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When wedding bells are ringing, creating a web resource dedicated to this event is hardly a priority. Nevertheless, using the site to solve organizational issues can significantly facilitate the process of preparing for a significant event. WordPress Wedding Website Templates minimize the effort spent creating such a website. Themes may also be of interest to representatives of the wedding business who need their own web resource, but they are not ready to engage in its development from scratch.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

35 Wedding WordPress Templates for the wedding business, wedding photographer, wedding agency business card website

wedding wordpress theme

Gretna green

A charming multitasking selection of wedding landing page in a delicate pink design will attract the attention of potential customers and tune in the right romantic mood. This is not only a business card site, but also a full-fledged trading platform with integration under WooCommerce, so you can simultaneously demonstrate portfolio and features, as well as sell decor details, wedding clothes, decorations or flowers. The template is fully responsive, looks great on any mobile device.




website template for a wedding

1. Announcement

This part of the WordPress theme “Gretha Green” is designed to invite guests. Fashionable way to announce your most important date and make sure that visitors do not forget – just send a link to a mobile or stationary website business card. It is easy, with one click, you can change photos and even the color scheme, not to mention putting your own text. Thanks to a special plugin of advanced forms, the guest will be able to give confirmation of the visit to the wedding.




website template for a wedding

2. Gallery

Lightweight design and full responsiveness for all mobile viewing options make the demo of a wedding photographer’s business card, convenient and enjoyable to use.

In a set:

  • convenient sliders for downloading photos, the ability to scroll;
  • unobtrusive charming design;
  • the ability to connect a blog.

One of the most popular options is used as a designer – WPBakery, which has long been proven convenient and comfortable to use, it will be easy for a beginner to understand.




Wedding blog

3. Blog

A wedding blog is a series of events related to the most important moment in life. Also, this business card or ladning template can be used by a specialist in photography, wedding events. Design will set the right mood. The set includes such convenient modern features as the Elementor constructor with the ability to embed not only pictures, but also photos and music, the function of easily changing styles of header, footer. The grid is always adaptive for mobile gadgets.




custom cakes

4. Cakes to order

A beautiful business card, which is combined with a convenient online shop dedicated to confectionery products – first of all, thematic, wedding cakes, if desired, can be adapted for other tasks. From the point of view of creating a business card website, one can note:

  • convenient constructor Elementor;
  • setting color schemes online;
  • great functionality of WooCommerce – store.

Buyers get the opportunity to admire the wedding cakes in the portfolio and purchase the one they like or order their own.




website template for a wedding

5. Short landing

Minimalistic wedding invitation WordPress theme option. According to the main idea – a virtual postcard that will help to gather guests and determine who will come to the event. This landing page can also be used for other purposes, for example, for specific promotions dedicated to the holidays. Responsiveness is maintained on all screens. A separate convenience is that the forms are already fully pre-configured, the MySQL database has its own template.




website template for a wedding

6. Large images

A solution for a business card of a photographer, including one specializing in wedding photo shoots. It can also be used to advertise restaurants, places for celebrations. Remarkable thanks to the advanced slider – the way the appearance of text and other elements is easy to configure using a powerful admin panel. The spectacular appearance is supported by options for additional expansion, you can add a blog and other details.




catering for a wedding

7. Wedding catering

A practical solution for offering catering services in a beautiful, minimalist-thematic solution. In a set:

  • map plugin allowing you to choose a venue;
  • settings of the desired program, menu;
  • additional online store;

All details are added and removed using the built-in admin panel with an intuitive design. Easy to understand and understand.




Wedding Dresses

8. Sewing wedding dresses

Wedding fashion is a subject of special excitement for the bride, bridesmaids and many guests. To offer your services with a beautiful portfolio and demonstration of models, the wedding dresses online shop WordPress theme will help with the options:

  • demonstrations of finished dresses in large format by click;
  • You can tell about your advantages, materials;
  • there is integration with social networks – collect reviews of satisfied brides.

The design is simple and stylish, it does not distract attention, so that everything goes exactly to what visitors came to the site for – wedding dresses.




wedding card organizer

9. Portfolio of the organizer

A business card will help you to tell about your achievements in the role of the host of celebrations, holidays. It is useful for freelancers – the host, the animator, as well as WordPress template for the wedding organization studio website. Allows you to include a list of services from flower delivery to photos. Young people will like the modern stylish solution in terms of taste and style of the future event. There is an opportunity to blog and post your tips, impressions, promote your personal brand.




wedding wordpress theme

10. Invitation

An extended version of the wedding invitation WordPress theme, which looks like a full-fledged business card site. Here you can talk about the plans of the event, the features of the event. The connected map plug-in will facilitate the task for visitors to navigate with the passage to the desired cafe or restaurant. It is easy to add options for a dress code and other wishes to guests if you plan a wedding celebration in an unusual style.




wedding theme site

The aisle

Another multi-tasking WordPress template for wedding themes. It can also be easily used by companies involved in organizing holidays, and the newlyweds themselves for invitations, business cards, and a story about the most significant event in life.




website template for a wedding

11. Universal demo

The main part of the template is universal. Here, the authors demonstrate features of the theme, such as:

  • animated pictures, the slider changes the style;
  • basic design;
  • the ability to demonstrate numbers – for example, the number of organized events;
  • arrangement of photos in the form of Instagram-style.

The demo looks like a big wedding landing page, but all the elements are interchangeable.




wedding shop theme

12. Shop wedding dresses

A stylish online wedding store WordPress template integrated under WooCommerce with the possibility of selling ready-made dresses or receptions for individual orders. A powerful visual admin panel sets price parameters, discounts, promotions, special offers. The design provides for a detailed qualitative display of works. Additionally, you can sell accessories.




sale of wedding jewelry

13. Jewelry store

A very delicate and elegant design is ideal for sales of wedding jewelry and accessories due to:

  • A beautiful solution “a table with large pictures”;
  • Advanced search and selection by category;
  • Integrations with Insagram.

Plugins for online trading are installed inside the template, and with them are extended forms of orders and wishes.




florist business card website

14. Florist

It is impossible to imagine a wedding without flowers. The wedding decor WordPress theme dedicated to this attribute is elegant and delicate, as befits a beautiful holiday decoration. Landing complexity can be changed through the admin panel, from the simplest, with ready-made bouquets, to “advanced”, where the user himself will make wishes for his favorite colors. The web resource will open well on a computer and mobile.




organizer landing

15. Organizer

Great WordPress template for a holiday organization agency. You can separately paint each function – photo, catering, baking, decoration. Integrates with social networks, which will allow you to add reviews. In the settings, there are sliders for photos and videos that will help to present the portfolio in the best possible light.





16. Alis

An advanced template that includes a wide list of available options:

  • Exclusive stock photos for decoration;
  • Own icons;
  • The main plugins for creating and promoting the site.

Installation is done with one click, the user is not required to know coding, the admin panel works with the help of the popular visual constructor Elementor.




wedding themes

Wedding industry theme

A versatile WordPress template for use in the wedding industry, which will help you set up your site in a couple of clicks. A variety of demo projects modeled by developers make it easy to choose a design that meets the requirements of a particular wedding business.




wedding flowers

17. Wedding studio

Demonstration wedding site of the florist studio. The page design is based on pastel colors and parallax. On the main page of the demo, a large slider, a block “Our Services”, a news block and a short form of contacts found application. Among the sections of the site there is an online store with three options for the layout of the catalog and a rating system for goods.




wedding card

18. Business card invitation

A beautiful one-page website dedicated to organizing a wedding day. The demo is equipped with a widget for counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds before the event, bio cards and links to the social networks of the groom, bride, witnesses, blocks for photos, information about the place of registration of marriage / restaurant, ceremony plan and wedding menu.




catering organization

19. Catering, banquet

The start page occupies only 1 screen in height and contains a top menu and a slider, 3 slides of which show locations, decorations and catering. The internal pages contain information about the company and its owners, a list of services provided, and an online store. The news section can be used as a blog.




wedding planning

20. Wedding Organization

Bright Wp template for a wedding organization agency, decorated in muted colors. Theme designers have prepared elegant service tariff cards. Examples of agency work are available not only in the “Gallery” section, but also in a special section on the main page. Using this site template, a wedding salon will be able to sell various decor items.




wedding dresses shop template

21. Wedding studio

Demo site template wedding dresses, which can be recommended for the site of the studio or salon of wedding clothes. The design of the pages used muted colors: soft white, pinkish beige and light gray. The product’s card has the ability to rate, write a review, view similar products, search by tags.




wedding wordpress

Moments Template

A multifunctional theme for a site about a wedding, holiday or event, allowing you to capture important moments and share them. The template uses stylish and easily customizable cards for invitations, important alerts, photos. Practical and functional elements make the template an excellent basis for a website of a business in the wedding industry.




wedding theme blog theme

22. Wedding blog

Ready blog of the bride / for brides. An interesting feature of this demo is the ability to replace the title photo for an article with a video or show several photos for one post using the slider. Each publication can be reposted on social networks using special buttons. Another selection of female templates here.




Wedding Photographer Template

23. Wedding photographer

Demonstration of a wedding photographer WordPress theme project with the main page in the style of the gallery of the pinterest service. Hovering the mouse over the wedding photo darkens and the name appears on it. A click on the photo leads to the “Portfolio” section with the corresponding photo shoot. The main one uses a layout with a left sidebar, the internal ones use the entire width of the page with the top menu.




wedding photographer

24. Wedding photographer 2

A light portfolio site for a wedding photographer. The start page is made in gallery format with photos of each type of photography. For the portfolio section, there are 4 design options to choose from: standard, gallery, pinterest, 3 full-size photos per page.




marring wordpress

25. Wedding Announcement

A parallax page that is best used for a one-page wedding announcement site. On it you can place a widget for counting the time before the wedding day, information about the time and place of gathering, the ceremony and afterparty. To customize the site, just upload parallax blocks of engaged photos.




wedding catalog

26. Weddlist

An excellent wedding agencies directory listing WordPress template from the Portfolio Adaptive options, which helps, on the one hand, to demonstrate their work in creating a wedding atmosphere, and on the other hand, to potential customers to register and choose the options that are of interest. The template includes:

  • 12 demo pages;
  • Slider plugin;
  • Over 600 fonts.

The main advantage is not just a business card, but a full-fledged online store, where the buyer can easily select the goods of interest, and the seller will be able to present them favorably. See other catalog template options here.





27. Kallyas

Wedding demo Wedding2 – the site of the agency engaged in organizing weddings. On the start page there are enough ready-made sections to post information about the agency and its services, customer reviews, photos of the events. If desired, the agency can devote one of the sections for the blog, add a horizontal feed to your instagram.




marriage wordpress

28. BeTheme

Ready site Wedding2 announces the upcoming wedding and is intended for the close environment of the bride and groom. It is convenient to use for posting a list of invitees, photos, and wedding day schedules. An animated counter is included in the template, which shows how much time is left before the ceremony.


bridge wordpress

29. Bridge

Landing wedding invitation, using scroll-moving content from the main menu, which at the same time “sticks”. The demo allows you to mark out the couple’s story, details of the upcoming ceremony, lightbox photo gallery, information on registration in gift shops.




wedding site

30. X | The theme

A multi-page site announcing the upcoming wedding. Engaged have the opportunity to post on it a history of acquaintance, as well as introduce their witnesses. The “Details about the ceremony” section contains the plan of the wedding day, FAQ, which answers all questions of the invitees and a link to the confirmation form of participation in the event.




business card site

31. HCode

Demo site announcing the upcoming wedding. Such a web resource is suitable for posting data about the event venue, guest list, dating history. By adding a blog to the site, the couple will be able to keep a detailed report on the cooking process.




home page screenshot

32. Lily

Site-organizer for the bride and groom, a great gift for a couple from friends. Its pages can be used effectively to place a love story, a dress code for guests, a wedding day schedule, tell which wedding salon the bride chose.




important moment in life

33. Uncode

This ready-made template will interest a wedding photographer who chooses a classic design. The pages provide sections for the professional history of the photographer, descriptions of his services, examples of work, and the output of the latest blog posts.





the7 photo

34. The7

An ideal portfolio framework for a wedding photographer who doesn’t want a site to take a long time to develop. Demonstration of work is already on the start page-slider. Switching to other sections of the site is carried out through the leaving menu, called by clicking on the icon in the top panel of the page.



Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

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