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Almost everyone needs Internet services – from individuals to companies, and they also look for offers through a worldwide network. This implies that the best opportunity for promotion is your own resource, which will look solid enough and arouse the trust of a potential user. You don’t have to pay the programmer for this – the WordPress template for the Internet provider will solve the problem with maximum efficiency.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

The Best 5 Internet Provider and Telecom WordPress Templates

Telecom WordPress Template

1. MaxiNet – Broadband & Telecom Internet Provider WordPress Theme

Website template for a business card or landing page on the topic of the provider’s services, communication, telecom. Among the features is a pleasant design that looks both bright and unobtrusive at the same time, a competent combination of details that allows you to create either a business card site or landing page, or a full-fledged resource based on the WordPress theme, which will include the capabilities of various tariffs and features.

Among the advantages:

  • ready-made pages – including those with a tariff schedule, prices, services;
  • the possibility of customizing the footer and header;
  • instant change of color scheme.

The template is fully responsive, looks great on any mobile device. To configure, use the WPBakery constructor.




tv box theme wordpress

2. Netmix Broadband & Telecom Internet Provider WordPress Theme is ​​a good option with a store function

Strict and at the same time equipped with bright attractive accents, a business card site or landing page based on the most popular constructor in 2019, and now in 2020, by Elementor. The elementor is noteworthy in that it completely removes the need to understand the code and understand the web settings, it’s quite simple to combine various details, substitute your photos, it also offers its own selection of vector parts – icons.

The fully responsive WordPress template for a telecom service provider is also well displayed in search engines due to SEO optimization prepared by the authors, competent tagging and other internal settings. The functionality of the online store and online payment is supported.




Telecom and Internet site

3. Mirasat – Internet Provider and Satellite TV WordPress Theme a great option for the landing page and business card site

A whole selection of thematic landing page, business cards, blanks of various formats for the services of a provider, telecom – all are made in a fairly similar style, but there are accents on the basic functionality, for example, the online sale of films or the provision of communication services.

It’s useful to note:

  1. included with WPBakery – still, the most famous designer based on WordPress;
  2. full compatibility with WooCommerce, including advanced features of the basket, comparison, selection;
  3. color setting online.

The authors guarantee that the internet provider website template has been repeatedly tested in various browsers, including mobile, so the site will look equally good on any user device. It is possible to promote through search engines.




Television 2020

4. JelyCo ISP & Telecom WordPress Theme

The basic design of this telecom website template on WordPress theme is quite simple, it is a standard landing page with an emphasis on the main screen, proposal, and other elements more or less known to all website creators. However, on the basis of the workpiece, you can create and configure resources unlimitedly, fully realizing your own creativity and making an excellent presentation of the services of a provider, telecom, various online offers. The authors included in the price not only the development of the template itself but also a whole useful plug-in selection, among them:

  • Dynamic Color Scheme – used to instantly change the color scheme;
  • Slider Revolution – the most famous plug-in for creating animation effects, sliders, including mobile ones;
  • Unyson – the creation of pages “from scratch” based on an existing design or “clean”;
  • TeamPlugin – for creating specialized “grids”.

An excellent set of tools allows you to do interesting work on the basis of the template, but it also looks quite decent in the basic version.




Universal website template

5. Bridge – multi-template with 440 demos

The multi-template, which has always been distinguished by its “advanced” use of the WordPress platform features, offers excellent options for the topics of providers, telecoms. The Elementor plugin is used for customization, because the authors believe that it is it that is now the most relevant and convenient for users, however, support for the more familiar for many WPBakery is preserved.

In total, more than 440 demos are offered, from which you can always choose what will look best in a particular case, it is not necessary to take only themed WordPress themes, because there are many interesting niches in other niches.



Providers and telecom services are popular because they are necessary for everyone. Any of the proposed templates will cope with the task of promotion because they are created by professionals and look great on any device. It is enough to choose one of the options and adapt them to the tasks of your own business.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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