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Hello! News websites are now gaining more and more popularity. If you decide to make yourself a portal or magazine, then you need to choose the right theme and my selection – WordPress news templates I hope will be of help.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

What to look for when choosing a news template?

Visitors get to the news websites from search engines in 90% to a single article, only then after reading they can go to the main page. Therefore, I advise you to start the review precisely with the appearance of the article – what a separate entry looks like and what elements are there.

  1. The width of the content should be greater than the width of the sidebar. Approximately 70-80 / 30-20;
  2. Sidebar is better to use one, on the right. When two sidebars on the left and on the right a lot of elements distract from reading the article;
  3. Or consider the option without a sidebar at all, so that nothing distracts from the content;
  4. Social functions (social media buttons, various widgets, related posts, etc.).

50+ Magazine WordPress Templates for News websites for creating a news portal or and online magazine on WordPress

Newspaper screenshot

1. Newspaper – the best template for a magazine and newsletter

Let’s start with the theme of top 1 in sales. Newspaper wordpress news site template is very popular, bought Newspaper over 34,000 times. In the demo we see 24 options on any subject:

  • Food
  • The medicine
  • Children
  • Travels
  • Animals
  • Cars
  • Health
  • Wedding
  • Fitness
  • etc

Developers periodically update the template, the last update was 14 days ago. The mobile version has recently been improved, now the website on smartphones loads in a matter of milliseconds.

Various caps and footer customization options
Smart scrolling – as you scroll, content is gradually loaded, which reduces page loading speed
You can rate entries

To be honest, you can’t count the chips, look in the description yourself how many there are.

When buying Newspaper, widgets come as a gift:

  • visual composer – plug-in constructor for creating various pages, such as landing
  • Weather widget – shows the weather
  • Exchange widget – shows the value of the currency
  • Instagram widget – a tape with a photo of your profile on Instagram can be installed anywhere on the site
  • Social counter widget – bars with the display of subscribers in your social networks
  • Ad box widget – shows a banner ad

Such a template is worth buying for those who do not want to get confused and make themselves a super cool site, arrange it as it is convenient, be unique. But all this can be done in a couple of clicks, just install a demo of your theme and customize it for yourself.




Root blog template

2. Root – Russian template for a blog

According to the authors: “The most environmentally friendly WordPress theme.” They confirm this thesis with the following features:

  • full SEO optimization;
  • ready micro marking;
  • function of closing links from indexing – taking care of the absence of spam;
  • tested for mobile adaptability.

For settings, the customizer visual plugin is used, which is understandable even to a beginner.




magazine site template

3. JournalX – Russian template for a news site

“Magazine theme with post loading,” authors write about the development. A special slider is meant, which helps with adaptability, saves traffic on mobile devices. Stylish design in block style will help to focus on content, which is important for news sites and online publications. It is possible to connect banners and earn on the site.




culinary site

4. Cook It – Russian template for a culinary site

Developers are planning a template for recipes, cooking news. Thanks to the loading of images in one click, you can change the subject. There is a map, optimization for the main devices and SEO-search, and color schemes are easily customizable thanks to the visual design. For greater adaptability, the up button is immediately built in, the appearance of which and the color can always be changed in the settings of the admin panel.




viral content

5. Yelly

“WordPress theme for viral content,” the developers promise. Virus, of course, will depend on the content producer, but from the point of view of technical equipment there is everything you need:

  • UTM tagged links – track traffic;
  • advanced forms for reposts;
  • There is a site map;

There is support for advertising and a very high-quality adaptation for search engines.




Content Site

6. Contentberg – a template in the style of minimalism

A very modern, pleasant online magazine theme with an interesting opportunity to adjust the brightness in the settings while maintaining the color scheme and overall style. Also available:

  • plugin for efficient image compression without loss of quality;
  • integration with WooCommerce, if you need to connect a store;
  • Integration with major social networks for reposts and save.

Interactivity is achieved through the convenience of viewing content and feedback forms.





7. Publisher – a lot of cool demos

WordPress template for a news portal, blog or magazine, featuring attention to detail. Publisher perfectly combines aesthetics, professionalism and functionality. An advertising management system will help monetize traffic through Adsense, Google DFP Ads, placement of custom advertising banners.




saxon news

saxon news

8. Saxon

“Templepoit for viral news,” says many template developers for newsletters about their work. Specifically, it is worth paying attention to:

  • a good selection of homepage – only 25 ready-made designs in different styles;
  • Drag and Drop constructor;
  • advanced site grid settings.

Cute designs look worthy to watch.




Wordpress News Templates

9. Valenti – an unusual form of posts

An interesting option. I like the Valenti style – creative and at the same time restrained, neat. The first thing that catches your eye is an interesting menu that you can do as you want, insert categories in any order and display entries in different ways. You can make a light and dark version. Responsive template. When you configure, you absolutely do not need to work in the code, everything will turn out to be configured from the admin panel, settings are simple and logical. Detailed documentation is attached to the archive.

Unique system for adding pictures. “Every story is different” – your every story will be different. In any post or page, you can set different settings for pictures and combine various options. You can make a multilingual site. Beautiful zoom effect when you hover over the picture on the main page. News does not look intrusive, I want to study in more detail. Each article has a signed number of views, which is rarely seen, just ask programmers to fasten.




Women's essence

10. The Essence – Women’s Only

A good option for women or travel blog on WordPress. There are 17 different layouts for the home page, responsive design and 100% adapted for mobile devices.

I like:

  • Different arrangement of posts on the main
  • Warm pastel colors
  • Font Combinations
  • Instagram feed below
  • Two menus, which is convenient for content sites, in the center the main thing, in the corner secondary




voice creative theme

11. Voice – universal option

Voice is a universal template suitable for any topic. I bought his wordpress blog for a customer. The admin panel is very convenient, it was easy to customize the blog to fit your requirements. I won’t show the blog because hosting stopped getting payed. You can set different colors for the categories, so the site looks fresh, bright, interesting, but you can limit yourself to one color. Recently released an updated version 2.0 which is 30% faster, many shortcomings are fixed.


  1. Smart tuning of posts on the main one, combine as you like
  2. Unlimited colors and fonts
  3. Different header options, you can add ad units
  4. Different sidebar options + sticky sidebar function, can move after the client while scrolling
  5. Smart headings – choose any design and look, place anywhere
  6. Wp review – the ability to rate your posts
  7. One click demo import. Download ready-made settings and immediately start using the site
  8. And much more. Full list here

Voice is a great solution for any topic of entertainment, travel, women, Hi-end websites.




minimalism themes for the site

12. Reco

Simple landing page with high download speed. Optimal for text content with small graphic elements. Convenient and very easy to configure, absolutely does not require knowledge of coding. Events in the header are configured using the slider plugin, you can add animations for pictures in the posts themselves. Widgets will help redirect any information on the social network.




WordPress News Template

13. Amory

The theme is stylish, in the style of minimalism, suitable for photojournal, hi-end, women’s themes, fashion. Compared to previous versions, Amory has fewer elements, looks lighter, easier to perceive information. Available 10 demos, suitable not only for the news site.




Universal wordpress template.

14. Herald

Herald is not Harold, who always holds back tears, do not confuse 🙂 The theme is similar to Voice, which we discussed above. Well, of course, they have one developer. But the template is still unique and has its own differences. I like the main one with a mobile accordion, a good hat with a menu, very convenient. In the description you will find a demo for topics that you can install in one click:

  • Sport
  • Equipment
  • Fashion
  • Massage
  • The blog

The template is flexibly customizable, let’s compare the default option with the sport one, it’s very different and the mood sets different. Conclusion: you can adjust the Herald to any topic.




male portal

15. BuzzBlog – an option for fashion themes, photos

BuzzBlog is a minimalistic platform for a personal blog or news publishing site. The theme is developed using the Bootstrap framework and is adaptive. BuzzBlog 2.0 is a completely redesigned template, improved for each item. The template uses 9 custom widgets, including the News widget, which is responsible for displaying the latest publications.




neat design

food blog worpdress

16. Gillion

Gillion is a multi-conceptual theme that offers templates for WordPress magazines, news portals, review sites, blogs, ready for customization.

Distinctive features of the theme:

  • one-click demo installation
  • demos available for use
  • marking system: article rating, reading time, number of views
  • 13 custom widgets
  • 4 layout options for header





17. Soledad

Soledad is a sales leader among WP templates for online magazines and blogs. The theme provides 5 types of layouts for articles: the width of the screen, with the left sidebar, with the right sidebar, the width of the wrap text over one preview picture, with the left sidebar from the preview pictures. The template includes such elements as a news line in a header, a slider from header photos of news articles, an extended footer.




jawn news

18. jawn

Powerful development for magazines, blogs, news projects. It is worth trying this particular template and evaluate:

  • advanced search by posts and categories;
  • You can conduct several topics – suitable for a large edition;
  • there is a function of “teasers” for “advertising” the hottest news;
  • over 800 Google fonts.

The design is universal and unobtrusive, easily customizable.




zeen blog

19. Zeen

Advanced Magazine WordPress theme for 2020, using all the latest achievements and features of the platform. The Elementor plugin is used as a designer, which allows you to literally collect the page details that can be distributed throughout the site in the “what I do, see immediately” mode. It is configured very quickly, further publication in a few clicks. Fully adaptive, including for Retina monitors.




Website for advertising

20. Admania

An excellent choice for an advertising blog website. It provides convenient and unobtrusive visitor options for embedding advertising banners. Links can be indexed or not, at the request of the owner. UTM tags have been affixed so that you can easily track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Install themes and all plugins in one click.




culinary blog

21. Especio

Nice delicate design is crafted for the theme of the food blog. If you change thematic pictures, you can adapt them to fashion, cosmetics or other themes. In a set:

  • constructor using Gutenberg blocks;
  • a selection of “shortcodes” – functions that are quite complex, but do not require coding knowledge for the buyer;
  • integration with Instagram and other social networks.

If questions arise, the authors guarantee ongoing support.




bitcoin blog

22. Independent

A multi-purpose template that is the best suited to the theme of news websites. An interesting selection of ready-made designs in the style of modern landing page, which, however, do not look overly intrusive. There are also all the main plugins – for sliders, for visual settings. There is a function of placing a portfolio or just a few pictures, which the author of the article or notes wants to demonstrate in the “slip” mode. Among the widgets is a selection of basic social networks that allows you to share or “like” any publication.





23. Carrino

An ambitious design implies that the template is intended both for food blogging and for fashion blogs. You can combine both, or you can just take one of the beautifully designed designs as a basis and lead a newsletter on a different topic. The template buyer will come in handy:

  • plugin for “similar posts” – find on one topic;
  • SEO adaptation;
  • a widget for posts that translates the “most interesting” to the main page.

Advanced theme settings allow you to change any item.




Photo portal Rvvl

24. Onfleek

Onfleek is a modern theme, lightweight, with clean code that allows you to quickly load pages. There are 2 demos of Revival and Rhapsody, which you can install in one click on your website. I like Revival more, perfect for photo, hi-end, fashion.




Fashion clothes beauty pattern

25. The Voux

A great choice for women’s themes, fashion, clothing. Style glossy expensive magazine will not leave anyone indifferent. You can make headlines in different fonts – a great advantage over competitors! When reading an article, a strip runs from above, which shows how much is left until the end of the article, a convenient trick. The template is responsive, loading quickly.

Different options for caps and menus. Use Visual composer to create landing pages and interesting posts to diversify your content. When the first readers visit your site, connect the store. Yes, The Voux is suitable for online trading using WooCommerce. Everything is simple!

If ever I decide to create a female newsreel, I will choose The Voux. More template options with minimal design.




responsive wordpress news templates

26. Click Mag

I want to finish the selection with creative ClickMag options. Very convenient, large pictures, text, preview articles. Fresh, energetic, youth version. Has all the chips of the premium template. Developers write that the theme is SEO optimized, human-oriented, that is, users will be comfortable using the site, many blocks with advertising in convenient places, which will increase your income significantly.




hannah cd

27. Hannah CD

The option is more suitable for a female blog on CMS WordPress. Light design, female elements, the ability to display slider posts, there are ready-made widgets for the sidebar. Setting up takes a minimum of time, a great option to quickly set up a blog and start writing.




minimalism design

28. Notumn

Minimalism style WordPress magazine template. Thin fonts, angular images, a lot of air between the elements. A good option for fashion, photography, life style, culinary themes. The main is assembled using constructor blocks. There is an Instagram widget in the footer of the site.




women's blog

29. Noemi

The design of the theme is made in matte brown tones, which makes it especially dramatic. As you scroll, some elements of the template are animated, which makes it stand out among others. Based on it, you can make an RTL project, that is, with the ability to write from right to left.




women's magazine

30. SmartMag

SmartMag is a responsive and retina-optimized template for the Magazine WordPress series. In addition to the fact that the site on the template has good usability, it is very simple to manage it from the administration panel. Due to the built-in support for seo, the use of advanced snippets and HTML5, the news portal on SmartMag is well ranked by search engines. Using Revolution Slider, you can organize the display of multi-page articles through slide shows.




big slider

31. NewsMag

NewsMag is a modern WordPress template designed for news sites, online magazines, blogs, online versions of newspapers. The theme follows proven search promotion techniques and allows you to set up an informative snippet for each article and post. Premium widgets help attract attention to the necessary elements of pages, add links to social networks, create author cards, place advertising banners.




журнал вордпресс минимализм

мега меню wp

32. CheerUp

CheerUp is an elegant theme for WordPress news portal or online magazine. In addition to aesthetically pleasing design options, it offers 300 page layout combinations for stylish blogs and magazines. The template code is optimized for fast loading, making CheerUp one of the fastest magazine themes in the niche. The built-in Pinterest button and widget for showing the latest twitter posts add interactivity to the site.




статьи плиткой

слайдер статей

33. Uncode

Uncode is a universal, creatively executed pixel-perfect magazine and news portal WordPress template. Visual Composer and an advanced layout with 70+ options will help you present articles and news with style. Famous portals such as Forbes and Awwwards are made on this template. Performance and a positive user experience are the main goals of the template developers.




magazine play

34. Magellan

Magellan – a template that will be an excellent basis for the site for news, video publications, reviews. The theme includes premium functionality for posting articles and an interactive system for evaluating them by visitors to a web resource. The option to add a translucent layer with the effect of “frozen glass” under the text in the picture adds depth and elegance to the page design.




журнал сайт креативный

35. SKIN

A creative gif-friendly template that applied one of the main trends of web design in 2020 – gradient color schemes. SKIN features: support for Google Adsense, an awesome round slider, a drop-down list with social network icons, static and animated decorative elements of various geometric shapes.




jannah news

36. Jannah News

AMP  Magazine template for media sites compatible with the BuddyPress plugin. With Jannah News there are 7 options for designing page headers, displaying notifications, a weather widget, styles for highlighting important publications, sticky when scrolling through a video. There are blocks for effective advertising.




femme theme wordpress

37. Femme

WordPress theme for a magazine or fashion blog that can conquer any representative of the fashion industry with an aesthetic design. May be suitable for wedding themes. The template allows you to apply to publications several layout schemes and 20+ animation options. Support for MailChimp will help organize the subscription of visitors to the newsletter.





38. MagPlus

Seo optimized AMP site template for a magazine, blog, portal with reviews. The basis for customization is more than 40 diverse demos, 12 templates for a header, 20 slider options, exclusive widgets, 150+ design elements. MagPlus uses a unique caching system to quickly load pages.




magazine innovation


A multi-concept news portal WordPress template with an elegant design. The 250+ demos at INNOVATION are based on 11 breathtaking concepts. The template has built-in functionality for evaluating publications by site visitors, which helps promote content to viral.




makeup шаблон сайта

40. StylePark

WordPress theme for beauty blog or magazine about cosmetics. Adding bright duplex blocks to images (photos from the demo are protected by copyright), you can make the site truly avant-garde. StylePark is equipped with a calendar, subscription and search forms, stylish social media icons, support for google font integration.





41. NEWSmaker

Elegant modern template for a blog, media site, magazine, online version of a print publication. NEWSmaker is designed taking into account the wishes of users to news resources. Compatibility with Ecwid allows you to add eCommerce functionality. Pictures from the demo are allowed to take for your site.




Журнал для иллюстратора

42. Creado

Created for connoisseurs of beauty, the template serves as an art gallery for a spectacular presentation of visual content. Creado is powered by Grid CSS technology, which removes any restrictions on page layout. Bright decoration guarantees the site the attention of visitors.




Блог filmax

43. Filmax

An ideal WordPress theme for those who want to launch a portal or blog about the world of cinema, acting, filming. Enthusiasts can use Filmax as the basis for a catalog of films or actors. Compatibility with the Bakery Page Builder and Essential Grid plugins allows you to achieve an effective presentation of video and text posts.





44. Bazinga

WordPress template for media sites with viral content, an impressive set of customization options. The theme offers 3 options for the design of the main page, several schemes for the design of publications (classical, chess, portfolio and others), the integration of the instagram widget.





45. Norway

Responsive traveler blog template or online travel magazine template that combines simple design and impressive UX. Norway focuses on readability using space and large legible fonts. Built-in widgets simplify integration with twitter and instagram accounts.




bingo theme wp

46. Bingo

Multifunctional news wp theme for online newspapers, magazines, professional blogs. The main page of the media resource can be issued in 6 versions. Optimization of the template for search engines contributes to the rapid promotion of the site. The design has ajax effects.





47. Blake von Hauer

A quality and stylish theme for a regularly published fashion magazine. The designers of the template took into account that most of the photos in the fashion industry have a vertical orientation: in the preview, horizontal photos are automatically cropped to the vertical format.




общий шаблон sahifa

48. Sahifa

Template for fans of a fixed width (boxed). It can be stretched to the full width (wide), but only boxed is suitable for it.

  • Mega menu – make a menu of any complexity
  • Convenient admin panel with over 400+ settings, change whatever you want
  • You can create a social network or forum on Sahifa using the bbpress and buddypress plugins
  • Social counter widget – a beautiful block with profiles of your social networks
  • Many add-ons and widgets are a bonus, see the description for more details.

Well suited for many topics, but I would use sports for a financial website, legal, news portal.





49. MagOne

Adaptive template that brings content to the forefront and oriented to sites of the online magazine, blog, portfolio format. Animations and various effects are applied in MagOne in such a way as to shade the content without distracting attention from it. Built-in social network counters contribute to the growth of the number of subscribers.




Тема со слайдером для сайта

50. Ratency

News magazine website template with functionality for adding reviews and ratings. With Ratency, a mega menu, a sticky header, a lot of contact forms are available. It is allowed to divide the contents of the footer into columns (up to 4). To create sliders, maps and pop-ups, the premium Boosted Elements plugin is used.


Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

Thank you for reading to the end. See you in the following articles!

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