50 Responsive WordPress Templates for multipurpose websites


Responsive – a concept that implies the ability to view the resource on any device, from a desktop computer and laptop to smartphones – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the latest iPhone X or a “Chinese” model not of the first novelty. According to analysts, mobile traffic plays a major role in modern business, as people are already used to quickly find the right goods and services via the Internet. This trend is developing and intensifying.

Adaptability and responsiveness play an important role in the success of a site. So even before creating the site, carefully consider the choice of the responsive WordPress theme. And my selection of templates will help you.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

50 Responsive WordPress Templates for multipurpose websites that will look good on mobile devices tablets and netbooks

Universal website templates

These templates provide the widest possible application. Want a little business card? Selling site? A large multi-page resource with your blog and portfolio? There are no restrictions. Convenience lies in the fact that there are always ready-made demos, they just change some elements, colors and pictures – and start the resource.

cool website template

1. Bridge

More than a hundred thousand downloads of this website template speak for themselves. For only $ 60 you get a complete set with the most powerful tools of this universal option.


  • 376 finished designs;
  • own icons;
  • You can place both individual blocks and combine among themselves, and whole sites;
  • full versatility – open everywhere;
  • SEO optimization, meta tags;
  • infographics and other useful elements.

There really is everything that can be useful to the webmaster. It will not be difficult for a beginner to understand thanks to a fully automated “one-click installation”.





2. The7

This web template for WordPress is older than the previous one, also scored over 120+ thousand downloads. It remains up-to-date and relevant thanks to support and regular updates. The developer offers more than 850 themes, and the template itself is recognized as one of the seven best developments for business cards, landing pages and full multi-page web resources.





3. Ronneby

According to the developers, this universal template has not only a set of plugins and modules, but also an “endless settings panel”. Indeed, this is a great universal option with a huge number of options. It is good in that it will not be difficult to optimize for any task – from a pizzeria to the services of a lawyer.




universal template

4. Jupiter

Constantly updated template with interesting design options in a bright, user-friendly style. Particularly suitable for any landing page. Especially worth noting:

  • simple visual editor;
  • slideshow setting;
  • ready-made headers.

Looks great on a computer with a large monitor and on a small mobile phone due to its excellent adaptability.





5. Salient

The authors rely on complete versatility for landing page website template and other resources. Support for Cyrillic and even exotic spellings – Arabic, Hebrew, advanced typography, wide possibilities of working with color. All this is configured without unnecessary difficulties, and according to statistics, a finished site is 80% faster than similar ones thanks to optimization.





6. Uncode

Create impressive design options and versatile web pages without the involvement of third-party professionals. Included are several necessary additions:

  1. for e-commerce;
  2. for the implementation of ideas with sliders and scrolling;
  3. to optimize layers.

Adapting the design to the demanding Retina displays installed on the latest iPhones and Macs deserves special attention.




thegem for blogger

7. TheGem

Another “Wordpress theme” where you can create a personal blog, portfolio or online store. Website Templates for any purpose are included – in total more than 70 beautiful clean designs with expressive hero image (header pictures) and nice fonts. Responsiveness is achieved through interactive elements, forms, and other customization options.




400 landing demos

8. BeTheme

Behance’s design masterpiece, directly linked to the creators of Photoshop itself, falls into any review. No wonder:

  1. 360 ready-made sites – from business cards to full-fledged multipages;
  2. thoughtful stylish design of each;
  3. great UX;
  4. weight 6 mb.

The sophistication of the templates can only be envied, but let other developers do it. A user is better to download and install on your hosting.





9. Jevelin

Let a relatively small number of downloads – 5 thousand does not scare you away. This is a simple, elegant, reliable website template. Mobile and full versions look equally attractive. Also included are advanced contact forms for the online store function or reviews and social inclusion.





10. Pearl

In this “Pearl”, as the name assigned by the developers is translated, a lot of everything, as if trying to fit all the possible “features”:

  • pop-up windows;
  • convenient adjustment of the sliders;
  • layered editing;
  • cookies support.

And much more, from standard adaptation and responsiveness to unusual “tricks” that others don’t have. Are they all needed? It’s up to you to decide – there really is almost everything here.





11. Kalium

A template for advanced users, but in fact – it does not pose difficulties in installation, it will take only one click to place it on the site. Ready-made demos are immediately offered for various topics – from architecture to education. The creators’ slogan: “Not only homepage,” and this is fully true, everything is included for the resource adaptive and responsive – up to 4 thousand fonts.





12. Phlox Pro

For only $ 19 you will get a website theme that will be perfectly “understood” by search engines due to SEO optimization, and most importantly – by visitors. Bright and aesthetically pleasing demo options in light and dark colors will give pleasure when viewing, the responsiveness and thoughtful UX will delay users for a long time.




most popular wordpress template

13. Avada

The number of sales is impressive: more than 400 thousand. The authors claim that they have developed a universal template for WordPress No. 1, this can be argued, but with the fact that it is one of the best.

  1. forty completely ready sites;
  2. more than 1000 options for customization;
  3. 255 design options;
  4. 6 top plugins, which themselves cost from $ 200 if you buy separately.

Rating – five stars. Definitely one of the best universal developments in the world for a popular platform.




Wordpress theme ark

14. The Ark

With this responsive WordPress template, 800+ objects are waiting for you, which you can customize and place as you like. From icons to infographics – any design, any nuances. Versatility is combined with absolute adaptability on new and old devices, the development is often updated.





15. Houzez

14 ready-made website templates and a whole list of useful features – from calendar settings to call scripts when you click on the icon, directly from the site. Development is conceived to a greater extent for a business blog that can simultaneously attract customers, especially for the purpose of providing services. You can connect PayPal for instant payment.





16. Oshine

The developers at the same time argue that the template is universal and focus on fashion, a demonstration of the portfolio of models, designers and similar goals. Indeed, the “package” has everything to show a beautiful product with its face – photos, screenshots of works, interiors. Animation scripts are included to make the demonstration especially effective.





17. Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine

The name suggests the purpose. The template will be good for a blog dedicated to health, beauty, cosmetics, healthy lifestyle and weight loss. There are several ready-made designs in the fashionable “Instagram-style”, focused on mobile devices. However, it looks good on a computer.




Cryptocurrency site

18. Crypterio

Included are several beautiful designs with rich vibrant colors. Cryptocurrency website templates that are fashionable, but can be used for a personal blog, financial project, and other purposes. A thorough SEO-setting will bring you to the TOP according to search queries, and the ability to place infographics with scripts – for example, changing exchange rates, will make the resource useful for visitors.




wordpress training

19. Education

The main idea of ​​the template is education. It adapts well to the landing page with the offer of services, a business card site. There are ready-made design solutions in bright colors with eye-catching pictures and beautiful fonts. All this looks flawless on mobile phones.





20. Impreza

Development is interesting, first of all, by ready-made options. They are diverse and unusual – from strict minimalism to provocations in fashion style. The site is guaranteed to be remembered by visitors.




Using the templates below, you can create a portfolio that will stand out among the boring sites that your competitors use. You can customize the cool demos in each topic to fit your niche and creatively present your services.


21. Amedeo

According to the authors, this website template is ideal for a portfolio of designers, photographers, creative agencies. Adaptive development includes:

  • Designer for visual site customization;
  • advanced plugin for contact forms;
  • integrated with WooCommerce, online sales opportunity;
  • powerful slider for adaptive demonstration of work.

Beautiful delicate design in pink and green tones is pleasing to the eye, does not distract from the main task – to demonstrate the portfolio.




creative portfolio

22. Smiltė

A bold, striking solution that was originally developed in the style of Adaptive Portfolio, that is designed to accommodate pictures, texts, videos. Universal design allows you to place work on any topic. Responsive coding with adaptation for Retina is configured online using the built-in visual designer. There are SEO-optimization, as well as settings for infographics, allowing you to make landing even more effective.




vp template

23. Benue

Laconic Responsive WordPress theme in a minimalistic style. Such a solution allows focusing solely on the services offered and examples of work, without being distracted by extraneous details. At the same time, the site template has everything you need:

  • adjusting the responsiveness of pictures;
  • 800+ Google fonts
  • parallax effect settings;
  • feedback forms.

Each portfolio item can be represented as a separate page with its own URL.




bright topic

24. Dieter

A selection of bright templates for the landing page, which are sure to be remembered by the visitor to the site due to an unusual design solution. Bold color combinations create a sense of creativity, relevance in 2020. The powerful admin panel on the Elementor constructor allows you to easily change details, from headers and footers to the table and other fine-tuning, all this – visually, without coding.




pattern in yellow colors

25. Dekko

The development, according to the authors, is excellent for business cards of design agencies. Also good for online stores due to integration with the popular WooCommerce platform. Extensive options for customizing sliders, displaying all elements and events that are completely adaptive for mobile devices. All parts of WordPress landing are interchangeable. Pleasant design is distinguished at the same time by the creativity of the solution, recognition and unobtrusiveness.




website for freelancer

26. Rhodos

A multi-purpose website template for WordPress, interesting due to its adaptability and versatility. Easily adapts to the theme of the portfolio, suitable for freelancers. The developers included in the kit:

  • 10 unique skins;
  • special plugins for the portfolio, helping to present the most profitable work;
  • Designer management Elementor – the most advanced in 2020.
  • Sliders and event animation are selected online, without the need for coding.

One-click installation. A wide range of options for each event, display, the “grid” of the site.




tile works

27. Kenozoik

Creative selection of catchy landing pages. Bold colors and bright, clean typography will certainly make a positive impression on visitors. The admin panel with visual settings will allow you to change any element or group of elements, while maintaining the overall design intent. There are separate settings for creating banners and advertising campaigns. Adapting to SEO will help to easily promote the resource and make it “visible” to search robots.





28. Ion

Laconic black and white style gives the impression of solidity and restrained elegance. A great choice for a landing page or business card of an experienced designer, copywriter, programmer. You can also use the template as the site of the development studio. Convenient portfolio plugins, such as “endless scrolling” and “loading as you scroll” make the template ideal for mobile responsiveness.




female version

29. Brynn

Multi-purpose development, which includes everything you need for a business card site or larger projects:

  1. more than two dozen ready-made designs;
  2. One-click import
  3. All necessary documents are included to help you deal with the intricacies of the settings;
  4. admin panel, according to the authors, is intuitive.

If necessary, you can always contact the developers who guarantee 24-hour support. High user ratings confirm the quality of the template.





30. Centaurus

Responsive Website template for a demonstration of work or an online store. Based on the template, you can make both a one-page landing and a large corporate resource. A simple elegant black and white design is offered by default, but it is easy to change it in the admin panel. In total, more than 500 options are offered. The portfolio is proposed to be placed in the fashionable style of 2020, simulating the “tile” Instagram. Separately, the authors offer the possibility of blogging with advanced settings for demonstrating images, videos.




Online stores

E-commerce is at its peak. People prefer to order everything online, from food to cars. Therefore, WordPress developers offer special templates that already provide store functions. By its configuration, good options are no more complicated than a standard one-page.


31. WoodMart

Lovely online store template. Any size – from a small shop to a hypermarket, goods can be downloaded “in bulk” using special scripts. A simple design does not distract from the main thing, it is completely universal and easy to install.




xstore - the best online store

32. XStore

Combines the functions of a landing with a store: at the same time, it allows you to advertise a product and enable it to be bought.

In a set:

  • “Tasty” design;
  • many fonts;
  • integration of scripts for purchase;
  • over 200 psd files.

Almost unlimited customization options. No matter what you sell, this template will definitely sell.




casual clothes

33. Sober

Minimalistic design is the best suited for fashion products. If you want the design to be, but not to attract unnecessary attention, the template is for you. A fully functional store will allow you to demonstrate the goods from different angles, including a script for pseudo-3D.





34. Flatsome

The template has a huge number of settings – the blocks are combined with each other to get the perfect selling design. All demos are combined with each other, adaptive in terms of display on mobile devices. You can make a traditional store or “hype” Insta format.




online store porto

35. Porto

A powerful universal tool for blogs, multi-page sites, and stores. There are 25 presets, on the basis of which even a beginner will be able to create a unique, memorable site. Online documentation or support, ready to answer questions, can help with any difficulties.





36. Shopkeeper

Bright, modern, stylish. In addition, simple – the drag and drop system is implemented at 100%. Unlimited styling of headers, and at the same time excellent adaptability and responsiveness. The authors recommend the development of clothing, shoes, accessories, but is suitable for almost everything.




responsive store

37. Marketo

Minimalistic flat design with a convenient display in every format, including all kinds of tablets and smartphones. Due to the ability to place many items at once, it is suitable for large stores operating online. There are forms with orders, delivery terms.




electro shop

38. Electro Electronics Store

The website template is focused on the sale of electronics, which allows you to enter details and specifications. This can be useful not only for headphones and joysticks but for building materials, products, cosmetics. The design is simple in the style of flat and looks modern.





39. CiyaShop

Option to combine landing and trading within the store. You can emphasize and highlight the benefits of the product, there are options and scripts for discounts, special offers. A total of 160 blanks.





40. Savoy

An elegant black and white basic design solution hints at premium products and designer accessories. A great choice for the sale of lamps, furniture, jewelry. Due to customization, you can adapt for other purposes. Many good plugins included.




Новостные журналы и блоги

Information rules the world. 90% comes from the online world – radio and TV use secondary data, already flashed on the Internet. Copyright blogs, in addition, can still be monetized. Excellent WordPress development will help you create your own online newspaper or personal blog.

Шаблон блога root

41. Root

A very popular template from Russian developers. The template is fully translated into Russian and adapted for the Russian-language website or blog. It has many advantages, I made a description for it in a separate article »View.




шаблон сайта журнала

42. JournalX

Creative theme for an online magazine from the same developers as Root. Minimalist design to maximize content. Fully adaptive and fast.




cook it шаблон кулинария

43. CookIt

My opinion is the best website theme for a culinary site/blog. There is a convenient function for counting portions and quantities of ingredients, the function of printing a recipe, adding videos, and much more. Check out the demo and understand it for yourself. The template is very easy to configure and is suitable for complete beginners.




журнал вордпресс

44. Newspaper

Want to have your personal newspaper? Open it with the template of the same name. The author suggests:

  • more than 50 ready-made designs;
  • convenient to read from small screens;
  • fast loading;
  • ease of installation, updating, correction.

Developers are constantly improving the product, all new versions are free.





45. Publisher

A lot of demos for both the blog and the magazine. All demos are “rubber”, customizable to any screen size. The simplicity of the settings allows you to install it without experience.





46. Bimber

A constantly updated WordPress theme will offer:

  • Social Widgets
  • many beautiful designer presets;
  • ready-made gallery plugin with the ability to upload photos;
  • Download videos from YouTube.

All together is the perfect blogging toolkit.





47. Newsmag

All major newspapers and online publications work on similar templates. Full responsiveness, universal viewing on devices of any generation and format, attractive layout picture header. Professionalism and nothing more.




премиум шаблон для блога

48. Soledad

An option combining a landing page and an information publication. Talk about your product or services and sell them at the same time using modern development. Ease of installation and use is guaranteed.




15zine wp

49. 15Zine

Powerful dark design means expressive pictures or photos. Ideal for photographer, designer, video blogger. The design will make you hold your eyes, and the text is easy to read thanks to good clean fonts.




voice креативная тема

50. Voice

A simple template with an abundance of useful “chips”:

  • ready-made styles of headers and footers;
  • built-in search;
  • the ability to create an archive;
  • sidebar settings.

It looks simple, but for an info blog or newsletter this is exactly what you need.




jannah news

51. Jannah News

A multi-page newsletter is similar to major online publications. If you want to lead a large project, then this option is definitely suitable. It can be combined with selling content in the form of a mini-store.





52. BoomBox

Own icons, own style, nice design – and all this is literally with one click. Option for small to medium-sized authoring blogs or resources. It loads very quickly even on mobile traffic.



Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

According to most Internet experts, adaptability is becoming the main criterion and should be applied to any resource. These templates are all configured in such a way that it is impossible to “spoil” them – they will always look beautiful and correctly on computers, smartphones and tablets thanks to built-in scripts. It is easy to use them for any purpose.

This is where I finish the selection of responsive templates. If you are very meticulous in choosing a topic and have not found anything in this list, then look at my other selections. Or you can search on ThemeForest yourself. If you have any questions, be sure to write them in the comments, let me tell you. See you in the following articles.

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