable as a wedding photography wordpress theme for just married clients.


Dazzle – Portfolio Theme for Creative Professionals

If you are looking for photography wp themes then Dazzle is  suitable for any business in photography industry with all the details carefully designed to create a unique online presence for expert photographers across all devices. Dazzle website template is packed with all you will ever need to create a professional website for your photography business or hobby.

This elegant and attractive theme is designed to cater the needs of photographers who want to sell their photos online. Dazzle is enabled with online shop section which plays well with WooCommerce plugin, all together being a nice tool for generating profit while enjoying what you are doing. Definitely is one of the best among premium photography wordpress themes.


NOAH – A Witty Photography WordPress Theme

Noah is one of the best wordpress themes photography oriented for professional photographers and is able to give your website a fresh and contemporary feel. Noah is very pleasing to the eyes of anyone who visits engaging visitors with the most spectacular effects. Start showcasing your valuable photos with elegant portfolio and galleries integrated in Noah WordPress theme that will definitely amaze and engage your clients on a deeper level.

Noah is the online image of the photographer that’s why it is cleverly constructed and highly intuitive. It is devoted to making the experience of navigation an easy and joyful process. This is the most fresh-faced, clean and probably the best photography wordpress theme with many eye catching features and premium advantages.


Phography Bradley Services WordPress Theme – WizePhoto

WizePhoto is a wordpress theme for photographers created keeping in mind the latest trends in webdesign and it is intended to be used solely for the purpose of professional photographers and photo studios. All the design layouts and typography are crafted using the most trendy color gradients that will help you in attracting plenty of new customers. WizePhoto is a perfect solution for showcasing you photos as well it comes with beautiful embedded Video features.

Having this premium WordPress the installed as your personal photography website, impressing potential customers and visitors is now easier than ever before. Try it today!


Freeman – Exclusive Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme

Freeman is and exclusive wordpress theme photography oriented and having a distinctive and unique touch that will help you to create the layouts of your dreams for your photography webpage with ease. It is created by the most experienced web developers that are working with photography industry for the last 6 months. This premium WordPress theme is suited for many creative agencies purposes and activities.

Freeman is something different than you have seen before but still remain to be useful and easy to work with. This template is a Breath-taking deployment of the best photography websites that incorporates many innovative features of design and functionality. It is considered one of the best among wordpress blog templates for photographers.


Azalea – A Fresh and Fashionable Photography Theme

Azalea is a wp themes photography oriented with modern and fresh design that will assist you in showcasing your awesome photography work using its 12 absolutely engaging and totally customizable homepages. This website template for photographers is enabled with client archive feature that allow you to create a neat page exhibiting all your clients in one place. Upload the entire collection of photos for individual customer to their personalized proofing gallery pages and give them the possibility to browse and download their photos.

Also you can set and maintain your personal online shop to gain profit from your hobby thanks to it’s compatibility with eCommerce plugin. It is always important for a photographer to showcase their work with the style they deserve. Discover a fresh and fashionable way to do that with Azalea, one of the best among wordpress photography themes today!


Photography | Photobooth Photography Portfolio

Photobooth is a clean and simple wp photography theme that is crafted to deliver maximum efficiency and modern style to it’s users webpage. This Portfolio theme is for photographers who are looking for minimalist and elegant solution for their webpage. Photobooth will deal great for creative people of any king and is wonderfully convenient and user friendly for webpage visitors and potential clients.

Start showcasing you work online and inform your online community about your services and prices and give them your contact details with Photobooth as soon as possible in order to get more orders for you as a photographer.


Sewell Photography – Photography WordPress

Sewell is a responsive wordpress photographer theme crafted from the beginning with the purpose of assisting you in creating a breathtaking and modern user friendly photography website. It include 7 homepage examples that are ready to be imported and installed as you can see them in the live preview in just one click. It is suited for fashion,nature,portraits,cars and many others categories of photographers. Share you valuable photos using it’s integrated social media sharing feature and make other embrace your work.

Sewell is offering an interface that has a niche specific design and provides high quality visual displays for your visitors and potential clients. When you as a photographer are in doubts what website template to choose, go with Sewell!


Stihiya Photography – Photography WordPress

If you are looking for perfect wordpress templates for photographers then Stihiya is a mobile devices and user friendly solution for you,suited for Photography agency,photo bloggers and creative people all in one single, smooth package. Start earning from you hobby using Stihiya’s template integrated WooCommerce online store for your valuable photos. It also got 3 different home page styles and many other notorious features related to gallery and portfolio. Professional photographers as well as begginers will ejoy their online experience With Stihiya landing page design which is a clean and sophisticated solution for ranking your website in google top.

Stihiya is lightweight and beautifully designed theme that will take your online presence to the next level and will boost your photography business or hobby. Start creating your online portfolio today with Stihiya- best wordpress theme for photographers!


Stephens – Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Stephens is a wordpress theme for photographer with integrated portfolio and focused for creative people that enjoy sharing their creativity to online community. This website theme has a simple, minimalistic modern design and is perfectly suited for agency,personal portfolio,photographers,web designers,photography studios,sound and music studios,musicians,painters,artists,freelancers and many other people from creative and web development industry. It is enabled with filters for portfolio section to grand a friendly user experience and smooth navigation on the website.

Stephens premium theme is clear, easy and fast as it is SEO optimized and enabled with an engaging style. Other notable features integrated into this theme are Blog feature and a nice home landing page.


Grand Photography | Photography WordPress

Grand is modern feature rich responsive wordpress template for photographers pre-designed with 144 galleries and pages layouts to help photographers to create a unique online presence. Grand is probably the most versatile website template for photographers on the market because of its Client Login and Client gallery to share photos with your customers after photo session using their login and password. Also the is a online shop integrated to help you with sales of your photo products which is compatible with WooCommerce plugin.

Grand incorporates many innovative features like events,portfolio,gallery,blog and client archive page. Building a modern and professional website for photographers has never been easier. Grand can always help your photos look their sharpest and your online audience will grow larger day by day.


Diopter – Creative Responsive Photography / Portfolio WordPress Theme

Diopter is a modern responsive photographer wordpress theme created ideal for photoshooters and creative people who are looking for an attractive and effective way tho share their art with people online. Diopter is crafted with simplicity in mind and loads incredibly fast on every device. This premium WordPress template is well known within professional photographers circles as one of the most fresh-faced and clean website template.

More and more creative people are choosing Diopter template as their personal website to show of their visual art to the whole world at large. This is the right choice if you are looking for an elegant and attractive solution.


CropIt Photography – Photography WordPress

Crop is one of the most intuitive and speedy premium photography templates for wordpress with many advanced tools and powerful options. It fits perfectly as official website for photographers,photo school,agencies and photo studios. Integrated with various galleries styles to showcase your visual art and another feature is that simple and convenient online shop to help you with sales of your precious photos.

This template has 5 different homepages for the most important niche’s from photography industry as well as photographer personal website demo is there. This theme will have and amazing memorable impact into your users minds after visiting your webpage.


Persona Photography – Photography WordPress

Persona is one of those professional wordpress themes photographers fall in love with, because it is designed specially for photographers to provide a high quality visual displays and maintains a certain degree of flexibility. Enabled with tons of features for portfolio,galleries and comes with many color schemes available for customization. Persona is highly intuitive theme that can be a capable tool for webmasters and also can be installed by beginners with ease.

Integrated online store which is compatible with eCommerce plugin provide an effortless commercialization of your valuable photos online. There are also many other premium advantage ,take a look at live preview and find them out right away!


Dreamscape Photography – A Responsive WordPress Photography Blog Theme

Dreamscape is responsive and one of the most attractive and visually appealing among wordpress themes for photographers suited for , photography creative blog web site. This premium website template is crafted with care for keeping the focus on your content and your photos first and foremost and highlights what visitors like the most.

Dreamscape has a design that is very pleasing to the eyes of anyone who visits your website and it is a unique and the most technologically cutting edge among wordpress templates photographers fall in love with.


Oshine – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Oshine is one of those wordpress photography templates that never get old, enabled  with 27 different demos that is suited for all types of creative business. Oshine has been rated as one of the most versatile Portfolio and Photography template by many authority bloggers from the community. The developers of Oshine theme carefully crafted every detail to ensure that a easy and clean interface is carried out.

There are many reasons to buy this theme and to start using it as your personal website and one of them is because Oshine is one of the best selling wordpress templates photography oriented of all time. All that is left is for photographer to and photos and take off.


Valeria – Clean Photography & Portfolio WordPress Theme

When you are looking for premium wordpress themes for photographers then one the best options would be: “Valeria”. Designed with care for creatives who are in need of an online photography portfolio with niche-specific design. It comes with many customizable layouts and 5 different header styles and also there are dark and light versions available for installation.

Valeria is a great theme with a good rating with clear documentation and outstanding support. It is completely responsive and looks terrific on any device and is ready to turn your website into a powerful tool to showcase your visual art online using one of the best solution among wordpress photography themes.


Eram – Innovative Photography Portfolio Theme

Eram is one of the most attractive and visually appealing among photography themes wordpress compatible, driven from photographers to provide features and layouts that a niche specific website deserves. It is perfectly suited for photography studio,photo blogging,fashion photographers,agencies and creative studios.

The best part for photographers would be Client Management system where you can make a profile for each customer and list them all in a page, each client have multiple galleries and can be protected by password. Also Eram website template for photographers comes with different blog templates which allow all post formats.


Darren – Photography & WooCommerce Compatible WordPress Theme

Darren is a wordpress photography theme for photo-blogging industry that drives functionality and interface in a straightforward way. With the help of this theme you can easily upload your work with the organized and clean gallery and start selling them online right away with WooCommerce plugin.

It is created with minimalist design but it is apt for making a sound online presence for professional photographers as well as beginners. Darren the theme resizes slickly on any device and is intuitive as possible.


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